Chapter 108 – Cable Car

Six eighty? Are you kidding me! That inferior good Li Shaojie bought was three thousand eight hundred, and this ski board of better quality was only sold to me for six eighty?

“How much?” I asked once again with uncertainty, this was way too cheap.

“Six eighty! The price is already really fair, you are also in the industry, so I don’t need to say too much about the quality of this ski board,” that owner thought that I found it too expensive, and immediately explained.

“Oh!” I nodded, more or less understanding what he meant. Although the quality of the ski board was very good, but because of its color and looks, a lot of people asked about it. I really got a great deal, although I’m really rich, I can’t just carelessly spend money right?

“Then give us three pairs!” I said to the owner.

“Three pairs?” The owner was shocked to the point that his mouth was wide open. Although he didn’t make much off this ski board, being able to deal with the stocks quickly was still a very joyous thing.

“Liu Lei, why are you buying so many?” Although Chen Weier felt that one might have been for her when I said three pairs, she still couldn’t help but ask.

“Weier-jiejie, of course he bought one for each of the three of us!” Before I said anything, Zhao Yanyan explained with a smie.

“For me… me…!” Chen Weier subconsciously wanted to refused, but she couldn’t open her mouth. In fact, she had a hint of joy from the depths of her heart. However since she had already rejected Li Shaojie just now, accepting Liu Lei’s offer was clearly going to cause a misunderstanding. Therefore she still said, “Then never mind, I can’t casually take someone else’s thing…”

“Hehe, Weier-jiejie! It’s not the first time you accept something from him, that set of clothes from Fairyfair…” Zhao Yanyan said beside Chen Weier’s ear like she was doing a prank.

“Ah!” Chen Weier was so shocked that she nearly sat on the floor, and said frantically, “How-how did you know?”

“Wouldn’t you know just looking at what you’re wearing inside your down jacket!” Zhao Yanyan glared at Chen Weier’s chest and said.

“…” Chen Weier blushed, she randomly took this set of clothes out, and wore it inside. Did she wear it for that person? She wasn’t even sure herself.

Zhao Yanyan smiled and said, “When Liu Lei and I went shopping the other day, I also got interested in this set of clothes.”

The shop owner took out three pairs of ski boards, and handed it to us. Chen Weier also picked up a pair with a red face.

“Weier, you actually accepted the ski board he bought for you!” Li Shaojie exclaimed.

“Weier is our great friend, why can’t we buy it for her? As for you, Weier this, Weier that, does she have anything to do with you?” Zhao Yanyan argued.

“Heh! Weier, even if they are good friends of yours, you still need to think about the safety of your life! Buying a six hundred something kuai ski board is essentially kidding with your laugh! Look at my ski board, so very solid! Then look at the one he bought for you, so light, just like cardboard,” Li Shaojie said.

I laughed coldly in my heart, it isn’t even sure who would be in life threatening danger when we start skiing later. Just with your aluminum sheet, it’ll be weird if you don’t fall to your death! However I didn’t want to tell him, a dead ****** is one less ******. Before I said anything, Li Shaojie pointed the spearhead towards me, “What’s with you? If you don’t have money then don’t get pretentious and buy stuff hre! Buying stuff for girls, you should look at if you have the ability first! Six eighty for a pair! Even three pairs isn’t worth as much as one pair of mine, even if you want to commit suicide, don’t drag Weier into it!”

“If you don’t feel alright with it, then spend some money and buy it for Weier, I have nothing against it! But don’t just crap in front of me,” I have no idea about how to describe this fellow, he managed to get the top ten in the year even with this intelligence, the world really is big, is there some ******* problem with his brain!

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Li Shaojie snorted, and stopped talking. I was rather confused, why didn’t this brat continue to argue with me? If I knew that he ran out of money, I would have definitely pushed him until he can’t stand anymore.

I took out a bankcard and handed it to the sop owner. I am a person that returned from the next century, I also retained my habit from my previous life when I go out, I always carry a few bankcards no matter where I went, and barely bring any cash.

“About this, we can’t swipe cards here!” The shop owner looked at the bankcard in my hand with a troubled expression. He finally sold out three pairs of this backlog, if I didn’t have cash, this transaction wouldn’t succeed.

Zhao Yanyan knows that I have this habit, and didn’t say anything, instead she took out her purse from her pocket, counted two thousand and handed it to the shop owner, “Three pairs for two thousand then.”

The shop owner received the cash, how would he dare to say know, it was great that he could sell it out, it doesn’t matter if he makes any profit or not.

Li Shaojie glared at me with disdain, what he meant was that I was someone who only knew how to eat soft rice, of course I couldn’t let him be, so I angrily returned his glare. How is this type of upstart who carries a huge stack of cash not scared of getting robbed?

I then picked three pairs of ski goggles, ski shoes and wristbands, kneecaps etc. Of course all of them are products that were cheap but with good quality. Li Shaojie also pretentiously followed my lead to buy these stuff, it’s just that the ones he bought were once again inferior products that he thought were high clas goods.

The other people all rented ski equipment with Han Bingfeng’s organization, I took a lot, the quality weren’t bad. It was comparable to the Fishman brand.

We would only get to the ski field at the top of the mountain by cable car, each cable car could only sit two people, I don’t know if Zhao Yanyan did it intentionally, she pushed Chen Weier and I into the same car, and then winked at me with a meaningful look.

The cable car gradually slid along the track towards the top of the mountain, underneath our feet were several hundred meters of air. Although the cable car was completely shut, Chen Weier still subconsciously leaned her body towards me, her hands tightly gripping the handle, as she was too worried to even move, in fear of falling down.

“Weier…” I said.

“En,” Chen Weier answered worriedly,tiny droplets of sweat formed on her forehead.

“Do you have acrophobia?” I looked at Weier’s trembling body and asked.

“En,” Chen Weier answered quietly once again.

I put my large hands on top of Weier’s hands, and gripped it lightly. The other arm grabbed Weier into my arms.

“Don’t…” Chen Weier wanted to push me away, just as a word came out of her mouth, the cable car coincidentally trembled at the attachment point of the track. This caused Weier to immediately grip my hand tightly, and didn’t dare to move, allowing me to continue hugging her.

We could see the full view of Xixing mountain on the cable car, the entire mountain was covered with whit, due to the low gradient of the slow, and the lack of vegetation, it was a natural paradise for skiing. I wanted to let Chen Weier see this beautiful scenery as well, but Chen Weier kept her eyes closed the entire time, and didn’t dare to open them.

“We’re here,” I patted Chen Weier’s back and said. At this time, the cable car already slid to the mountain top.

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