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Interlude: The Day Wishes Came True 4

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

※Ciel’s Perspective

「Ciel’s body is pretty, so it’s quite nice for me.」
「Then, has Ain seen a lot of female bodies other than mine?」

A bit of my mischievous side came out, making me ask Ain this question. Since Ain was formerly male, it wouldn’t be strange for her to be curious about the female body. Perhaps she even had that sort of person in her life.

I wonder what Ain looked like when she was still a male? I’m a bit curious about it but I wouldn’t really mind if Ain had a woman in her life. After all, even if this becomes a reason for Ain to want to return to her former world, I just have to come with her, not an issue.

That’s why, I just wanted to see Ain looking somewhat troubled. The way she’s cautiously trying to read my expression really tickles my satisfaction, but I only answer with a smile.

「Unfortunately, I haven’t seen enough to make any comparison. The only girls that I’ve actually seen naked are more or less Viviana and my mother. However, I do honestly think that Ciel’s body is pretty. So personally, I feel privileged.」
「Is that so? I see, I’m really glad that Ain likes it.」

Ain is clearly trying to avoid the question, so I let her off with it. While I wouldn’t really mind if she had, I couldn’t help but feel a bit happy that she hadn’t, you see.

After that, Ain urged me to go into the bathroom, so I took her hand and went inside.

It has been several days since we came here but we haven’t really bathed much. Ain likes bathing, so she bathes regularly, which made me gradually like it as well, but bathing isn’t something you do everyday. Besides, Ain was gone immediately after we arrived, so it wasn’t the situation to be thinking about baths. Even so, Fii had taken me to the bath the day before Ain returned, so I’m familiar with the place.

Now, onto the main issue. Ain and I are going to be washing each other. But, I don’t know anything more than that. I can guess that this probably entails washing each other’s body, but I’m not so sure.

「Washing each other means that we just have to wash each other’s body, right?」
「That’s right. Though, as for the hair, we can just rinse off the dirt as usual.」
「I see. I only have to wash Ain first, right?」

It looks like I wasn’t wrong. Now it’s time to do my best to clean Ain up. Filling the wash basin with hot water, I lathered the soap like Ain taught me before. Though, rather than actually teaching me, it’s more like memorizing the way Ain moved my body. Anyhow, these days I can now lather enough soap to cover and wash my whole body.

However, mine still cannot compare to Ain’s. Really, I wonder how Ain could make such a large amount of fine lather.

As for why my body feels warm while lathering soap, it must be because of Ain’s sorcery. After all, I heard her chanting a bit.

By the time I finished lathering, Ain was sitting down waiting for me with her back turned to me. Seeing such a defenseless back, my mischievous side peeked its head.

I quietly approached Ain and brushed my bubbly fingers against her back.


Ain let out a cute voice slightly higher than usual. Ain’s Song Princess voice is beautiful and remains in your ears, but her sounding so cute in this situation is plain cheating.

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「Ain’s voice really is adorable.」
「… Our voices should be the same, though.」
「You think so? Ain is a Song Princess. Wouldn’t it be natural for Ain to have a more adorable voice then?」
「Now that you mention it, that might be true.」

Occasionally, Ain’s slightly airheaded side comes out. We’ve already confirmed that Ain can’t dance like I do, so it’s not hard to imagine the opposite to be true. Our Job likely has an influence on this.

It should be something that Ain can figure out with a bit of thinking. The reason why she didn’t realize this, I think, is because a lot of Ain’s thinking and attention is allocated to my protection. At the same time, it means that she’s negligent about herself.

I find it really sweet but I also want Ain to pay more attention to herself.

That aside, Ain being slightly peeved by my teasing is also quite nice. Why is Ain just so precious?

I continue to wash Ain’s body even as we talk but Ain really feels pleasant to touch. I’ve already hugged her so much today and I’ve kept myself close to her as much as I can, but touching Ain’s skin directly like this is a whole different thing. I don’t know if it’s because it’s Ain or if this is just how people are though.

