Chapter 105 – Sorry

The gazes of these people made me recall the moment when first year just started and I became Zhao Yanyan’s desk mate, these people all thought that I was a toad that wanted to eat swan meat, but after Zhao Yanyan became my wife, that group of people couldn’t help but accept reality. It was the same now, from the moment I sat down next to Chen Weier, they all wanted me be destroyed, they finally got a chance, yet the scene they imagined did not appear before them.

Just as I was getting full of myself, that Li Shaojie couldn’t restrain the flames of anger in his heart and rushed over, pointed at me and said, “Brat, you actually dare to flirt with Chen Weier in public, are you treating us as non-existent?”

Chen Weier and I looked at this samarian that stood up with a face full of surprise.

Meanwhile, Li Shaojie was clenching his fists and starting at me , the rascal delinquent trash that flirted with Chen Weier, with a face full of anger, all the while clenching his teeth, if he had long hair, the scene of his hair sticking up in anger would definitely occur.

“I-I… was not… that… by him…” Before I said anything, Chen Weier already said while blushing. It was clear that she felt the term “tease” was not very polite, and changed it to “that”.

“Weier, you don’t need to be afraid! Did this bad guy threaten you? Don’t worry, just tell us, there’s so many of us here, are we supposed to be afraid of him?” LI Shaojie said passionately.

“That’s right! We definitely can’t not do anything about it!”

“Definitely cannot allow the pervert to succeed!”

“Yeah! We’re not afraid of him…”

Humans are afraid of people taking the lead in fanning the flames, as long as one stood up, then there will immediately be a group of people that answers him. Beating a dog fallen into water was something nobody would give up.

“Let me speak, the person in front of me, are you the world police or the universal superman? Even if I am a rascal, you don’t need to stand up and point fingers right?” I said with disdain.

“Being a samarian is the duty of every civilian, don’t you agree!?” Li Shaojie turned around to the supporters and said.

“Yes! We all support you!” The people behind Li Shaojie answered.

“Now you’re all of one heart?” I said speechlessly. They are supposed to be all rivals in love, why are they now working so well together.

“Heh! How’s that? You scared? If you’re scared then stay far away from Chen Weier!” Li Shaojie said with a hateful gaze.

“Ai—— What’s with you students? Do you not want to participate in thee winter camp anymore? If you don’t want to then say it, you can get off the car now!” The Han Bingfeng that was falling asleep on the copilot seat quickly came over to scold when he heard the unusual fire-powdery atmosphere.

“Dean Han!” Seeing the dean walk over, Li Shaojie didn’t dare to act cocky anymore, and immediately said politely.

“Heh! Are you all still good students? Are there good students like you? Getting full of yourself after getting the first ten? You think you can start fighting now you got into the top ten? Tell me what’s going on!” Han Bingfeng glared at Li Shaojie and said.

“Uhmm…” Li Shaojie didn’t know how to answer, was he supposed to tell the dean that he was jealous of this one before him?

“Okay now, don’t make up excuses for me, I have no effort to listen to it either. Conduct yourself well, or else get off the car immediately!” Han Bingfeng did not forget to glance sideways at me. What he meant was that I was also definitely at fault here, so I should pay attention too!

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“I understand, Dean Han,” Li Shaojie kept on nodding. All the while he continued to mad in his heart, this pervert got lucky.

The entire journey, under the hateful gaze of Li Shaojie and co., I chatted with Chen Weier.

“Weier, let me tell you a joke!” I chuckled and said.

“I’m not listening!” Chen Weier said subconsciously, because it had a hint of lewdness when I told her a joke last time, the hick subconsciously refused after hearing that I was going to tell her a joke.

“It’ll definitely be a proper joke this time! I promise to old man Yama,” I swore.

“Puchi——“ Chen Weier couldn’t help but laugh after hearing that. “You’re so weird, other people all swear using all types of deities, this is the first time I heard that someone swear using Yama!”

“Hehe! You don’t understand, Yama is in charge of a person’s life or death, so using him to sweat is using my own life to sweat right?” I explained. Actually the reason I dared to swear using my old bro Yama was because I know he can’t do anything to me. If I dragged in any other deities, if they get annoyed, then it’s no joke.

“Oh, then say it,” seeing how real I made it sound, she also believed it.

“Once upon a time, there was a child, he sleeps and wakes up early, and studies well, and improves everyday…” Saying to that point, I intentionally paused.

“Then?” Hearing that, Chen Weier wanted to know the result quickly.

“Then died,” I said.

“Died? How did he die?” Chen Weier asked weirdly.

“Yeah, this joke is, once upon a time, there was a child, he sleeps and wake up early, studies hard, and improves everyday, then died,” I said seriously.

“He… He…. You call this a joke! Ha… Ha… There is no relationship between the two, it’s so funny,” Chen Weier finally understood the meaning of the joke, and laughed endlessly.

Cold jests weren’t popular yet in this era, I subconsciously told her one that I saw on the Internet in my previous life. The funny point here was no on it’s actual meaning, but on the part “then died”, this had nothing to do with the first half at all!

“Then do you still want to listen?” I beat the iron while it’s hot and said. It was this easy to make a girl like you in this era, you could get the beauty’s laughter with a few sentences. It’s not like a few years later when the Internet is popularized, all of the little girls have ben trained like thousand year ginseng, extremely bright.

“En, then say another one! But I already say I won’t listen to those!” Wen Chen Weier said that, she blushed, and immediately dipped her head.

“Hehe, okay…” Therefore I told the jokes I heard in my previous life such as the mouse becoming an aviator for their children, and thus got married to the bat; and the frog marrying the turtle so their children could live longer etc. to Zhao Yanyan. Chen Weier covered her mouth, and kept on laughing, while complaining to me about where I heard so many weird jokes.

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I know Li Shaojie was still clenching his teeth towards me not far away, and Weier’s other pursuers were still angered. However what does that have to do with me?

The car gradually drove towards the Xixing Mountain Ski field, and stopped in front of hotel. It looks like the school was rather willing to spend money, each of the standard rooms in this class of hotel would cost at least three hundred, furthermore it was the peak season of the ski field.

“Everyone get off! Boys and girls get into separate pairs, two people per room!” Han Bingfeng ordered us after he got off.


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