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Chapter 30 – Various Happenings at Night Part 2

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

「 Yo, yosh……let’s do this!? I’t should be fine……」

I was sitting on the floor with my face red in front of a tub and a clean towel.

In this world, water supply is only available in the suburbs of the capital city and a very small part of the regional cities and common people live by using wells. It is said that those with an aptitude for water magic may prepare their own in exchange for magic power, but not everyone is able to do so.

 The culture of the baths is also handed down, but it takes a certain amount of determination to own one.

 Therefore, common people either pay a lot of money to go to a public bath or…… buy hot water in tubs and wipe their bodies with a towel.

By the way, I am also familiar with the Japanese …… culture of bathing, and although I don’t remember it really, my heart craves for a bathtub. I hadn’t had a chance to wipe my body properly since I had been staying out in the open. I would like to take off my clothes right now and throw myself into this hot water if I could. Not only that, but I know that’s not how it’s supposed to be used, but…… this little body could do that. ……

 Yes, it is this body that is the problem.

 I’ve been trying not to worry about it lately, and I’ve gotten used to picking flowers. That’s not a problem if you pull your pants down and try not to look at them, but wiping a body is a different story. I will be touching every inch of this girl’s body, even if it is my own.

 I’m hesitant to even get naked in the first place…….

 Oh, shoot, I’m getting so nervous. You’re a virgin, aren’t you? No, I’m not sure if I’m a virgin or not!? Unfortunately, I’m a virgin now, so I can’t speak for others, and even if I did, I don’t really have to worry about that.

「 Is something wrong, Master? Don’t you want me to take it off? Are you back to your senses now?」

 Chibi tilts her head in wonder. Those pure eyes are just increasing my guilt……but I can’t back down now. Perhaps it is a characteristic of the vampire race, but this body has almost no sweat or metabolism (although it does process food). Therefore, it seems that we don’t need to worry too much about the smell, but what gets dirty will still get dirty.

If I hesitate over something like this, I’m not even sure what I would do to whatever the future holds.

「 Alright…… Let’s do this……」

 I reach for the hem of my dress. Then took off the clothes as best I could.

My breasts were a little swollen, with two pink protrusions in them, and my body had the overall look typical of a child, but was starting that seems to be around her growth period.

The black pants that were left behind by accident matched my white skin creating an unbalanced charm to it.

 ――――It’s a feast for the eyes, thank you.

 I pray to Letitia, who would have ascended to the heavens by now…… Not!!

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「Now then……time to wipe myself up……yosh」

I willed myself to wipe off the dirt from my body. I was nervous at first, but…… soon enough I into the feeling that this is my own body, and when it came down to that, it was surprisingly easy for my mind to accept. No matter how excited I was when looking at a woman’s body, I felt a little empty because I didn’t have that thing hanging between my legs.

「 Chibi will wipe your back, Master!」

 I try to put my hands behind my back, but I’m having a hard time reaching all the way behind, and so Chibi called out to me. As is expected of Chibi……, I didn’t even have to check. I’m sure she’ll be happy to do that. However, Chibi is a little pup…… and a wolf, albeit a humanized one.

It’s possible that she doesn’t like to get wet, but what do I know? I look back at her, thinking about that.

「 Thanks, Chi……biiii!!?」

 There were two melons in front of me, each was topped with a cherry.

「 What’s wrong Master? 」

 Chibi tilted her head in reaction to my surprise, and she’s not wearing any clothes. Eh, what happened to her clothes? I’ve been wondering how those were created, but never really put my thoughts into it…… I tried to trick my thoughts and ignoring it, but there was no effect and I can’t help but keep my gaze on her chest.

「 Chi, Chibi!? Clothes……clothes!?」

「 Un! Chibi also took my clothes offーー With this, I will wipe all of Master!」

「 No, that’s not what I meant……!! Hiyaa! Wa, wait! Uwah! Just a moment!! The melons with cherries are hitting me!!?」

「 Rubーーbing rubーーーbing! Master feels so soft! It feels good!」

「 No, not there! You are not supposed to go over there! It’s a place even I haven’t touched yet myself! Hiyaa!? Hiyaaaaaah―――――」




 After that, Chibi washed my body very thoroughly, and then I washed my face, Adlas awkwardly said after, 「 I understand those relationships, but the walls aren’t very thick, so for your own sake, keep your voice down 」 as a warning.

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 I was able to see Chibi with a big smile on her face, so that should be good enough for me……well, that’s what I convinced myself and cried a little.


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