But, I think, it should be because it’s Ain. Even if it was someone else that felt exactly the same to touch, I likely wouldn’t feel this much comfort if it wasn’t Ain.

Ain’s skin really, really, gives so much comfort. Even after touching it so much, I don’t feel even a bit weary of it. On the contrary, I want to touch her much more. I want to just hug her close right now.

Such seductive skin. So warm, so soft. So pleasant, so tender.

「Ain’s skin is really soft.」
「It shouldn’t be any different than yours, Ciel. I think.」
「That’s true. But in that case, would our size here be the same too?」

As my mischievous side reared its head, my hands reached for Ain’s chest. 「Hyuu-」 Hearing this voice of Ain’s, the bad girl inside me went back in satisfaction but because of the peculiar softness, I couldn’t stop touching. It’s quite mysterious, it feels different from when I touch mine.

「It’s not big but it’s quite soft. How should I say this? It’s somewhat addicting.」
「A-as the one being, touched, I’d rather that you don’t get addicted to it though…」

I might have overdone it. I’m still not finished washing either, so I should return to washing Ain up.

I was roughly finished washing Ain but I don’t want to part with the sensation just yet, so I couldn’t help playing with her skin. I avoided Ain’s breasts since she wouldn’t like it, but the upper arm and such particularly feel nice to touch. In all seriousness, I can keep on touching this softness forever.

Also, I’m genuinely starting to yearn for physical contact. Just knowing that it’s Ain, I already feel fulfilled being so close to her but, at the same time, I really don’t want to part with Ain’s touch anymore.

Still, it wouldn’t be washing each other if I’m the only one doing it, so I had Ain wash me now. With a practiced motion, Ain lathered her hands and spread it on my body. The places Ain’s hands touched felt somewhat warm, it was really pleasant. And since I don’t need to move, I could yield myself to this comforting touch, making me feel sleepy.

However, if I sleep too much, the time I’ll have to be with Ain will get even shorter. Even that time when I slept on Ain’s lap, I do regret it a bit. While I can confidently say that it was the best sleep I’ve ever had, it feels to me that time just passes in an instant when sleeping.

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To keep more memories of this time with Ain, even for just a moment longer, I can’t afford to lose against the comfort.

「You’re great at washing too, Ain.」
「I don’t think that’s the case. Yes, not at all.」

While Ain’s hands felt good, when I talked to her, she sounded a bit out of it. It’s like Ain is putting all of her focus in washing me. In that case, I decided to let Ain wash me until she’s satisfied and surrendered my body to her.

Our hair spread out inside the bathtub, forming a pattern on the water. If I remember, it’s actually not good to soak hair in hot water like this because it’ll be damaged or something. However, every strand of my hair is covered by Ain’s barrier, so it should be alright.

I really don’t think it’s normal though. At the very least, I can’t do it.

Our spread out hairs overlapped and almost like they’re entwined. If it just wouldn’t come undone instead, then I will never be separated from Ain ever again. But I suppose that would trouble Ain now, wouldn’t it?

I’ll be satisfied with the sensation of our joined hands and touching shoulders for now.

Just silently sitting next to each other is great but then I recalled when Viviana put Ain on her lap. I let go of Ain’s hand and lifted her on top of me. While I don’t find Ain heavy, the full weight of a whole person is what it is. I’ll use physical reinforcement if I get exhausted.

Tucked between my arms, Ain is extremely cute. Her ticklish hair is adorable as well. And most of all, we’re really close together in this position, I love it.

I was fine staying that way but Ain then sat down between my legs. I don’t like it much since that lessened the surface area of Ain I can feel but I know that it’s out of consideration for me. That gesture makes me happy.

On one of the arms I have around Ain embracing her, she lightly caresses. Just a trivial interaction. But this small thing tickled my heart.

Then I rested my head on Ain’s shoulder. The bones are hard but the soft skin covering it has a captivating sensation. Ain’s hand reached out to my head, so I couldn’t stop a grin from forming on my face.

