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Interlude 1 – Chatter in Cramped Room (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2633 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 939 words
Editor(s): Hydra

Joey cocked his head, puzzled by the girl’s unsettled tone, and answered honestly.

“Of course, the battle was quite fun. Having a magician to watch your back definitely gives a strong sense of security.”

Upon hearing that, the girl’s eyes widened and she started tearing up for some unknown reason.

“D-don’t cry. Did I say something strange!?”

“You’re really dense and can’t read other’s emotions,” Hiyuki’s words echoed in his mind.

“… That’s not it. …I’m just happy.”

Huh? As Joey was about to ask what she meant, coarse voices called out to them from the sideline.

“Hah, what a useless lad. Don’t make girls cry.”
“Yeah, women are to be loved.”

Turning toward the source of the voices, Joey saw Schmitt, the leader of ‹Crimson Cloth Brigade›, approaching with his two followers in tow.


It was shameless for Schmitt to say such things when he couldn’t even manage the situation during the battle. However, he ignored Joey and called out to the girl.

“Hey, Missy. It must be tough being solo, right? How about joining our team? It should be more beneficial for you.”
“That’s right, we teach newcomers kindly.”
“With great attention to boot.”

Their gazes lingered on the girl’s ample breasts.

Joey stepped in front of the trembling girl.

“Hn? What is it, lad, you got any problem?”

Schmitt tried to intimidate Joey, but he glared back, unfazed.

“Schmitt… You ought to apologize to this girl first. She was almost killed by the poison dogs because of your incompetent leadership.”
“What did you say?! It’s easy for brats like you to talk! I did what I could!”
“Oh? So you’re saying our leader is incompetent? That he can’t even give instructions? So are you going to huddle with your comrades and cower?”

Joey recalled Hiyuki’s face and smirked, but to his opponents, it looked like he was ridiculing them.

“What did you say, you brat!”

As the trio drew their swords with angry shouting., Joey pulled out his magic sword while feeling surprised at how easy they were to lose their temper.

“Hey, can you support me with magic?”

Joey heard the girl’s spell-chanting voice as she readied her cane behind him, while still focusing on the trio.

“Tsk, we have three people. You think you can win with just the two of you!”

Schmitt bluffed, looking a bit scared.


“It’s not just the two of us you’re facing. Look around.”

The trio looked around and saw solo adventurers surrounding them with grudge-filled eyes. They had to fight alone during the poison dog attack without receiving any orders.

Realizing they were at a disadvantage, Schmitt and his goons shouted—

“Tsk, there’s no point engaging with a brat. We’re going, you two. Brat, I’ll remember you when I report to the guild.”

—and hastily fled, leaving behind a mob-like threat.

The surrounding adventurers reassured Joey and the girl,
“Don’t worry. We’re witnesses here. We’ll make sure those guys get penalized.”
“Leave this matter to us.”
“Continue to protect Missy like this!”

They all said their words of encouragement one after another.
“We’re really sorry to trouble you.”
“… Tha, thank you very much.”

Grateful, Joey and the girl bowed their heads.

After receiving encouragement and being freed from the circle, the girl looked at Joey with determination.

“E-excuse me, I’m Fiore.”
“Ah, we didn’t introduce ourselves. I’m Joey.”
“M-Mr. Joey… That… Please make me your disciple.”

Bowing deeply,
Fiore made her unexpected request. Joey, taken aback, looked at her desperate expression.

“I know I’m being a bother, but I don’t want to be a hindrance or burden anymore. That’s why—”

Fiore kneeled on the spot, placed both hands on the ground, and lowered her head in prostration.

“Please, make me your disciple.”

Unsure of how to respond, Joey looked to the sky for guidance, but all he saw was the endless expanse of blue.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

“I guess she was treated like an outcast in her house. She must be desperate in many ways.”
“I see, so she’s honing her skills as an adventurer. She doesn’t seem the type, but she’s quite assertive, huh.”
“Yeah. I didn’t want to see her in danger, so even though I can’t be her master, I suggested forming a temporary party…”
“Hmm, you’re the same as ever.”

“Fine, I get it!” Joey replied bluntly, somewhat relieved by Hiyuki’s mix of amusement and exasperation.

“Anyway, that team, the ‹Crimson Cloth Brigade›, didn’t cause you any more trouble?”
“Not sure what happened to them. They were banished from the guild when they were found guilty of illegal practices and other offenses.”
“I see. Low-lifes like them can be persistent, so be careful.”

But asking Joey for information was futile, so Hiyuki decided to speak with Guild Master Gald later.

“一Well, I have spent quite a time, it’s about time to go back.”

Hiyuki got off the bed and put on her shoes.

“…What did you even come here for?”

“To take a nap and chat? Oh, almost forgot, are you sure about giving me the dungeon treasures? We could divide them equally among the four of us.”

“No way. The Sphinx said the treasures were for ‘you’, and the Beastkin elder sister said she was only your escort. It’s even more impossible for us to accept them.”

“Don’t overthink it. Just let me know if you change your mind.”

Hiyuki shrugged and pushed open the door.

“See you later.”
“Oh, later.”

Joey sighed, watching Hiyuki’s retreating figure as she waved goodbye. The cramped room suddenly felt spacious.

Good grief, whether it’s Hiyuki, Fiore, or Mia, they’re all a riddle.


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