Chapter 52 – Joining Up

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

And so, we gathered at the square where the Black Knights attacked before…

“Um…Chibi-san, who is that?”

Chibi and one other dog arrived first.

I looked at the scarred wolf that was seated politely behind Chibi and asked. No, it’s injured looking, and there are some things I want to confirm, but…! Anyway, it’s huge! It’s about four times my height, you know?

Whether it was aware of my discomfort or not, Chibi looked at me with serious eyes.

“Chibi saved her from the goblins and want her to stay with us. I already instructed her to follow Master’s orders, is it okay?”

Chibi’s desperate words somehow made my heart ache.

It’s not often that Chibi would ask me what she wanted to do.

That’s how much she thinks about her(?) situation. The more I looked at it, the more painful the scars seemed.

Then there’s only one thing I need to do.

What would be my purpose if I didn’t fulfill the desperate plea of Chibi, my kin?

“Of course it’s fine. You can be more selfish than usual, you know.”

I tried to pat Chibi’s head, but I couldn’t reach it. Chibi crouched down with a confused expression on her face. It was hard to tell which of us was the child, but it was okay. I ruffled Chibi’s head and patted it. The fluffy dog ears were comfortable to touch. The big wolf was staring at her.

Right, I have to check with this one as well.

“Hey, are you okay with all that wounds?”

When I asked this, the big wolf responded with “Awon” as it lay down on its stomach. I guess it’s a pose of obedience. Well, it’s okay that I got my point across, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed by its huge body.

Anyway, the goblins in this nest are hard to underestimate. I’ll be glad to have more forces with me.

“Then I guess I’ll have to give you a name too… hmm, your fur is white… is Shiro okay?”

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I think it was an easy name for me to come up with, but apparently I didn’t have a naming sense before I was born.

For a moment, Shiro seemed to have no idea what I was talking about, but then her ears and tail perked up, and she barked cheerfully, “Woof!” I’m sure she can understand.

[You have successfully made your Scarred Wolf kin] [The magic skill [Kinship] has been increased from 2 to 3.] [Scarred Wolf] is ready to evolve. Please decide what to evolve to.]

The announcement came over again, as it did for Chibi, as if the reply was considered consent.

However, this is the first time I’ve heard it properly since I was on the verge of losing consciousness earlier, but I think that there was no announcement about deciding the evolution path when Chibi was linked to me.

But I was on the verge of losing consciousness at the time, so this is the first time I’ve heard it properly, but I don’t think there was any path of evolution for Chibi…

Is it because I’m now on level 3 Kinship?

The following are some of the effects that have been opened up by skill level 3.

-Management of the evolution of your family members. You can allow evolution and choose the path of evolution.

It is also possible to evolve (Regression Evolution) to become a more powerful race of the same or a lesser rank.

-The ability to lend up to one of your skills to each of your dependents as a [Grant Skill].

I don’t want to go into too much detail, but I’m curious about the effects of “regressive evolution”. In my experience, there seems to be a greater degree of superiority and inferiority among the different ranks, and I think that monsters that are rare will evolve into monsters that are even rarer.

It’s not a quick way to get stronger, but if I am thinking about the future, I don’t see why I shouldn’t take advantage of this.

In addition, the granting skill allows me to lend my skills to Chibi and the others, as opposed to borrowed skills.

When I tried to use it, I found that there were more items in the status bar for granting skills and borrowed skills.

It seems that I could also choose what I want my borrowed skill will be, but I decided to keep the moon wolf claw as it is useful. Blood Weapon is more difficult to use than you think, and if I had time to practice it, I would, but I’m in the middle of a raid right now.

I think it would be better to have something that worked immediately.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a look at Shiro’s Evolution Path.

After evolving, Shiro’s status would be a bit lower than it was before evolving, but the small amount of experience she would gain would quickly make up for it. Depending on the upcoming battle, it might be better to evolve and gain experience in advance, and that might be a problem for me, but I wouldn’t worry about it until I confirm the evolution path.

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The following are the evolutionary paths that are displayed.


[Evil Wolf] Rank: B-


A wolf that is believed to bring misfortune.

It is also called the messenger of misfortune and calamity itself.

The whole body is rotting away and always emitting miasma.

The land where the wolf has settled will rot in a month and turn into a barren land where not a single grass will sprout for the next ten years.

For this reason, the existence of the wolf is always checked.

Therefore, as soon as the existence of the wolf is confirmed, a team of nations or allied nations will immediately be formed to defeat it.


Dismissed! Rejected! Major Rejection!!!!!

Who would want to turn their dependents into rotting flesh-covered monsters enough to call out a strike force!?

Even if I get a powerful force called B-, I can’t make this choice.

Let’s forget about this option and check out the next evolutionary path.


[Giant Wolf] Rank: C+


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A wolf with the name of a giant, measuring over 12 meters in length.

Although lacking in magical talent, the power and defensive capabilities of its massive form are beyond the reach of ordinary magic.

It is a monster of the Wolf lineage.

Even among the wolf monsters, they have a mild temperament.

Some of them are tamed by people.

These monsters can be hired as valuable labor for national projects at a high price.


Yeah, this is kind of normal. No, it’s just that Evil Wolf was too overpowered, but…

I guess it’s a legitimate evolutionary development, but 12 meters…. If you consider that, it’s about half the size of a swimming pool in an elementary school, you’ll understand how ridiculously big it is. The name “giant” is not an understatement.

It’s not a bad choice to evolve to… but if I evolve it now, we won’t be able to leave.

If I choose this, then I’ll have to postpone my evolution.


[White Blade Wolf] Rank: C- (Regressive Evolution)


A wolf with pure white fur that is as hard as steel and as flexible as a willow.

The tail, in particular, has been forged into a blade that can be said to be as sharp as a sword, earning him the nickname “sword wolf”.

Although the talent for magic is moderate, it is not unskilled.

There is a legend about a man who asked an old white wolf to teach him, and eventually rose to the level of a sword saint.

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Here’s where Regressive Evolution comes in.

There is no mention of its size, but in other words, it is within the general range.

It seems to be more of a melee fighter, but Chibi and I are both mid-range, and we can handle both long and short range. It would be a good balance if we could add one more member who is a complete vanguard.


[Werewolf] Rank: D (Regressive Evolution)


A subhuman with wolf blood.

They were born from the humanization of high-ranking wolves, and could have children with humans.

They could change into both human and wolf forms at will.

In addition, their potential ability is greatly influenced by their parent Wolf.


…Eh, Chibi-san, can you have children with humans?

Chibi tilted her head at my startled gaze.

No, calm down, I’m not a human right now, and I’m not a girl with a D. Yeah, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter.

But is it possible to evolve into a species that is clearly recognized as subhuman? Potential abilities from parents were also mentioned, but that won’t matter because of the effect of my Demon Lord Skill. However, the Rank is D, which is not as good as the ones mentioned above.

Humanization skill is also an advantage, but it is not a great advantage to only be able to switch to a human form.

It’s probably a big deal that it’s clearly identified as a subhuman, after all, Chibi and I aren’t the kind of people who can openly disclose ourselves to the public.

But the most important thing is what Shiro wants to do.

“Hey, Shiro, what do you want to be?”


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