I was feeling really happy now but then Ain started to talk in a formal tone.

「To tell you the truth, there’s still something I haven’t told you, Ciel.」
「Really? Other than being formerly male, coming from another world, and being on the way to becoming a god, there’s still something that Ain wants to say?」

Was Ain not done telling the things she has been hiding, or rather the things she had been worrying about? I don’t think she needs to be all formal again at this point, though. Perhaps to distract herself from the difficulty of the topic, Ain combs my hair.

「The origin of Ainsel.」
「You’re going to tell me?」
「Yes. After all, I have no reason to keep this a secret anymore.」
「I see. Then could you tell me now, Ain?」

That’s right, Ain wouldn’t tell me the origin of her name. Even though she immediately taught me about mine. I really wondered why, but it seems like it has a special meaning.

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From there, Ain told me about a story in her former world. The story of the fairy Ainsel, the origin of her name.

「I understand the origin of Ain’s name. But why did you keep it a secret?」
「It’s because Ainsel has become a switch for me to disappear.」

Ain to, disappear? What? Why?

「You can’t disappear, Ain. You promised not to!」

Thinking that Ain really might just disappear, I hugged her tightly. Ain gently caressed my arms, as though to calm me down.

「Yes. Since there’s no need for me to disappear anymore, I decided to talk about it.」
「Really? That’s not a lie, is it?」
「Of course.」

As I felt somewhat relieved, the tension left my body. Ain’s skin feels so good. I just want to laze around like this forever.

After that, I listened to Ain’s explanation. It seems like Ain intended to pass all of her sorcery skills to me and then disappear. To the extent of erasing herself from everyone’s memories. Ain said that she wasn’t quite sure that it would work but I think that Ain was already thinking of the possibility ever since she named herself Ainsel.

After all, Ain had already used magic by the time that I was self-aware.

Ain is really so hopeless. Why does she even want to disappear?

「Then, even now, Ain is still in a state in which that magic is usable, right? What can we do to make that magic unusable?」
「If I’m given a different name and called that, the magic will become unusable.」
「…That’s troubling, really troubling. To me, Ain is Ain, any other name would feel really weird.」

Ain not being Ainsel anymore is just, how do I describe it, feels weird. Of course, the name isn’t as important as Ain’s existence itself but having to give a name fitting of Ain is quite troubling. There is no way that I would be able to think of a cute, cool, and lovely name befitting of Ain.

Still, I need to make the magic that will make Ain disappear unusable. And as I continued agonizing about it, Ain had a suggestion.

「In that case, even just this once, please call me Yume.」

Yume? What is that? As I tilt my head in confusion, Ain pat my head.

「Is that Ain’s old name?」
「A nickname made from my old name… I suppose. I thought that this one would fit my current appearance the most, you see.」
「I see… Say, Yume. I like Yume. I like Yume so much. So please, don’t go disappear, okay?」
「Yes, of course.」

Answering my plea, Ain leans her head on me. Our heads collide, and I can feel Ain’s presence behind all the hair. As I was wondering if this had dispelled the magic, I looked at Ain and she whispered 「I can’t use it anymore」 with a voice that tickles the ear.

Hiya~! We’re back on track once again! The next chapter will be the last of the interlude chapters, but for now, on to my old habits~

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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So, while this chapter is mainly a side b of it’s main story counterpart, it was quite funny to see Ciel’s thoughts as she gets the urge to tease Ain. It was also quite nice to see Ciel reading the line that shouldn’t be crossed lest Ain becomes seriously uncomfortable, just like when she was observing if Ain was uncomfortable during the dress-up chapter. The small part with Ain being a bit of a airhead was nice too. Also, it was just generally great to see the small details of their skinship (I finally remembered the word now that I’ve finished translated, huh), such as Ciel leaning on Ain’s shoulder, Ain touching Ciel’s arm as Ciel was embracing her, and that part where Ciel just put Ain on her lap, lol.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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