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Chapter 6 – Alliance (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2413 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 982 words
Editor(s): Hydra

The provincial capital of the Cres Freedom United Nation was Wirde. On its outskirts, where the Teleportation Magic Hub was located, there was a long line of caravans and groups of travelers.

Once an unremarkable fishing village with a mere 2000 inhabitants, Wirde transformed dramatically. The expansion and improvement of the harbor enabled it to function as the capital city. More crucially, its recognition as the continent’s only large-scale Teleportation Nexus spurred rapid development. Shops lined the streets and the once modest flow of visitors grew exponentially, attracted by the city’s unique teleportation facility.

Within a short span, Wirde had become the largest city in the Cres Freedom United Nation. It had evolved from being overshadowed by others to stand proudly as a genuine capital city.

In the reception room of the administrative agency overseeing the facility, which was just a two-story commercial building, Revan, the acting leader of Cres, greeted an envoy from their overlord nation, Imperial Crimson.

This envoy, a voluptuous woman named Tanabata, wore a thin piece of silk that barely concealed her figure. She was adorned from head to toe in exquisite gold jewelry: forehead pieces, earrings, necklaces, chest ornaments, rings, bracelets, and anklets. Each piece clinked melodiously with her every move.

Tanabata was like a siren, entrancing men with her allure. She was known as No. 7 in the Seven Beasts of Calamity and was an incarnation of an Apsara—a celestial nymph from Indian mythology renowned for seducing monks with their beauty.

Beside Tanabata on the sofa was a doll resembling a little girl, named Teeny-Weeny Hiyuki, her small arms crossed adorably on her lap.

Teeny-Weeny Hiyuki leaned forward. “May Bells has spoken on this issue. What’s your take on it?”

Distractedly, Revan replied, “Pickled onions go well with curry, right?”

He tried to move his gaze from Tanabata’s ample chest to the doll on her lap but instead found his eyes settling on her alluring thighs.

Hiyuki raised an eyebrow. “What curry? I’m discussing the alliance between the Empire and Holy Kingdom. Were you even paying attention? By the way, I despise pickled onions.”

Revan fumbled, “Yes, yes, I was listening. The Holy Kingdom is terrible, and they don’t like pickled onions, right?”

It was evident he wasn’t focused.

Hiyuki sighed internally. I shouldn’t have chosen her as my envoy, but I hadn’t expected him to be this smitten by her charms…

Being a natural enchantress, it wasn’t Tanabata’s fault men were so captivated by her. Seduction was her forte, after all.

Revan needed to focus on strengthening his mental resolve. He was, after all, the next in line to be Beast King, the backbone of Cres Freedom United Nation and a formidable martial artist.

Seeing that the conversation would stall if Revan remained so distracted, Hiyuki attempted to steer it back on track.

“It seems I might need to contact Asmina to get you back in line—”

Revan abruptly snapped back to attention. “Your Highness, I assure you I’m perfectly fine! Let’s stay on topic and address the pressing matters!”

“You’re right……”

—Just how much does he fear his overprotective sister?

“Back to our discussion, it appears the Cathedral Crusaders have either been obliterated or absorbed by their adversaries. Regardless, they’re out of the equation.”

“They did proclaim themselves as the strongest on the continent, didn’t they? What a joke,” Revan said, his voice dripping with scorn.

Considering that the Holy Kingdom of Aeon had propagated teachings that vilified beastkin and demi-humans (though their aggressiveness had mellowed in recent times, having committed numerous atrocities against them up to 200 years ago), Revan’s glee at their downfall was understandable.

“I understand your sentiments,” Hiyuki began. “But for me, it’s another country’s issue. I’m mostly concerned about our own safety. Speaking of which, there haven’t been any breaches at the Cres border, right?”

“Absolutely not. Night vision is a strength for both our troops and those of Your Highness. Vampires stand no chance against us. I—wait, I’m sorry,” Revan caught himself mid-sentence, suddenly conscious that Hiyuki was of vampiric lineage. He quickly stood and bowed deeply.

She waved a hand dismissively. “No need to worry. We aren’t related by blood, and there’s no offense taken.”

“But,” she continued, “we’ve noticed a spike in the vampire numbers that the Graviol Empire is holding back at their borders. It could be a sign that they’re running low on human food sources in their duchy. What’s the situation here?”

“We’ve been primarily focusing on guiding and protecting the refugees,” Revan admitted, a hint of regret shadowing his features. “As embarrassing as it sounds, Imperial Crimson forces are handling the frontline battles.”

Hiyuki attempted to lift his spirits, “Don’t be too hard on yourself. What you’re doing is pivotal. Trust me, the people from my side would be at a complete loss handling those tasks.”

Revan nodded, finding solace in her words, “Chief Achron, who leads on the frontlines, often says: A battle isn’t just about the immediate confrontation. To truly win, a warrior must be in the right place at the right time, not fixated on their role.”

Hoping to shift the conversation, he queried Tanabata, “Speaking of challenges, what’s your assessment of the border situation? Have you noticed an increase in their numbers?”

Tanabata paused, her thumb brushing against her lips in thought. Her actions were so mesmerizing that Revan had to look away, lest he become too distracted.

Yet, avoiding her gaze was futile when her voice, dripping with allure, ensnared his senses, “From what I gather, either Demon General Izumo, who oversees our forces, or Lord Suki, with his vast surveillance over the border, might have precise data. But based on my personal encounters, their aggression certainly seems to have intensified.”

Her choice of words, particularly ‘encounters’ and ‘aggression,’ combined with the velvety timbre of her voice, sent a shiver down Revan’s spine, igniting his deeper desires.


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