Chapter 104 – Standing Up

“Oh,” I nodded and said. “Then since you aren’t sitting, I’m going. Since standing the entire journey is going to be exhausting.”

I had no time to waste with him, it was a hundred something kilometers from Xixing mountain, I had to find a place to sit down and rest quickly/

“…” The boy beside me looked at me with a face full of pity, as if he could already predict my expression when I hit a wall.

Thus, under everyone’s gaze, I arrived at the seat beside Chen Weier, “Can I sit here?”

“En?” Chen Weier raised her head to look at me, then immediately dipped her head again, she actually blushed.

“If you want to sit then sit… Why are you asking me…” Chen Weier played with the edge of her clothes, and said quietly, her voice sounding really sweet.

Everyone on the bus stared in our direction in astonishment, their gaze full of confusion and suspicious, and mostly envy. The cold beauty Chen Weier that usually ignored boys actually got shy in front of this boy!

I completely disregarded everyone’s reaction, and sat down beside Chen Weier.

“Why did you also join this winter camp?” I asked Chen Weier in curiousity.

“Can’t-Can’t I join?” Chen Weier didn’t know how to reply in that moment either, she didn’t want to go when she saw the notice of this winter camp, but for some reason, once she thought that Liu Lei might also go, she just went and sighed up. Even though Chen Weier comforted herself that he doesn’t like her, and she can’t like him, but she still came. Just at that moment when he talked to her, she actually got a bit smug in her heart.

“Of course the first place in third year, Miss Chen Weier, can join, who would dare to stop her!” I joked.

“Hmmph! You are just mocking me, you’re so much better than me in academics,” Chen Weier snorted.

“How am I better, I always skip school, it’s already really nice that I haven’t been expelled,” I answered honestly.

“Heh, you’re doing it on purpose! You can get such good grades without going to class, is that a roundabout way of saying I’m too dumb?” Chen Weier glanced sideways at me.

“How could I compare a problematic student like myself to the all rounded Chen Weier!” I flattered.

“That’s more like it!” Chen Weier sighed while saying that.

“Hehe…” I was under the piercing gaze of everyone the entire journey as I chatted with Chen Weier. Afterwards I truly felt a bit sleepy, and just gradually fell asleep. Recently I always lack sleep, I don’t know if my parents did it on purpose, but I feel like there was a plot behind this.

Ever since my mom found out about me having a relationship surpassing that of friends with Zhao Yanyan, she often called Zhao Yanyan using all kind of excuses, put it in a better way, it was to discuss about womanly matters, and Zhao Yanyan gradually became a frequent visitor to my home.

There was even a time during a weekend, while I was still sleeping on the bed, a naked body suddenly slipped into my blanket, I was so scared that I immediately woke up, and noticed that the person in front of me was Zhao Yanyan, who was giggling and looking at me while being butt naked.

The things that followed was completely natural, after Zhao Yanyan and I finished getting intimate and put on our clothes to go and eat breakfast in the kitchen, I noticed my mom was staring at me with a gaze I could not understand, causing goosebumps to appear all over my body.

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What made me faint the most was that my mom actually said something that nearly made me swallow my chopsticks, what she said was, Yanyan is still a young girl, can she take you for so long?

Zhao Yanyan and I nearly found a hole in the ground to crawl into. When the chick was having her ******, she actually shouted out, and it was definitely heard by my mom who was standing by the door with ulterior motives.

I could only awkwardly smile, I can’t say that actually it was Zhao Yanyan who kept asking for it right.

These coincidences happened more and more often, my mom even specially prepared a key to our home for the chick, to let her enter freely, in other words, my mom has already started treating Zhao Yanyan as her future daughter-in-law, the mother and daughter-in-law relationship is extremely good.

Not only that, every time my mom and dad are going out, they would specifically call the chick, and tell her that they were going back that night, I feel like that is essentially just a hint, but I could do nothing about my mother’s methods.

Just talk about these few days after the exams, my mom and dad always went out at night as if it was planned, causing me to always be sleep deprived. Hence I fell asleep on the car just now.

When I woke up, I noticed that I was leaning on something very soft, I opened my eyes to look and found out that my head was actually in Chen Weier’s arms. Chen Weier was helplessly looking at me with her face bright red, it’s as awkward as you can possibly imagine. The worst thing was that my saliva actually flowed out, causing the chest portion of her sweater to be completely wet.

I immediately sat up and smiled apologetically, “Sorry, I fell asleep.”

“It’s-It’s okay,” Chen Weier lowered her head and said quietly to me like she didn’t dare to look at me.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” I wiped away the saliva on my mouth, and took out a pack of tissue form my pocket, took out a piece of tissue and prepared to wipe away the saliva I left behind on Chen Weier’s chest.

“It’s better if I do it,” just as my hand came into contact with Chen Weier’s soft chest, she immediately pushed my hand away like she was electrocuted. I only then realized how indecent my subconscious action was, although it was with the intention of helping, but I was already the typical pervert in the eyes of many boys. However I could use my life to swear to my old bro Yama that everything I did was natural instinct, there was no sense of perversity in them. The militia that were already really pissed off seeing me sleep in Chen Weier’s arms finally found a chance to unleash their rage, all of them were cracking their knuckles and getting ready, they were just waiting for the moment that Chen Weier screams “pervert” so they can gang up on me, and beat me till I don’t have a single place unharmed.

However the reality disappointed them, aside from having a shy expression, Chen Weier had no other reactions, furthermore after I handed over the tissue, and she wiped her clothes clean, she actually said softly to me, “I was afraid to wake you up, so I didn’t dare to disturb your sleep.

Chen Weier’s words completely broke the glasses of Weier’s various pursues, so Chen Weier also have such a soft side, but what made them unable to tolerate was that Chen Weier’s attitude towards this boy that was seemingly not special was extremely ambiguous!

However, how would they see where I was special? I will never tell anyone about my rebirth.


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