Chapter 31 – Quiet IV Sweet Dreams Part 1

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

【 Side:??? 】


 It was late at night, when the rough drinkers are drunk dead and the prostitutes are asleep.

 The city nestles together in silence, and 【 My 】 time comes.

 How long had it been since I had felt this sensation of my body sinking into the darkness?

 I screwed up at that time. ……

 Yes, I think back to the mistakes I had once made.

 Once I became aware of the gender of my confidence…… I could no longer hold myself back.

 A good friend of mine…… and was the first friend I ever became aware of as a man, now that I think about it. I was forced to recognize the significance of his body and my own.

 As the memories of the past tug at my heartstrings, I struggled to shake off the thoughts……. As a blooming woman, I was certainly attracted to that man.

 That would be a unique problem for me, one who had the unique circumstance of being a reincarnated person.

 No matter how aware I am, I am a woman, and my body grows softer and rounder with age. My mind is no exception. As my body becomes old enough to welcome a man, my mind also begins to prepare to accept him.

 This struggle is frustrating for him…….

 It’s kind of funny from people’s perspective though……

 It would have certainly seemed like a genuine concern……

However, the troubles and struggles of that me, came to an end in an unexpected way.

I am a reincarnated person.

 And unmistakably human.

 But at the same time, I am even a demon.

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【 Demoziation 】, with a part of my soul mixed with that of a demon, I was both a human and a non-human.

 If I had been a werewolf, for example, a monster that gained physical strength in exchange for physical transformation, I would not have been so troubled with myself.

I’m sure that I would have enough power for them to rely on me as a source of strength in case of emergency.

 Let’s say it was a brutal soul like a demonic being.

If I did, I would have been prepared to end this life without relying on that power.

However, that part of 【 Me 】 was……a normally harmless one in a sense that it won’t be able avenges those people……and for me, it was also a very sweet temptation.

 I unconsciously flipped up and as my body morphed into that figure.

My hair, which used to be a mix of blue and silver, was dyed with a mysterious cherry color, and a tail peeked out from a little below my waist. On my back sprouted a black misty figure which were my wings made out of magic power.

 Yes, that being was Me……

 【 Youmu and Arcanacia 】 that, the other me, one would call a 【 Succubus 】 the other half of my soul.

Nn, I stretched out my body.

 This was the second time in my not-so-long life that I had taken this form.

 The first was a childhood mistake, a memory of a day of first love that was supposed to have ended sweetly became sourly. On that day, I used dream magic to enter his dream and enjoyed him as much as I wanted.

 How many years had it been since I regretted that and put a lid on that power, never to use it again?

「 Ah, it’s been a while 」

 I chuckle to myself.

 However, this me, Youmu, don’t have two personalities as one would expect.

But also I am an extension of Youmu’s personality, which was not the part that become a succubus.

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 So to speak, when I am in this state, I am what I am……in a sense, this could also be firm confirmation of me finally showing acceptance of my current situation.

 I am now standing on the solid memory of being a woman who lived in this world, rather than on the memory of being a half-hearted man.

 It was only exacerbated by the fear of imminent death. At that time, I thought, if only I could accept myself a little more……now, I am finally trying could face this power…….and

*Knock, *knock, *knock……

 The door of the inn was knocked quietly.


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