Chapter 103 – The Shy Weier

“How do you participate? Are you going?” I immediately asked.

“AI! I do want to go, but they aren’t letting me go!” Guo Qing sighed.

“Not letting you go? Does attending this winter camp have some kind of requirements?” I asked weirdly.

“Yeah! The school organized this to encourage students to study hard, only the top ten students in each year can attend, and it’s completely free! Boss, you and Dasao can travel using public expenses!” Guo Qing said in envy.

I was wondering why I never heard about this in my previous life, I got the eight place if you counted up from the bottom in the year, this type of activities had nothing to do with me.

“Du… Du… Du!” In the early morning, I was awakened by the hurried rang of my phone. Having my phone turned on 24 hours is a habit left behind from my previous life as a CEO, no matter what time someone may call my phone back then, especially those fellows on the board, who’s country’s time was exactly opposite from here, thereby creating the situation where I would be fully energized whenever my phone rings.

“Hello, I’m Liu Lei…” I habitually picked up the phone and answered.

“En? What are you saying? Hubby, get up quickly! We said we would go to school together!” Zhao Yanyan said sweetly in the phone.

I only remembered then that today was the day of the school’s winter camp. I made a deal with Zhao Yanyan the previous day to meet her under my home at eight in the morning.

“Where are you?” I hurriedly crawled up from the bed, and started looking for my clothes.

“I’m dowsntairs from your home, I’m freezing here. Okay now, I’m going to hang up, my hand is cold. Hurry and come down!” Zhao Yanyan hung up.

I used the fastest possible sped to clean up myself in the bathroom and got dressed in less than ten minutes. I couldn’t help but feeling happy that I developed this habit in university in my previous life.

When I got downstairs, I saw that Zhao Yanyan was standing not far away, breathing into her hands, and after seeing me come up, she happily leaped onto me, and said while twitching her eyebrows, “Why were you so slow, look at how red my hands are from the cold, help me warm it up.” After saying that, she placed her hands into my coat.

“I was fast already, from the moment you hung up till I got down here, I used less than ten minutes,” I explained.

“Impossible, I counted, it was at least half an hour!” Zhao Yanyan pouted.

“Okay, okay half an hour then half an hour!” I couldn’t do anything when a girl was being illogical.

“That’s more like it. Hurry, or we won’t make it,” Zhao Yanyan took out her hands from my coat and into the pockets of her down jacket, then ran to the side to the road to stop a cab.

There were many taxis in Songjiang at this time yet, the models were all very old Xiali or Lada, Jetta and Santana were not used as taxis yet. Although there were no starting price or meters at the time yet, and it cost five kuai no matter where you went in the city, but you couldn’t help but had to admit that the taxi drivers did earn quite a bit of money in 1995.

“To Fourth High!” We finally stopped a taxi that slowly approached, so thus I said to the driver after getting on.

“Little bro, you should change a car, they’re repairing the road around Fourth High, the road’s a rather difficult one. Taking you there once would let me take two customers already,” the driver said like he was troubled.

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Actually my home wasn’t far from Fourth High, if it was before, this definitely wouldn’t be said. However recently they were building a bridge near there, so no taxi drivers were willing to take the job.

I looked at the time, it was already ten past eight, the school said to gather at half past eight. If I change a car then we definitely wouldn’t make it, and there was no guarantee to get on in the first place.

“I’ll give you double the fees, please hurry,” I said to the driver.

“Oh? Sure! I promise I won’t delay you!” Hearing that I would pay additional fees, the driver immediately smiled. Taking one job that equals two, who would be unwilling! If he rejected this, he couldn’t be sure to even get two jobs. Anyone would be willing.

“Bro, sit still, I’m about to drive!” The driver stepped down on the pedal, and drove the car like a rocket, and we flew out instantly, I was rather suspicious if this fellow was an amateur F1 driver, he changed it to fourth gear when we just started.

“We’re there!” I was just about to sleep when I heard the driver said by my ear.

I opened my eyes and looked around, we really were at the entrance to Fourth High. I took out 10 kua for the driver, and then looked at the watch, it was eight eighteen, the power of money was huge, the trip that would have took fifteen minutes only took this guy eight minutes.

A large bus was waiting on the playground, after Zhao Yanyan and I got on, we noticed the car was full, there were even a few people standing. But surprisingly, Chen Weier also came, and there was an empty seat beside her!

Zhao Yanyan giggly gave me a cue, and pointed to beside Chen Weier, before running to the back row to squish beside a few girls she was familiar with.

“Why aren’t you sitting?” I pointed at the seat beside Chen Weier and asked one of the boys standing.
“Bro, you’re in first year right?” That boy asked.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” I do look rather mature though.

“That’s right! You have no idea, Chen Weier is a famous cold beauty in our school, there are way too many people pursuing her. However there aren’t many that actually dare to approach her. Sitting with her is like kicking on an iron board! Apparently someone asked her how can they become her boyfriend? Guess what she said? She said that they must surpass her in academics! Isn’t that a joke? She’s never been second,” the boy twitched his mouth and said.

“Oh? Is that so?” Why couldn’t I tell? The feeling Chen Weier gave me was rather casual, but sometimes she was really hot, I couldn’t help but think of the hug that night.

“Excuse me, Miss Chen Weier, could you give me some face and allow me to sit next to you?” Just as we were speaking, a boy that just got on walked next to Chen Weier.

“It’s not about giving face or not, if you think you have the right to sit here then sit,” Chen Weier glared at the boy that just got on.

The flirting boy only awkwardly stood to the side, however it seems like he was already used to this sort of thing, he only seemed ashamed for a split second before returning to normal.

“Hey, another one that hit the wall! This guy is called Li Shaojie, he’s in the same class as Chen Weier, and is one of Chen Weier’s loyal fans. Apparently his family is really rich, I saw him come to school in a Mercedes one day,” the boy beside me talked endlessly.

“How do you know so much?” I found it really weird, this guy have the talent to be a paparazzi.

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“Hehe, about that… actually I’m also one of Chen Weier’s admirers!” The boy on the side said.


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