Chapter 107 – Fishman Brand Ski Board

“Pu——“ This person was truly an illiterate! I nearly laughed out loud, would ski boards within the country in 1995 be separated into male and female use? It was all the same, and only had difference in models. Only after 1997 did I see a female ski boards designed specifically for girls, this type of ski boards were usually lighter, and the board themselves were softer, the position of the holder was slightly more forward, this type of design not only improved the stability, but also made it easier to turn. However I would guess that even the sports shop owners would have never heard of ski boards specifically for female use in this era.

“About this, ski boards are for both genders!” The owner said with a difficult expression, clearly the boy in front of him was a rich person, so he spoke rather tactfully.

Although he was already really tactful, Li Shaojie’s expression still worsened a lot, then looking at me who was trying hard not to laugh on the side, it was clear that I was laughing at his ignorance.

“Of course I know it’s for both genders, I just wanted you to help me find a pair suitable for girls to use!” Li Shaojie explained rather diffidently.

“Okay! I’ll help you get it,” how could the owner not have heard past Li Shaojie’s explanation, but with business right in front of him, only an idiot would poke a hole through it.

“See if this is okay, it’s a Chevrolet product, definitely high class! Look at the material of the board, it’s made of aluminium!” The owner patted the ski board and said.

Chevrolet? Do you think you’re selling a car? It was a typical product of inferior quality. I took a glance at it, and knew that it was definitely the worst of the worst, the board had no tenacity at all.

“Oh! Not bad, not bad!” Li Shaojie pretended like he really understood it, then waved his hand and said, “En, very tough, it doesn’t change shape at all!”

“Ha… Ha…” I finally couldn’t hold back my laughter, and started chuckling, the owner’s face had already turned red.

“This little bro! Ski board is about tenacity…” The boss reminded Li Shaojie quietly.

“Heh! I know, that’s why this is too ******* hard! Hurry and find a softer one for me, I want the softest one!” Li Shaojie said loudly.

“Ha… Ha…” I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t stand straight. The owner couldn’t do anything but explain to Li Shaojie with an awkward expression, “Ski boards are all about being just right, being too soft will make it unable to withstand anything!”

“Oh… I know! What I mean is comparatively soft!” Li Shaojie said with a red face.

“This pair of Chevrolet is an excellent ski board, look at this aluminum, it’s definitely improved! It’s original!” The moment the owner started talking about products, he started exaggerating again, especially since the buyer in front of him was a layman, if he didn’t rip him off severely then what was he supposed to do?

“I know, I know, I knew this was a good product once I saw it, how much is it?” LI Shaojie said shamelessly.

“Three thousand eight hundred! How’s that, the price is fair aye?” The owner smiled servilely. This ski cost three hundred and eighty, since the idiot in front of him wanted to buy it, then he should rip him off more.

“Ah, not expensive, not expensive at all! Such a wonderful ski board for only three thousand eight hundred, it’s worth it!” Li Shaojie didn’t think that a pair of ski board would b three thousand something kuai, he thought that this would be like ice skates and even the most expensive ones would only cost several hundred, or a thousand, this one pair was nearly four thousand, this was two months of pocket money for him! Thinking about how he only have five thousand something kuai in his bank card, he felt a bit speechless, however he can’t retract what he bragged about doing, if he could buy for Chen Weier, yet not for himself, how much face would he lose! Yet if he doesn’t buy it for Weier, he would have even less face. Li Shaojie clenched his teeth and said, “Weier, what do you think about this?”

“There’s no need, Li Shaojie-tongxue, I will not accept anything you give!” Chen Weier used the phrase “Lishaojie-tongxue” to clarify their relationship, meaning that don’t always call me Weier, I have nothing to do with you, and it is impossible for me to accept what you give me.

“About this… okay,” Li Shaojie let out a long sigh of relief in his heart, although Chen Weier didn’t give him any face at all and refused him, it was better than her accepting it and he being unable to afford it.

“Then do you still want it?” Seeing that Chen Weier didn’t want it, the owner said disappointedly. Such a large amount of money was instantly gone.

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“Yeah, find a pair for me!” Li Shaojie had wanted to buy a ski board for himself as well.

“Okay, I’ll go immediately!” The owner’s face was once again filled with a joyous smile as he happily turned around to find the ski board from the shelf.

“Owner, let me see that “Fishman” ski board on your shelf,” I pointed at the ski board on the bottom of the shelf and said.

“Oh, this? This isn’t that good,” the owner unwillingly took it out from the bottom of the shelf for me to see.

“This doesn’t look any special? It looks rather dumb, the owner had also said that this is bad!” Zhao Yanyan looked weirdly at the ski board in my hands and said to me.

“Hehe, he might have said that because he doesn’t earn that much from it! Yanyan, look, this pair of ski board is also made mostly with aluminum, but it has a special kind of light wood added in the middle, hence ensuring a good elasticity and tenacity! Also on the sides of the ski board is all made of improved ABS material, improving the impact resistance and ductility,” I explained. I have seen Fishman ski board in my previous life, it was already a world class brand then, yet it has no become famous in 1995 yet, since the cost of it wasn’t cheap, and it didn’t look great, it cold only have fallen to the very bottom of the shelf.

“How do you know so much?” Chen Weier interrupted weirdly on the side.

“Hehe, you…” Zhao Yanyan giggled, and whispered something beside Chen Weier’s ear. Chen Weier’s cheeks immediately blushed, and quickly shook her head, “How is that fine!”

“Yanyan, what did you say to her just now?” I asked weirdly.

“Nothing, hehe,” Zhao Yanyan raised her head again as she said that, her gaze moved towards Chen Weier, whose head immediately dipped again.

I really didn’t get it, what did the two girls say. I should find a chance to ask Zhao Yanyan by herself, this chick has no more secrets once she gets onto the bed.

“Owner, how much is this ski board?” I pointed to the Fishman ski board in my hand and said.

“This…” The boss already found out that I was a professional from the words I said just now, so it was impossible to earn a lot from me. Instead of saying a really high cost and scare me away, it was better to sell more at a cheaper price, and sell it as long as he made a profit. Even if he didn’t sell it, other shops would, I was clearly different from the idiot just now.

“I’ll give it to you for six hundred and eighty kuai!” The owner clenched his teeth and said a price like that. This ski board had cost six hundred kuai to buy it in, but it didn’t look as pretty as those crappy goods that cost three four hundred kuai, although the quality was better, most of the skiers here were amateurs, and didn’t understand this, he had hoped to make a good profit from these ski board, but it has nearly been three months, and he has only sold a pair, and it was sold to someone he knows for its cost.


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