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Interlude: The Day Wishes Came True 3

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

※Ciel’s Perspective

After they were done dressing Ain (and me) up, we had lunch and returned to our room. The three of us ate, Fii included, but aren’t I the only one that actually needs food here? Besides, having three meals in a day should be unusual.

So, we’re back in our room but in the end, we really haven’t settled on what to do for today. With that being the case, there’s only one thing to do. It’s not like we can’t do it in our room but it’d be great if we had a more open space. Just as I was thinking that, 「Why don’t we try asking if we can use the garden?」 Ain said so.

The fact that Ain and I were thinking of the same thing makes me really happy.

「I see. That would be nice. I can’t wait.」

In that case, we’ll have to go find Fii. I then grabbed Ain’s hand but for some reason, Ain doesn’t seem to have any intention of moving from here.

「I’ll ask her right now, so please wait a moment.」
「…? Ah, that’s right. Ain can contact Fii at any moment, right? I’ll leave it to you, good luck.」

I see. If it’s just a light conversation, then Ain can talk to Fii from anywhere as long as we’re inside Central, right?

That’s somewhat… frustrating. I want to be able to talk with Ain from anywhere too. But, wouldn’t that mean that I might be somewhere away from Ain? In that case, I don’t really mind if I can’t do it then. I don’t plan on being separated from Ain, after all. And since even Fii couldn’t contact Ain when she was in the divine realm, it doesn’t matter.

As I was contemplating on this, it seems like Ain had finished asking. It looks like we can borrow the garden, so I took Ain’s hand again and headed to the garden.

Fii’s mansion’s garden is somewhat special to me. During the three days Ain was gone, though I completely locked myself in on the first day, the sight of the garden… or rather, the spirits that were in the garden gave me solace. But today, I don’t see any of these spirits.

Maybe they’re being considerate, letting Ain and I be alone together. I’m a bit curious about it but right now, I’m just really happy to be all alone with Ain. I don’t want anyone to interrupt my time with her after all.

The reason we came here is to do what was once our daily routine. In the past, I danced every day to Ain’s songs. It might not be an exaggeration to call this our origin. As always, I leave the timing to Ain. Dancing to the songs Ain wants to sing is what I enjoy the most.

Are we starting yet, are we starting yet? I restlessly wait for it but Ain hasn’t started singing at all. As I started getting worried about Ain, she finally sang.

Her voice was like a clear serene breeze and the gentle sunlight peeking through the trees. It was something I’ve never heard from her before. I’ve heard a lot of Ain’s songs at this point but while I don’t know what the words mean, I somewhat understood the patterns of Ain’s language. However, the lyrics of the song Ain is singing right now is completely different from what she was using before.

Still, it’s a song Ain is singing. Ain is having fun singing it, so there’s only one thing for me to do. I just need to dance to the tune of this song.

No, my body has already started moving. Hearing Ain’s voice, I feel as though I’m in the middle of a forest right now. And hearing Ain’s voice, there was no way that I wouldn’t start dancing. This is the first time I’ve danced while physically hearing Ain’s song. Leaving my body to move as it wants, I focus my ears on Ain’s song.

Ain’s singing voice has a mysterious power. Obviously since she’s a Song Princess, but that’s not what I mean by that. Even before Ain had her Job, hearing Ain singing moved my heart. The reason that I have emotions in the first place might have been thanks to Ain’s songs.

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What Ain’s singing right now is much more mellow than her usual songs. Each note is slow and extended, giving emphasis to Ain’s beautiful voice. The song makes me imagine that I’m inside a forest and the strange emotion I felt hearing it, I really can’t put it into words. Does this emotion have a name, or is it an emotion no one could give a name to? I have no idea.

Still, I love this emotion. I love all of the emotions Ain’s songs make me feel but among them, I love this one the most.

Not all of Ain’s songs are happy. There’s some that are sad and there’s also some that are gloomy. Even those emotions I like, as long as they came from Ain’s songs. Still, while I don’t really know the name of the emotion this song makes me feel, I love it.

Shifting my gaze to the song’s origin, my eyes met with Ain’s. I can’t even describe how wonderful this is.

When I smile, Ain smiles back. I can’t even describe how this fills my heart.

I’m just overflowing with happiness. And I channel this overflowing happiness to sorcery.

Ain is watching me dance. It’s so fun, I’m so happy.

I continue dancing as my heart desires. But I make sure not to miss Ain’s song.

As one song finishes, the next song starts. I want to just continue on forever and ever. Together with Ain, I feel like I can dance for all eternity.

Or so I thought, but my body has its limits and when I started showing signs of exhaustion, Ain stopped singing. It’s a shame that our fun time has ended but I’m already breathing with my whole body right now, so I might have collapsed if we had continued. I don’t know how long I’ve been dancing for but this should be enough for today.

With my deep breathing, I likely wouldn’t be able to hold a proper conversation, so I waited for it to settle down. Then, I remembered the first song and decided to ask about it. I had no choice but to keep quiet back then but now should be a good chance to ask.

「It’s my first time hearing Ain singing like this. What was that first song? It’s the first time I ever heard it. Also, it doesn’t sound like the usual words, is that right?」
「I heard a voice from somewhere, so I just tried singing along with it.」
「Is that so? I haven’t heard anything, you know?」
「It could be related to my current state then.」

So the reason why Ain took some time to start singing was because she heard that song? It’s a shame that I couldn’t hear it but I still heard it through Ain’s voice, so I’m satisfied. Besides, a song that only Ain could hear, that’s really interesting, really nice.

