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Chapter 5 – Young Pope (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2650 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1029 words
Editor(s): Hydra

Lubbock cast a glance toward the passageway behind the chapel. Seeing no response from the kneeling young boy, his expression transitioned from confusion to an ‘ahh’ of realization.

“—Kaede, carry him.”

At Lubbock’s irritated command, the angel Kaede approached Werner, hoisting him up by the collar as one might handle a kitten, and started dragging him along.

Upon closer inspection, Werner’s face, handsome yet capricious depending on one’s viewpoint, was entirely slack, his eyes rolled back in their sockets. It seemed he had fainted from sheer nervousness amidst the conversation.

“Should I wake him up?”
“No need, just bring him along like this.”

Not wanting to explain everything again, Lubbock directed Kaede to drag the unconscious Grand Pope to a small room at the end of the passageway. There, a teleportation circle was set up, leading to the ‘Tower of the Azure God.’ They vanished from sight.


30 minutes later—

Werner emerged from the oracle chamber, his face pale and his steps shaky, after receiving a ‘divine treasure’ and instructions from the so-called voice of the ‘oracle.’

“Was it wise to entrust that ‘Sealing Cross’ to that inept Grand Pope?”

At Lubbock’s valid question, the otherworldly blue-haired boy smirked arrogantly.

“Hmph, it’s inconsequential. I crafted that item from random materials; it’ll shatter after a single use. Frankly, I’d prefer that outcome. Due to the disappearance of the unattended Anti-Vampire Sealing Tool, someone has already broken the seal.”

“And why go through the effort to reseal him? Why not just kill him?”

The question came from a third party, an elven woman in her 20s dressed as a hunter, who had been standing by the window.

“It’s not that simple. I used a sarcophagus as a respawn point when creating him. Killing him won’t stop him; he’ll just revive, albeit weakened. I should’ve destroyed that sarcophagus. He’s likely hidden it by now. Sealing him is the only viable option. That sealing tool won’t function unless the user has mana equal to or greater than his. In this world, only Hiyuki or I could effectively use it.”

“Is it useless in anyone else’s hands?”

The boy pondered the elf’s question, tapping his chin.

“Ineffectual at best. For either of you, it might freeze his movements for several hours. Anyone at the Grand Pope’s level might stop him for minutes. It’s not something we can readily test, however.”

Here, it should be noted that although the Sacred Church purports that the Grand Pope is chosen by divine oracle, the actual selection is based on their magical power (MP), not their temperament or devotion.

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“I see. So the plan is to pass that ‘Sealing Cross’ to Hiyuki via Werner.”

Lubbock nodded in realization but his expression remained puzzled.

“Then why did you instruct Werner to deliver it directly? Wouldn’t an intermediary be simpler?”

“It’s precisely because he’s a fool that I chose him,” the boy responded, a disdainful edge to his voice. “We’re talking about Hiyuki here. She’d likely suspect a trick if a more cunning individual were involved or if I concocted some elaborate scheme. She has a soft spot for idiots, so she’ll probably use the item without much suspicion. Still, a backup plan wouldn’t hurt.”

Turning his attention to the elf by the window, the boy continued, “Achako, you will stay with the Grand Pope to ensure everything goes smoothly. Lubbock, team up with Tamegoro. Be prepared to assist Hiyuki if necessary.”

“Assist Hiyuki?” Lubbock inquired, his voice tinged with both confusion and relief.

“Yes. Given our opponent, anything could happen. Prioritize Hiyuki’s life above all else. She’s an invaluable ally, and like me, possesses a ‘genuine soul.’ We can’t afford any mishaps. Understood?”

“Absolutely. I’ll relay the same to Tamegoro.”

Achako smirked, her mind already scheming, “I will prioritize protecting Hiyuki’s life.”

Only her life, nothing more.

Oblivious to his subordinate’s inner workings, the blue-haired boy looked off into the distance, musing about Hiyuki.

“She’s a chosen one, just like me. She won’t go down easily.”


Simultaneously, in the Sky Garden.

—Today may be the day I actually die…

Seated at a banquet in Scarlet Jade Castle’s grand hall—surrounded by the Four Heavenly Evil Kings, Seven Beasts of Calamity, Thirteen Demon Generals, and eighty-eight dark lords—I checked my dwindling HP, bracing for the inevitable doom that seemed to loom closer with every passing moment.

“Who adds soy sauce to curry? Are you taste-blind?”
“As if you’re any better! What’s that murk you’re calling sauce?”
“It’s not murk, it’s Worcestershire sauce!”
“Aren’t they pretty much the same?”
“I don’t want to hear that from someone mixing in digestive medicine!”
“—What did you say?!”

“Good grief, the youth of today, I swear. Do we have any shichimi around?”
“Capsicum? Are you losing your marbles, old man? Everyone knows tobacco is the go-to for curry.”
“Kakaka, you’re naive if you don’t understand the nuanced taste of shichimi.”
“Enough already. And keep the spicy stuff away from me; you’ll ruin the sublime taste of my long-awaited mayonnaise.”
“Who even cares about that grotesque combination?!”

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“You’re all hopeless. A simple curry is clearly the best.”
“Your Excellency Mikoto, I’m not sure adding curry to mapo tofu improves it in any way.”
“Got a problem with my culinary choices?”
“No, not at all. Please, carry on.”
“What a nightmare. Curry as a topping? Really?”
“Hey Tengai, I get that you like raw egg, natto, and tomato ketchup, but could you please stop stirring it into a mush? You’re making it hard for me to eat.”

Amid the quarrel, the air crackled with mysterious energies: bolts of lightning, destructive beams, and shifting dimensions, which peppered the banquet hall like rogue fireworks.

Doing my best to dodge the more lethal volleys, I couldn’t entirely avoid the shockwaves from each attack. Even in a unified state with Amali, my HP recovery couldn’t keep pace with the damage I was taking.

My HP was down to a mere few points, and my MP was virtually depleted.
I really, really think I’m gonna go kaput today.

Finally, the world plunged into darkness.

—Good night.

Who in the world thought serving curry at this banquet was a good idea?


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