Chapter 101 – Teasing the Cashier Lady

“Ruoyun, if I didn’t guess it wrong, this Li Boliang must be your pursuer!” Zhao Yanyan smiled mysteriously and said.

“Yanyan-ji, how-how did you know!” The little light bulb opened her mouth wide in shock.

“Look at how much he’s willing to work for you, who wouldn’t be able to tell!” Zhao Yanyan giggled. “Quickly tell us, what is it about this Li Boliang?”

“What, Yanyan-jie. Don’t just say stuff, I don’t really have much relationship with him,” Xu Ruoyun pouted. “He is the chairman of the Songjiang city Computing Association, I am a member of the association.”

“But why do we feel like that Li Boliang’s relationship with you isn’t normal?” Zhao Yanyan raised her eyebrows, I immediately said.

“There’s no way, I… I…” Xu Ruoyun quickly shook her head.

“Hehe, don’t worry, Ruoyun-meimei, I understand, you must have someone else you like,” Zhao Yanyan continued to tease her.

“No, no, how could I have that… Ah!” Xu Ruoyun’s face became bright red.

“Okay now, you two. Quickly eat some lobsters, or else I’ll finish it all?” I pointed to the lobster that I had already finished a third of, and said. This lobster was truly delicious, I couldn’t help but eat a bit more.

Hearing me say that, Zhao Yanyan and Xu Ruoyun quickly took up their chopsticks, and started sweeping the lobsters.

After we were full, I stood up, and waved towards Li Boliang and them, Li Boliang quickly dipped his head. I kept laughing in my heart after seeing that, is this brat scared of me going over to get him to pay the bill?

I took out an Industrial Bank bankcard and handed it to the cashier.

“Sir, didn’t the mister at table 23 said he would pay your bill?” The cashier lady hook her hand and said.

“Look at how he’s so terrified that he doesn’t even dare to lift his head, do you think he will still pay for me?” I pointed towards Li Boliang’s direction and said.

“He——“ The cashier lady looked over, and couldn’t help but giggle. When she lift her head to look at Li Boliang, Li Boliang also looked over here, the moment their gaze met, Li Boliang immediately dipped his head and pretended that nothing was going on.

“Look, I took the initiative to pay the bill with you guys in order to prevent your hotel from making a loss, shouldn’t we get a discount?” I smiled and said. Actually whether or not we get a discount didn’t matter to me, the main thing was that I saw that this cashier lady looked quite pretty, and so I wanted to tease her.

“Oh, about this, sir, then I’ll help you ask the manager?” The girl smiled at me professionally.

“Okay,” I said.

“Hey, you can eat a ten thousand kuai lobster, why do you care about this money!” Xu Ruoyun pouted.

“Hehe, I think there’s eighty percent chance that he saw that the girl is good looking, so he wanted to say a few more words with her,” Zhao Yanyan glared at me with a smile that didn’t seem like a smile.

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“I… Aren’t I just being diligent and thrifty!” I said awkwardly. Why did this Zhao Yanyan understand me so well, she could even tell this.

“Sir, we can give you ten percent off,” the cashier girl ran back, and said to me.

“Is twenty percent not okay?” I asked.

“Ten percent off is already a membership treatment,” the cashier girl explained.

“Then fifteen percent?” I continued to ask.

“That won’t do,” the cashier girl continued to explain.

“What’s your name?”

“Wu Yingying,” the cashier girl answered subconsciously.

“Hehe, okay, ten percent then ten percent!” I handed my card over and smiled evilly.

Wu Yingying blushed bright red, she actually told her name to a stranger by accident.

“I’m giving you the card?” I looked at Wu Yingying who didn’t know what to do.

“Oh,” Wu Yingying answered then received the bank card and said, “Our hotel’s POS machine can’t swipe it since we aren’t connected.”

I only just remembered that it was 1995, Unionpay didn’t appear yet, only the few banks that have a contract with the hotel would use their card here. I exchanged it for a Huaxia Bank bankcard and handed it over, I don’t know if I can use this, if I still couldn’t then I’ll be screwed, however I still didn’t understand, did people really bring several tens of thousands of cash to came here and eat?

“Huaxia bank is fine, please wait a moment,” Wu Yingying swiped the card across the POS machine, and returned the card to me, then said. “Please input the password.”

I finished inputting the password and signed on the receipt.

“Bye!” I waved my hands towards Wu Yingying and left Dynasty Seafood.

“Go back to school?” I said to the two little beauties.

“It’s nearly two, how are we going to go back!” Xu Ruoyun took a glance at her watch and said. “Yanyan-jie, how about we ditch class to go shopping?”

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“Sure, I just wanted to buy something,” Zhao Yanyan said, then looked at me with an adorable expression.

I quickly turned my head away, and started humming. Last time when we went to the cultural park I nearly got tired to death, I can’t accompany these two chicks to go out and wander again.

“Hubby——“ Zhao Yanyan stuck onto me and started acting spoiled.

“Let’s… get back to class,” the fragrance from Zhao Yanyan’s body passed over, and made me feel a bit suffocated.

“Heh, don’t think I don’t know about you flirting with that Wu Yingying. I didn’t think you would attract so many women, I decided again, you aren’t allowed to accept that Chen Weier or Xia Jing,” Zhao Yanyan immediately darkened her expression and said to me.

“Hai… Hai! Occasionally skipping class once isn’t a big deal,” I immediately changed my mind.

“It seems like you don’t skip rarely either!” Sunlight returned back onto Zhao Yanyan’s face, the chick kissed me on my cheeks, and said slowly beside my ear, “The decision just now is cancelled.”

The three of us got on a taxi that was waiting by the road. “To Department Dalou,” Zhao Yanyan said to the driver.

I spend the afternoon walking around with Zhao Yanyan and co., although my legs were numb, nothing was wrong with Zhao Yanyan and the little light bulb. They all say men are scared of shopping with women because they are worried about the money in their pockets, I would rather Zhao Yanyan buy a bit more, but the chick just look and doesn’t buy, and continued looking store by store.

“Just buy what caught your sight, it’s not like we don’t have money, Zhao-daxiaojie?” I said when I couldn’t stand the suffering anymore.

“But nothing did!” Zhao Yanyan pouted and said.

“I think all of them look quite nice?!” I said.

“With your taste. Look at how you are dressed like a hobo,” Zhao Yanyan mocked, how could she not know what I was thinking.

“Yes, only my taste would have you in my sights,” I snickered. Zhao Yanyan dug a hole and jumped into it herself.

“You, are so annoying!” Zhao Yanyan said as she rained hammers on my body. Women had this advantage, when they can’t argue with someone they can solve the issue with violence.

Finally, Zhao Yanyan stealthily bought a bra when the little light bulb when to the bathroom, after paying for it, Zhao Yanyan whispered to me, “That place of mine actually gotten bigger again, the ones I wore before are a bit small.”

I got really happy after that, after this chick became a woman, her chest truly started enlarging.

“Is it all thanks to me often helping you massage?” I asked while laughing naughtily.

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“Massage what?” It was at that moment that the little light bulb walked out of the bathroom and heard what I asked.

“Nothing much, nothing much. I just said I’m about to be tired to death, and really want someone to help me massage,” I chuckled and said.


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