「Right, right. How strange. Really strange. Still, it was a great song. Would you sing it again, Ain?」
「Yes, certainly.」

While conversing with Ain, a breeze passed through. The wind cooled down my hot exhausted body, it felt really good. I might have been a bit too engrossed with the dancing. As I was reflecting, Ain beckoned me.

Wondering why, I approached her and Ain sat on the ground. Ain was patting the ground next to her, so I immediately sat down next to her. I feel the soft grass crushed under me but with Ain’s barrier protecting me, I don’t feel anything else. I asked Ain to undo her barrier when I was sitting on grass one time before and I remember feeling a prickly pain.

Still, I wonder why Ain suddenly urged me to sit? And why are Ain’s arms around my neck right now? Gently being made to lie down, am I resting on Ain’s lap?

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I could only blink absentmindedly from this abrupt development but if I had to explain my current situation, I’m lying my head on Ain’s lap. And as I finally processed that, I somehow couldn’t hold back my excitement.

「This wonderful position, what is it! What is it!」
「It’s a lap pillow. It seems like you’re quite tired, so please take a rest.」
「I see, that is true. I’ll take up the offer.」

Ain is so near. I have a perfectly clear view of Ain’s face. What a wonderful position! Ain told me to rest up but somehow I don’t really feel like I can just rest anymore.

Perhaps noticing that, Ain began singing a peaceful tune. As though to calm my heart so I can properly rest.

At the same time, Ain’s hand caressed my cheek. From the gentle touch, I could almost feel Ain’s emotions and I couldn’t help but feel so ticklish about it that this showed on my face. Seeing that, Ain smiles.

Then, realizing that I can reach her smile right now, I reached out to Ain’s smooth cheek as well.

So this is how soft Ain’s cheeks are. So this is how close Ain is. How delightful. What a luxury.

I realize that my cheeks are in a slacked grin but there’s no way that I’d let go of this happiness right now. After all, there’s no telling when I’ll be able to hear Ain’s song while touching her cheeks again. Though, that also applies to everything I’ve experienced today.

Satisfied with Ain’s cheeks, I then set Ain’s hands as the next target. And as I did so, Ain yielded the hand she was caressing my cheek with. With that hand, I locked our fingers.

Tightly, so that it doesn’t come apart. Putting in my intention of being with her forever.

The sky is blue. Peaceful times continue on. Just holding Ain’s hand, I feel serenity. Slowly closing my eyes, I then fell asleep.

I woke up filled with unparalleled happiness. Opening my eyes, Ain was there. If I raise my body and sit up, I can just hug Ain like this.

And as I embraced her, Ain put her arms around my back. Just from that, I feel peace, I feel fulfilled. Ain accepts me, that’s what it makes me think.

It’s precisely because I’m half-awake that I can just drown in this happiness without thinking too much.

After cuddling for a while, Ain helped me up as though carrying my upper body. Looking around, it’s already starting to get dark. I see, it’s already dinner time, then?

「It should be dinner sometime soon but I want to wash up before that.」
「I see. In that case, please take a bath-…」
「We’re going together, right?」

After all, Ain promised that we’d wash each other if we ever get the opportunity to meet like this. We will have a bath together, right?

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Asking her with that in mind, Ain was caught by surprise 「Umm, right. If you don’t mind, then I’ll be accompanying you to the bath.」 but then agreed. Viviana got Ain’s first time together with someone in the bath but she did say that I will be the first to wash her body. I’m really happy to share first-time experiences with Ain.

After Ain got Fii’s permission, a maid that isn’t Luna gave us a change of clothes and towels while we were on the way to the bath. It seemed like she wanted to help us in the bath but Ain declined and that honestly made me happy. Because it makes me think that Ain also wants to treasure this time alone with me too.

She guided us up until the changing room but from then on, it’s just me and Ain. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to enter the bath, so I took off my clothes without any hesitation but for some reason, Ain’s eyes are blinking restlessly.

Is Ain nervous? I don’t really think that there’s any reason to be though?

Still, nervous-looking Ain has this adorableness that makes me want to watch over and protect her, so I just quietly observe her. Ain turned her back on me but that made her look so modest… I think that’s the word.

Ain’s body has the same appearance as mine. I’ve never had the chance to objectively observe my own body, so I couldn’t help but do so. Still, I don’t really know how my body measures up as a female body.

If I have to say anything, I guess I have comparatively fewer curves than Viviana does.

Suddenly, I realized that Ain is doing jerky movements in embarrassment. The slight blush on Ain’s face is not bad at all. Since I’m a bad girl, I enjoyed Ain’s embarrassment for just a bit before saying 「So this is how my body looks like.」 and ending my observation.

Hiya~! Continuing on from the previous interlude, we’re once again in the fluff zone~

Random topic, but while translating the part about Ciel thinking that this is the first time for them to be actually physically together in their song and dance, I remembered about Ain having a different voice when borrowing Ciel’s body. Just a random thought, lol.

Anyhow, it’s really nice to read Ciel’s perspective this time around. Personally, I think the author did a great job of incorporating “skipped” scenes in this interlude. Last chapter was a good example, with it greatly expanding on the main story (Ain’s POV) and also a more objective view of how cute Ain is, lol. Also, it seems like confessing how she likes teasing Ain a few chapters back just made Ciel more powerful, lol. And probably made Ain more self-conscious, making her even more adorable, lol.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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