Chapter 102 – End of Term Exams

The person just now was so interesting, Wu Yingying said while blushing. He could just leave without paying, but he actually took the initiative to come over and pay. However that person was terrible, he actually tricked this daxiaojie for her name. The most infuriating thing was how he came to dine with two beauties. Thinking to that point, Wu Yingying murmured in her heart, what does it matter to me that he came to eat with a few beauties! However whenever Wu Yingying thought of that evil smile, her heart couldn’t help but skip a beat…

“Weier, give me a bowl of Mala Tang,” I handed two kuai to Chen Weier.

“Chen Weier smiled and waved her hand, then returned the money to me, and said, “No coriander, and you want mushroom, kohlrabi, bean curd and a bit of glutton right?”

“En, why do you remember it so clearly?” I asked weirdly.

Chen Weier blushed and immediately changed the topic, “Why do you have so much time today?”

“I missed you so I came,” I said.

Chen Weier’s body shuddered, and dipped her head as she was afraid to look at me, then she said quietly, “You… promised that you don’t like me.”

“I didn’t say I like you, I just said I miss you,” I pretended to be an idiot and said.

“That-that’s not okay either,” Chen Weier shook her head and said, “Aiya, you got made me lose concentration, now the Mala Tang all got overcooked!” Chen Weier quickly took out the small basket from the pot, but noticed that everything in it has already been dehydrated.

“I’ll make another bowl for you,” Chen Weier frowned and said.

“No need, I’ll just eat it, how wasteful is it to throw it!” I snatched the basket from Chen Weier’s hand, poured it into a bowl, then added some seasoning on top of it.

“Yang Kaiyuan’s family didn’t cause anymore trouble for you right?” Chen Weier said worriedly.

“No, it probably will be peaceful for a while,” I said as I ate. However this type of overcooked Mala Tang was quite nice.

“Oh,” Chen Weier nodded, and was unsure of what to say anymore. She just looked dumbly at me.

What was going on with Chen Weier? I could be sure that I was in her heart, but yet she always kept a relationship that was close to yet distance from me, and still lied to herself by making me admit that I don’t like her, could she had some sort of trouble? There are quite a number of people right now, I must find a chance another day to make sense of this.

The end of term exams finally arrived. I often hoped for the holidays to arrive quicker in my previous life, yet wished the end of term exams would come later. Now that I think about it, it was rather contradictory, but people would often grow up in contradictions.

I did the test paper that was just like all the other ones, directly using the formulae for Math, Chemistry and Physics, I could get the Chinese and English questions right even with my eyes closed.

“This student, why are you sleeping during the test? It has only started for ten minutes, even if you can’t do anything, you still have to pretend a bit! What’s more, even if you can’t do the other questions, you can still guess a few of the multiple choice right?” I laid on the table and was just about to sleep when the deafening roar of the invigilator for the exam rang out beside my ear.

“I guessed all the ones I should,” I replied without lifting my head.

“What do you mean by guessing all the ones that you should? What about the others? You can’t not know any of the fill in the blanks right? Even if you don’t, you…” The invigilator got so angry that he nearly said “even if you don’t, you can still copy a few”.

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“There isn’t anymore I can guess, how about you help me look for it?” I got up, handed the test paper to the invigilator then laid back down to sleep.

“I’ll help you find? Heh! I’ve never seen students like you before, I’m telling you, since you handed the paper to me, I’ll treat it as you handing it in!” The invigilator saw that I actually continued to sleep, and shouted loudly in anger.

“Do as you want,” I said. To be honest, I was so sleepy. When Zhao Yanyan told me that she had nobody home yesterday afterschool, I knew that the chick wanted it again, and thus I was pestered by this little lioness in heat the entire night, and only slept in the morning. I didn’t think that Zhao Yanyan was actually full of energy when we came to school in the morning, yet I was already yawning all over the place. I just don’t understand, why did Uncle Zhao always choose to leave the day before a test, isn’t this just messing with me.

The invigilator was shocked beyond belief after taking a glimpse, the math paper was already completely full, even the extra question at the end was solved. Only looking at the student’s name once again did he know that the person in front of him was the rumored Liu Lei, who either missed class or sleep through them yet could still achieve first in the year.

The attitude of the invigilator immediately changed and said softly to me, “Quickly put on your coat, don’t catch a cold.” The school was relying on this student to achieve a good grade, he might even be the future first place of the Matriculation exams, so he should be pissed off. This type of student would be popular where every he went, if he made him unhappy and thus caused him to move to the competitor Middle School of X University, then he (the invigilator) would have committed a grave crime.

“Oh,” I replied and didn’t think much of it. I’ve seen situations like this in my previous life, the teachers always care a lot more for students with good grads.

The results of the end of term exams were as I expected, full marks for Math, Physics and Chemistry, 98 marks for Chinese, I was already very pleased with my results. However I did surprisingly loose 3 marks in English. When Ye Xiaoxiao handed me the paper, she said apologetically to me that since the teacher marking the paper didn’t recognize one of the words on my composition, I was deducted marks. I was extremely speechless at that moment, deducting marks just because you didn’t know it? However Ye Xiaoxiao said when the paper was given to her, the results have been set, and could not be changed.

Never mind, I won’t bother with it, even so I was still the first in the year, Zhao Yanyan was still firmly in second place, but she improved a lot from before, this time she was only 20 marks away from me.

Due to the experience last time, the moment I mentioned the parents-teachers consultation, my parents immediately argued over it, the thing that they once were unwilling to do now turned into something they fought over doing.

Finally my dad used the excuse that it was always him that went every single time, so it was easier to communicate to teachers, and won this opportunity.

“Boss, the school organized a winter camp, have you heard about it?” On the final day of the term, I finally saw Guo Qing when we were receiving our reports.

“What? Winter camp? Who said that?” I asked in confusion. Why haven’t I heard about this winter camp in my previous life?

“The notice have been out, it’s on the advertisement board!” Guo Qing said.

“Oh, I was wondering why there are so many people surrounding that place, where’s the winter camp to?” I nodded my head, and said understandingly.

“To Xixing Mountain to ski!” Guo Qing said. “Apparently the scene is really beautiful there! The ski resort was newly built this year!”

“Ski?” This idea wasn’t bad, I was an amateur enthusiast of the university ski club, and also attended a few competitions, although it couldn’t be said that I was godly at it, but I could still do as I pleased. After I started working the chances to ski gradually decreased, sometimes I could only go once a year. I have never touched a ski after becoming CEO. Now that Guo Qing mentioned it, I immediately got interested.


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