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Interlude 4 – Brave the Wanderer (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library

I later learned that a hideout resembling the Beastkin tribe’s holy sanctuary was also established. What is going on here? The answer from Tengai was, “Our intention is to establish similar bases across the continent at intervals of no less than 50 km, to eliminate any inconvenience for the Princess.” Are we a chain store now?

I feel like I need a translator to decipher what our people are even trying to accomplish.

We spent the night there to recharge and joined the departure line the next day after finishing our preparations—which were exhausting because one idiot couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

Joey, yapping about how “we don’t often get to explore such adventurous places,” suggested we explore a bit more. In response, a half-asleep Shizu threw him into the 31st floor’s ‘Hidden Boss Room,’ saying, “Go and prove your valor here.”

He was promptly insta-killed. We gathered his body parts, torn apart by the hidden boss Jabberwock, and reassembled them like a jigsaw puzzle (Shizu clicked her tongue when I revived him). That should provide enough adventure for this journey, right? I hadn’t made this clear before, so this time I ensured he knew he was a real pain.

Despite the bumpy journey, it took us only four hours to get everything prepared. We could have pushed our way to leave immediately, but this was a secret outing, so we blended in with the crowd, and I wanted to see everyone’s reactions up close.

“That’s about it. I’m here for personal matters rather than official ones, so treat me as you would any other.”

Kaguya bowed respectfully as I summarized the long story for her. Then, her eyes widened as she glanced at one of our group members.

“My, is that Lord Shizu of the Thirteen Demon Generals? Please forgive my late greeting.”

Shizu simply nodded, not taking any offense.

“It’s fine. Our primary duty as subjects is to serve the Princess. But you should have noticed me sooner.”

‘Wow, she doesn’t hold back with her razor-sharp tongue, does she?’ Fiore muttered under her breath. Kaguya apologized once more to Shizu, then noticed Fiore and Joey.

“Oh, if ’tis not the mage damsel from afore, and the lone lad who hath stumbled upon mine answer! Ye seemeth quite lively.”

Uh-huh, that’s certainly a unique way to be remembered—probably the only way in her case.

In contrast to Kaguya’s nostalgic tone, Fiore nervously greeted her, while Joey cheerfully exclaimed, “Hey, been a while.” Shizu’s expression became frigid. In a way, someone who never experiences stress is truly invincible.

“Now then, Princess, which location are you aiming for?”

After rekindling her old friendship(?), Kaguya asked the critical question.

“Sirent Nation, in the northern part of the continent.”
“Sirent? That realm is not upon the teleportation list. Dost thou still wish to proceed?”
“We have a special permit, so it’s fine. Plus, that location might be unlocked as a teleport destination if luck is on our side, so keep it in mind.”
“Still, it’s a slim chance.”

Shizu added, glancing at Joey’s face.

“What’s your problem?”
“Prithee, should I then transport the Princess’ company to Sirent, verily?”

Kaguya asked, clearly confused by the situation.

“Yes. We’re short on time, so I’ll explain everything another day.”

“Thy words art orders above all else, so it is of no concern. Ah, forgive me, I hath delayed the introduction of mine kin. O’ Shinya, the Princess hath arrived. Offer thine greetings.”

At her summons, the base of a five-meter obsidian monolith—known to all as teleportation magic equipment—opened to reveal a lion cub.

Kaguya gave Shinya’s back a tender lick before nudging him toward us with her foreleg.

“O’ Princess, I humbly beseech thee to bless mine kin.”

I cradled the lion cub, who trotted toward me after Kaguya’s prompting, into a warm embrace. He was a male sphinx, Kaguya’s offspring, and ‘Shinya’ was the name I bestowed upon him.

“It’s been a while, Lil’ Shin~. And oh goodness, you’ve grown up yet again, huh? A size larger than before?”

In response, he purred. Honestly, he looked so much like a cat.

“Ah, truly. Lil’ Shin, do you remember me?”

Fiore’s voice, while petting his belly, was as saccharine as ever.

“Wow, so it’s that cat? Do you remember me too, kitty?”

Joey asked wistfully as he reached out to pat Shinya’s head, only for Shinya to suddenly bite it.


Joey jumped back like a startled bunny, clutching his bitten hand.

“Oh-ho? The kid is quite intelligent.”

Shizu said with an impressed tone, narrowing her eyes.

“Why, thank thee,” Kaguya replied with modest joy.

Well, truth isn’t always what it seems. There was never any ‘teleportation magic equipment.’ What was in the ‘Sandstorm Labyrinth’ treasury that Kaguya guided us to was not gold but this child, Shinya—a monster capable of teleportation magic. The term ‘equipment’ was simply a bluff and insurance against adversaries.

A child precious beyond measure was the supreme treasure hidden in that treasury. What followed was predictable. The parent and child vowed to become my subjects, so I named them and conceived the idea of ‘establishing Teleportation Magic Equipment.’ At the same time, I asked Chloe, Joey, and Fiore —the witnesses that day— not to speak of it (I offered hush money, but the three declined).

This was the entire mystery behind ‘Teleportation Magic Equipment.’

After sharing a brief, delightful reunion, Kaguya summoned Shinya back.

“Tis regretful that this meeting shall end here for now. ‘Tis time for teleporting. Is everyone ready?”
“No worries.”

When we were all ready, Kaguya nodded.

“Then, Shinya. The Princess and her entourage seeketh to teleport to Sirent Nation. Canst thou handle it?”


Shinya purred energetically.

“It seemeth all’s well. I pray thee a safe journey.”

Kaguya spoke, and Shinya replied. In that same moment, our bodies were shrouded in rainbow-colored light. After experiencing a brief sensation of floating, we were teleported from the continent’s southern edge to its northern boundary.


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