Chapter 106 – Ski Board

I don’t know if Zhao Yanyan did it intentionally, she immediately pulled Chen Weier who was by my side. Chen Weier freaked out immediately, her heart nearly jumped out from her throat. She was chatting happily with Liu Lei on the car just now, Zhao Yanyan couldn’t have misunderstood something so came to make a punitive expedition right? When it comes to that, if she was asked if she likes Liu Lei, how should she answer? She did had a promise with Liu Lei that looked fine, but was just a lie to herself, would Zhao Yanyan notice anything?

“Weier-jiejie, let us stay in a room okay?” Zhao Yanyan pulled Chen Weier’s arm and said calmly.

“Oh… About this… Okay!” Chen Weier originally wanted to refuse, however she thought that if she really refused, then isn’t that being guilty?

“That’s great, I always hear Liu Lei mention you, I can finally witness Weier-jiejie’s beauty!” Zhao Yanyan smiled like she was not smiling as she checked Chen Weier out.

However this sentence turned into a huge mockery in Chen Weier’s ears, she immediately remembered the hug that night, and felt like she was a mistress that was caught by their wife, and felt truly ashamed. She couldn’t help but get annoyed in her heard: Liu Lei you idiot, how can you mention another girl in front of your own girlfriend!

“I… Yanyan-meimei, I’ve wronged you, I won’t bother Liu Lei ever again!” Chen Weier clenched her teeth, and said determinedly to Zhao Yanyan.

“Weier-jiejie, what are you saying?” Zhao Yanyan asked in confusion.

“Yanyan-meiemi, didn’t you come to make a punitive expedition against me?” Chen Weier also said in confusion with a blushed face.

“Punitive expedition? Why would I do that!” Zhao Yanyan only understood now, so Chen Weier was scared that she misunderstood her relationship with Liu Lei. However since Chen Weier did this, it showed that Chen Weier did hold Liu Lei in her heart, that bad guy really got lucky!

“Oh…” Chen Weier understood now that she thought too much into it. It’s all her fault that she got impulsive and spilled everything out. That’s great, originally there was barely any relationship, now due to her own explanations it just became more and more suspicious.

Although Chen Weier was older than Zhao Yanyan, she still had a little girl’s mindset, how could she compare with Zhao Yanyan in terms of schemes. Zhao Yanyan didn’t continued to ask about anything either, and pretended that she didn’t know anything, she just held Chen Weier’s hand and intimately stood at the side. This did allow the nervous Chen Weier to let out a sigh of relief.

It was like the rest of the boys had planned this, all of them found their rooming partners. There was one that was sick, who didn’t come, hence leaving me by myself.

There was nothing Han Bingfeng could do about it even after knowing that, he shared a room with the school’s driver, and could only leave me alone in a room.

I know these people intentionally isolated me. That Li Shaojie seemed to have quite a bit of influence on these people, and thus creating a one-sided situation. However I do want to thank him, by giving me a standard room all to myself, this would be convenient for me to XXOO with Zhao Yanyan at night.

When I placed down my backpack, someone knocked on my door. I opened it and took, Zhao Yanyan was giggling while looking at me, beside her was Chen Weier.

“Dean Han told everyone to go downstairs to rent equipment together,” Zhao Yanyan said to me.

“Okay,” I closed the door as I went out, tied the key to my wrist, and went downstairs with them. The moment we got down, the weird combination of the three of us received the murderous gaze of the various boys. Normally I was rather low-key in school, and don’t often come to school, so not many people know that Zhao Yanyan was my girlfriend. This group of people had just seen me chatting happily with Chen Weier, and now were walking very close to the first place of the school beauty leaderboard, how could they not get annoyed? Zhao Yanyan was essentially the embodiment of perfection in Fourth High, and was a goddess in the hearts of these people, compared to Chen Weier, Zhao Yanyan made people feel more surreal, and was someone that could only be watched from a distance. If it wasn’t for my rebirth, Zhao Yanyan would hold a similar image in my heart as well.

Everyone was thinking about one question right now, which is that this pervert didn’t just have enough after teasing Chen Weier, and now actually started flirting with Zhao Yanyan. If it wasn’t due to Han Bingfeng waiting downstairs, these people would have definitely ran up and beat me till I’m swollen.

However Zhao Yanyan’s next sentence immediately dowsed their tiny bit of hope. Zhao Yanyan wrapped herself around my arm, and said in an extremely feminine voice to me, “Hubby, the skis for rent aren’t very good, let’s buy a pair ourselves okay?”

The moment Zhao Yanyan used this tone to speak to me, I knew that she wanted something from me. I don’t know whom did this chick learn it from, I had completely not notice. Only afterwards did I know the criminal mastermind behind it, when I found out I nearly died of an internal bleeding in my brain, because the one who taught Zhao Yanyan this move was my mother!

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However with Zhao Yanyan’s family background, the money to buy a pair of ski board was negligible, even though Zhao Junsheng was my subordinate, with his salary every year, it was still enough to let their entire family spend without restraint. The meaning of Zhao Yanyan wanting me to buy it for her was naturally different, buying something yourself and having the one you love most buy it for you had a big difference.

“Sure!” I joyfully answered. Zhao Yanyan’s suggestion was good, a pair of suitable ski equipment wasn’t just comfortable, but was also much safer. I experienced this deeply in my previous life, even if Zhao Yanyan didn’t ask me, I would have considered buying suitable ski equipment myself.

When everyone saw Zhao Yanyan and my actions, although they were jealous in their hearts, they still let out a sigh of relief, especially that Li Shaojie. This means that, I, as Zhao Yanyan’s boyfriend, didn’t have any relationship with Chen Weier. The reason I chatted and laughed with Chen Weier was only because Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier are good friends. They had no idea that Zhao Yanyan only went to get to know Chen Weier because of me.

“I knew you were the best hubby!” Seeing that Zhao Yanyan agreed with her request, she happily kissed me on the cheek, and completely ignored the gaze of the perverts surrounding us.

On the journey, Zhao Yanyan and I chatted and laughed while we followed the other people to the ski equipment store. Chen Weier was pulled along by Zhao Yanyan, and since she was too embarrassed to say anything, she only awkwardly followed us.

Just when we were focusing on picking ski equipment, that Li Shaojie once again appeared beside us. “Weier, let me buy you a pair of ski boards!” Li Shaojie said.

“No need…” Chen Weier shook her head and refused.

“Owner, do you have some ski boards for girls?” Li Shaojie said proudly.


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