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Interlude 1 – Chatter in Cramped Room (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2752 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1063 words
Editor(s): Hydra

Women can be a mystery. Joey had heard a married senior adventurer say, “They’re like an entirely different creature.” Indeed, they seemed to be an unsolvable puzzle.

Especially the woman before him. Hiyuki, currently asleep on his bed, was a walking enigma. Joey wondered why she would so casually sleep in someone else’s bed without concern for her high-class dress. As for the dress, it wasn’t her usual outfit, but a more practical miniskirt adorned with lace and gems. It would surely fetch a good price.

It was a boy’s room, after all. Surely, she didn’t see him as just a friend… or did she?

As if sensing his thoughts, Hiyuki opened her eyes. “Oh, welcome back, Joey. I entered your room without permission. I didn’t realize I had fallen asleep.”

She yawned, covering her mouth daintily.

“You know… Just sleep at your home if you’re going to sleep.”

“It’s a bit hard for me there. I don’t feel at ease in a castle. My room changes daily, and even if I ignore the king-sized bed, the rooms are so big that reaching the center tires me out. A cramped bed in a small room like this is much more calming.”

“Though I don’t want to sleep in an ancient, noble-looking coffin either,” Hiyuki muttered to herself.

“Unfortunately, a cramped place is all I can afford.”

“I didn’t mean it that way. Having a big place isn’t always pleasant either. But yeah… I shouldn’t have been sleeping in your room like this.”

As she spoke, Hiyuki adjusted her skirt, which had ridden up her thighs. Joey couldn’t help but glance at her slender, fair feet.


He was surprised to see Hiyuki showing a moment of embarrassment. Then she added, “It would cause an unavoidable misunderstanding if Ms. Mia or Fiore were to see this sight after all.”

“H… Huh…?” Joey hadn’t expected the conversation to go this way.

“Speaking of them, where do they live? I thought Fiore might be staying in the same or adjacent room since she’s your disciple, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

“I’ve said it before, she’s not my disciple… Ms. Mia told me she’s been staying with Mentor Gald for three years. Fiore has her own house in the central district.”

“Oh, so she’s from a wealthy family, huh.”

“You’re the last one I want to hear that from,” Joey muttered as Hiyuki continued, “She did mention her family is a prestigious magician family. Both of her parents are first-class National level magicians, and even her brothers are Nationally certified magicians.”

“Her situation sure is deepening. But, then why is she engaging in rough work like being an adventurer?”

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“Sorry that we’re considered rough, okay! …Anyway, apparently she failed the lowest test for becoming a National magician. She said the written exam wasn’t a problem, but her practical skills weren’t on par, so she’s trying to hone her skills.”

Joey’s mind wandered to their first meeting during an escort request a month ago.

As he recalled, several solo adventurers and one party had teamed up to accept the escort request…

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇


He watched the girl who had introduced herself as a “Magician” shriek as she fell on her backside due to a poisonous dog’s attack.

Why the hell is no one protecting a rearguard like a magician!?

He looked at the leader of the ‹Crimson Cloth Brigade›, who was supposed to mentor for the adventurers this time. However, the leader was also struggling to fend off the poisonous dogs surrounding his comrades, leaving no room to help others.

The girl gathered her courage and tried to stand, supporting herself with her cane. But the poison dog’s claws and fangs contained a paralyzing toxin. Her legs wobbled, weakened by a grazing blow.

The poison dog lunged at the girl, who tried to chant a spell despite her trembling legs.


She instinctively stopped chanting and squeezed her eyes shut.

“Hey, duck!”

At Joey’s shout, the girl bent down and dropped to the leaf-covered ground. Joey rushed to her aid.

A moment later, the poison dog’s claws swiped through empty air where the girl’s neck had been.

Joey swung his sword without hesitation, decapitating the poison dog that targeted the girl.


Another poison dog charged at the awestruck girl, who hadn’t yet noticed the new threat.

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“What’re you doing? Another one is coming, stand up!”

The girl scrambled to her feet and prepared to chant another spell.

“Idiot, do you have a death wish!? Get behind me!”

“Alright,” Joey nodded and readied his sword after confirming the girl had retreated behind him.
“I’ll handle the front line, you support me as much as you can!”
“L-Leave it to me.”

Though the girl quickly nodded, Joey didn’t have high expectations. He focused on the approaching poison dog and swung his sword, stepping forward boldly.


The poison dog retreated, its flank slashed.

From behind, a baby fist-sized fireball was flung towards the dog. It dodged, but Joey took the opportunity to sever one of its forelegs. Simultaneously, he instructed the girl, who was still chanting spells.

“Don’t use fire magic, as it may start a fire! Switch to another element!”

Startled, the girl stopped chanting.

The poison dog seized the moment to pounce, but Joey pushed back its fangs with his sword and sent it flying. An icicle, the size of a human finger, shot like an arrow towards the downed dog and pierced it.

Though the icicle’s damage was minimal, it made the dog falter. Joey seized the opening and drove his sword into its abdomen with a swift strike, killing the second dog.


About 30 minutes later, the adventurers had managed to repel the pack of poison dogs. They took a short break to tend to their injuries and check on the merchants and their cargo, their escort targets.

“Amazing, you defeated five poison dogs so quickly!”

After the battle, the girl hugged Joey excitedly.

He could feel the warmth of her body and the softness of her bosom, even through her leather armor.


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The girl blushed and shrank back as Joey pulled away.

“… I-I’m sorry.”
“No, it’s alright. And thank you for supporting me earlier. That really saved me.”

The girl looked surprised, for some reason.

“Err… Did my magic really help you?”


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