Chapter 54 – Big Four

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

“Shiro, what do you think? Is there anything wrong with your body?”

I didn’t think there was anything wrong with her, but I had to confirm it with her.

Shiro replied “Wan” at the same time I asked him that question, but after thinking for a moment, he barked “Aon”.

At the same time, she was enveloped in a white light, and the outline of the light changed into a human shape.

She was not accustomed to telepathy, and she probably thought it would be better to humanize herself and talk directly to Chibi rather than have Chibi interpret for her.

However, since Chibi had such a big body, what would happen if Shiro, who was bigger than Chibi, became humanoid?

With a mixture of anticipation and anxiety, I waited patiently for the humanization to finish.

And the next thing I knew, there she was, standing there…

A girl who was even shorter than me.

Her long white hair was up to her knees, and her bangs covered her right eye. She was wearing a tattered dress with bandages and shackles all over her body, looking like some noble girl who had been captured as a slave and sold straight into slavery.

According to Chibi’s explanation, she could change her clothes to some extent by herself, but that would mean that Shiro took this form of her own accord.

In the past, she was trained by goblins, and the scars from that may have unconsciously manifested in her humanized appearance…

“Well, now I can speak, I guess. My body and mind belong to Chibi-sama and, by extension, Master! Please use me in any way you like!”

As she laid down and struck a pose of submission, a somewhat ecstatic expression appeared on her face. The picture of a little girl with her skirt pulled up, exposing her belly, is not good. And the underwear was at a level that warranted self-restraint.

Oh, yeah. This one was also a rather dangerous one, I thought.

I’m not sure why there are so many people around me with extreme personalities… Although I was scratching my head, I didn’t take offense, and I think this devotion was genuine. It was a demon lord’s responsibility to accept them, even if their tendencies were a bit twisted…!

“Oh, um… stay in moderation, okay?”


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So, Shiro and I worked out a plan for future battles.

It seems that Shiro’s tail and hair could be turned into blades with the Sword Wolf skill without any problem even in her human form, but it would be more difficult to handle than in her Wolf form, so she would need to prepare swords or blades separately in order to fully demonstrate her swordsmanship in her human form.

Therefore, it was agreed that the skill to be given to Shiro would be [Blood Weapon].

Her MP was much lower than mine, but since she would be using a sword that she crafted with her magic power, she wouldn’t have to worry about MP management as much.

I gave her a canteen of magic water and let her carry it over her shoulder, just in case she needed it.

After all, we have less than 20 liters of water left after sharing it with our friends this time.

It’s unlikely that we would be able to consume all of it during this mission, but we will need to go back and refill it in the future.

In addition, I had also decided that the skill I was going to obtain from Shiro would be [Ground Shrink].

I was wondering if I should take up swordsmanship since I had a ring to strengthen my body, but what I lacked most in the last battle was the ability to close the gap or open it.

The decision was made to learn Ground Shrink, as it was more compatible in terms of speed than Body Enhancement.

And above all, this ground shrink…

It could actually be used together with the ring of physical enhancement.

The Ring of Strengthening improved my status, while Ground Shrink was a technique that allowed me to move faster.

Although the cost increased, there was no reason why they could not be used together.

In the event that you’ve got a lot of money, you’ll be able to use it for a lot of things.

“But Youmu’s so slow.”

Garum suddenly muttered.

It had already been more than ten minutes since we met up with Chibi.

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She responded to the communication I sent earlier, and I didn’t hear any battle sounds.

There was no possibility that they would encounter a powerful enemy again in such a short period of time without being able to communicate, but…

That was when I was thinking about it.

“Yo, can you hear me?”

Youmu’s voice rang out in my ear.

It seemed that my earlier fears were unfounded.

“Yeah, I can hear you.

“You’re late joining us. Is there a problem?”

From the sound of her voice, she didn’t seem to be in a hurry, but maybe there was a reason why she couldn’t join us right away.

When I asked that, Youmu denied it with a short “No”.

And then…

[In the middle of the search, I found a passage that leads to the depths, so I’m heading down there to check it out. If we’re lucky, we might be able to get the enemy’s back. But the path here is quite narrow, and if too many of us move at the same time, we’ll get stuck. You guys go on your own.]

She replied.

This goblin’s den was intricate and led from various places to various places.

As long as she’s like that, it won’t be easy to chase after her unless we force her to stay.

“Yeah, okay, but… be careful there too.”

[Yeah, I know. You, too.]

We exchanged a few words and decided that we would go down to the basement on our own.

The rest of the journey was smooth.

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After all, the Black Knight and his cronies must have been quite elite in this nest.

The troops that were waiting for us after we broke through the square were mainly knights, priests, archers and wizards.

I could understand that they must have had a great deal of training from their individual proficiency and coordination, but they were too fragile in the face of the violence of rank and status.

We also have the C-rank Shiro in the vanguard, Garum, a D-class adventurer, as well as Chibi and me in the middle guard. Although we rely on items for recovery, our strength as a party was pretty high.

As long as we avoid taking on more than twice as many enemies at the same time, we could hunt relatively safely.

Shiro, in particular, showed remarkable growth.

Her ability to dexterously switch between wolf and human forms, and her ability to knock down densely packed goblins in one fell swoop, is a sight to behold.

By the time she reached a few levels, her status was close to that of me, not to mention her pre-evolution self.

“Hey, Master, this looks like a city street…”

On the way, Chibi talks to me about such things.

We were moving up and down in our search for the goblin’s den, but as we progressed through the levels, the surrounding civilization seemed to be increasing.

The surrounding area was covered with bricks, and magical lights were generating light.

They were beginning to create their own style.

From mere imitation to the development of originality.

It was frightening to think that this had been done in such a short period of time.

“By the way, Shiro, have you ever seen the Lord?

I asked her.

I had heard of the Lord of her Master, but so far she had no idea what kind of individual he was.

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Shiro just flicked her ears and tail and said, “I’m sorry”.

“The Lord is a cautious person, or perhaps he’s been holed up in the royal palace at the deepest part of the lair, and rarely comes out.

It seems that the four goblins were practically in charge of the nest.”

“The four leaders?”

“Yes, Goblin Rider [Guz] in charge of disciplining Wolves and women, Goblin Black Knight [Daz] in charge of commanding and training soldiers, Goblin Arc Shooter [Liz] in charge of espionage…”

“And the Goblin Evil Magician [Doz] who is in charge of magic-related research, these four goblins were collectively called the Four Executives.”

So the Black Knight and Rider have already been defeated, although it was a fine line between being happy that they were half-destroyed and being fed up with the fact that there were still two more on the same level as the Black Knight.


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