Chapter 53 – Shiro’s Evolution

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library


I asked, and Shiro tilted her head in a puzzled manner.

I wondered if Shiro didn’t know what form she wanted to evolve into, but Chibi said she instinctively knew what form she wanted to change into and could choose. Then what was Shiro wandering about?


As if in response to my question, Shiro tells Chibi something.

“Hmm? Yes, yes, I understand… You see, Master, Shiro-chan…”

Chibi nods enthusiastically and seems to be translating for me.

I learned from Aya that telekinesis can be used when you get used to it, but if we’re both unfamiliar with it, we’ll just rely on an interpreter instead of relying on telekinesis.

Chibi changed her tone of voice to convey Shiro’s opinion.

“I have given all of my body to Chibi-sama, and therefore I am as good as the property of you, Chibi-sama’s master. No matter what your choice is, I will accept it…”

Shiro-san is such a character?

What’s more, Chibi-san can speak that kind of thing fluently?

If I were to put it in writing, it would almost always be in hiragana, but I feel like I’ve seen an unexpected side to her.

“Hmm. It’s your own matter, so you can decide for yourself, okay?”


“Let’s see… if I become a powerful monster, I’ll be able to become stronger than ever…”

“Okay, I will choose it with that in mind.”

I don’t know what to say, but I feel like Chibi’s character is stronger in a different direction.
If that’s the case, well… the best ones to look out for would be the Giant Wolf and the White Blade Wolf.

Chibi can easily learn humanization, and from the description of werewolves, it seems that high-ranking wolves have a rather high probability of learning humanization skills.

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The title of “subhuman” is somewhat unfortunate, but if I’m going to be a demon lord in the future, it’s probably best not to let humans get too close to me.

That’s why I have to choose between the Giant Wolf and the White Blade Wolf…

Hmmm… I still admire the Giant Wolf for its size, but at this point, I think that choice would be too eye-catching, for better or worse.

Even as a designated disaster species, its position is questionable. We want to avoid drawing attention to ourselves, even if we still have a place within society positively. It’s a regressive evolution, so there’s no change in class, but it’s not a bad choice for our future if we would like to increase the potential of the species.

“Well then… I think I’ll go with a white blade wolf for the future. Is that okay?”

Shiro responded to my suggestion with an immediate “Wan”.

“Oh, so you’ve decided on an evolutionary path?”

Garum, who had been watching our exchange, asked.

“Yeah, just in case. Do you know what a white blade wolf is, Garum?”

“Hmm? Well, I’ve never had a run-in with one, but I do know the name. There’s a story about it in the Legend of the Sword Saint, and it’s a monster that appeals to men.”

Yeah, I know what you mean, a wolf and a sword, one of the top ten things boys like. It’s hard to have a bad image of a wolf when it’s intelligent enough to teach swordsmanship to a sword saint.

The opinions of the locals should be valued in this area.

“By the way… I’m wondering when to let them evolve, what do you think Garum? I know that after evolving, the status will inevitably drop a bit, but I think it’s necessary to get stronger.”

Do we take the easy option of maintaining the current conditions, or do we aim to evolve and become more powerful?

It was a choice that had both pros and cons, and Garum also put his hand over his chin and thought about it.

“Well… it’s a bit of a gamble, but wouldn’t it be nice to evolve? Fortunately… or should I say, the goblin soldiers in this nest, aside from the elite ones led by the Black Knight, have a good level of experience that allows them to hunt somewhat consistently. And the best part is… evolution means rebuilding your body from scratch.”

Garum looked at Shiro.

Oh, that’s right.

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The evolution of a monster is different from just growing up. I hadn’t thought that much about it because I chose a relatively straightforward evolutionary path, but the evolutionary path also shows a path to a form that is quite different from the current form.

It may be a bit hasty considering Shiro’s safety, but if there’s a possibility of freeing Shiro from that grievous wound, I’d like to give it a try.

“Alright, let’s evolve, then.”

When I stared at Shiro, she also stared at me and cooed back.

I then chose the [White Blade Wolf] as Shiro’s evolutionary path.

At the same time, Shiro’s body was enveloped in dark-colored light, emitting a crimson flash of light and changing into a dark-colored sphere with a popping sound. The next moment, Shiro was there, reborn in a new form.

Her physique was that of a wolf the size of a human, and considering her huge body, she had shrunk considerably. The tail, however, extended more than a meter from the body, and combined with the pure white, supple body hair, it had a fantastic beauty. The scars on her body were gone, but her right eye was somewhat hazy and unfocused.

Unlike the scars, the right eyeball was missing before, and perhaps this was the result?

I hope evolution will help her regain her sight, but…

Despite my worries, Shiro himself was enthusiastically checking out her new body.

In particular, he seemed to like the long tail, and was chasing it around in circles. Yeah, it must be a tail that’s worth chasing around.

For now, let’s check her status while we’re at it.

Based on that information, I need to decide what skills to give her and how to train her.


Name: Shiro

Race: White Blade Wolf C-

Status: Kin

Level: 1/45

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HP: 190/190

MP: 45/45

Strength: 73

Endurance: 98

Agility: 105

Magic: 44

Luck: 32

Accumulated Experience: 0

Title Skill:

[Demon Lord’s Kin-]

Special Skill:

[Humanization Lv1] [Sword Wolf Lv3] [Ground Shrink Lv1].

Resistance Skill:

[Physical Resistance Lv3].

♢ Magic Skill ♢

[Acceleration Magic Lv1].

Normal Skill ♢

[Defense Lv3][Appraising Eye Lv2][Upper Sword Art Lv1]



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Isn’t it too strong? No, I remember having the same reaction when I checked Chibi, but I still feel that the rank barrier is huge.

And as expected, she has [Humanization]. thinking about it, Chibi, a juvenile Fenrir with a D rank, has it, so there’s no reason why Shiro, an adult with a higher rank, can’t get it.

It’s also worth noting that she has three Special skills, acceleration magic, and even sword skills, which are new to her. I’ve heard that some skills change to a higher rank when they reach lvl 10, and this is probably one of those.

I’ll have to think about the skills I want to get from Shiro, so I’ll check the details of the skills I’m interested in.


Special Skill [Blade Wolf].


A special skill for wolf-like magical beasts that fight using their own body as a sword.

It is said that those who are familiar with this skill can cut off or not cut off anything they touch by choice.


-The effect of this skill is to harden the fur and turn it into a blade by applying magic power to it.

The sharpness and durability depend on the skill level.


Special Skill [Ground Shrink].


This is a movement technique that enables you to move at explosive speeds by weaving your body strengthened by magic power into a denser form in a shorter period of time.

Anyone who witnesses this skill will feel as if the distance between them has been shortened instantly.


-Consumes magic power to move instantly.

The maximum speed and distance depends on the skill level.


It’s a good offensive and defensive skill that is exclusive to wolves, which is why White Blade Wolf are called White Blade Wolf.

Ground Shrink, on the other hand, is a movement-only version of what I’ve been doing with my body enhancement ring.

However, it would be a misstatement to say that it can exclusively be used for movement because increased speed means a corresponding increase in power.

As the previous battle shows, the act of closing the gap is one of the fundamentals and truths of combat.

It may be a bit simple, but it’s a very useful skill, without any exaggeration needed.


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