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Chapter 98: Ain, the Maids, and a Nighttime Chat

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

We’ve agreed that when Ciel is asleep, I can generally make use of her body as I want. However, I try not to borrow it too much. This is because I feel like the exhaustion might inevitably drag on to the next day.

Still, at times where I have something to do, I make the effort to not hold back. Since if I’m too reserved, Ciel would start sulking. With that said, today, I’m borrowing her body.

「I’m sorry. It was boring, wasn’t it?」

Saying so, I called out to the two maids still in this room. While I don’t necessarily have to apologize, I asked them that with the intent of giving a conversation starter. The two in question were a bit surprised but then immediately shook their heads. And, perhaps seeing my hair currently black, Mohsa opened her mouth to answer.

「No, not at all.」
「Is that so? When we chat, I’m sure it only looks like Ciel is silently sitting by herself though.」
「With all due respect, as maids, we are not to overhear talks and discussions unless necessary to begin with.」
「While I think that such professionalism is brilliant, that’s besides the point. If you two are bored, while there isn’t much I can do myself, I can talk to mother so you two don’t have to keep us company in the evening, you know?」

Fiiyanamia is the one employing them, so I don’t really have any final say but I could at least try. After all, while Ciel and I are talking, it only looks like she’s silent from an outsider’s perspective. Moreover, since she’s focusing on our conversation, she’ll occasionally forget about her surroundings completely. So I was thinking that the two of them probably have things they’d rather do instead of passing time meaninglessly.

However, Saueluna gently but sharply denied by saying, 「It’s our duty.」

「But Saueluna, don’t you have some other things you’d rather do as well?」
「Lady Ainsel, please simply call me Luna.」
「Understood. So Luna, don’t you have other things you’d rather do?」
「While I appreciate your sympathy, we are by no means bored, so that’s a non-issue. Certainly, the conversations between you two might not reach our ears but it’s easy to see from Lady Cielmer’s face that it’s quite the delightful chat. Her jovial expression as you two converse is so adorable that even I, a mere beholder, can feel the joy.」

Doesn’t she sound a bit enthusiastic? True, Ciel is cute when she’s talking to me. Her expressions change a lot and she practically has her guard down. These expressions that only I have seen up until now, for other people to see it… that’s a bit… No, I can’t be jealous just because of this.

I’m not jealous. Not at all.

Coming back to my senses, I looked at Luna and, for some reason, she was looking at me with a really tender gaze. While I feel like hiding myself, I endured it and continued the conversation.

「I understand that I don’t need to talk to mother about it. By the way, from your eyes, what are your opinions of Ciel’s general demeanor?」
「Lady Cielmer’s demeanor?」
「Yes. I imagine that we’ll need to pay attention to it from here on.」
「Couldn’t the same be applied to you as well, Lady Ainsel?」

As Mohsa asked me that, I zipped my mouth. True, it might also become necessary for me but in general, it should be more important to Ciel. And honestly, in Ciel’s case, there might be a chance for her to make use of Dance Princess.

Also, I really can’t get used to being called a lady.

「With that said, however, from my estimates, it shouldn’t matter much in regards to the two of you.」
「Is that because we’re Mother Fii’s children now?」
「That is part of it, of course. However, even without that, you two are already capable of the minimum demanded conduct for nobility. Let’s not even start with manners, those vary based on the location after all and, regarding the manners in Central, it isn’t something you two should be worried about to begin with.」
「Because those are rules made by the freeloaders, right?」

In regards to etiquette and stuff, I’ve tried teaching Ciel everything I know that might also be useful here but that probably isn’t enough to warrant this reaction. In other words, Ciel’s effort has actually bore fruit. Somehow, that makes me feel happy. After all, being a Dance Princess, Ciel always pays close attention to refine her movements day by day.

I only learned how to do it naturally because Ciel can do it. If both of us do it seriously, I’m sure that Ciel’s movements would be much more beautiful.

「However, yes. At the end of the day, the most important aspect of those, if I have to say, is how you present yourself. Therefore, using Mistress Fiiyanamia’s bearing as reference should do well enough, wouldn’t it?」

Certainly, having lived long, Fiiyanamia’s movements are refined even from an amateur’s point of view.

「I see. Thank you very much. Well then, good night.」

To rest Ciel’s body, I cut the conversation there.

「Good night.」 The two maids lowered their heads and exited the room.

Author’s note: Due to pacing reasons, this chapter is less than half of a usual chapter. For this reason, there might be an interlude today or tomorrow.
My note: Probably more like tomorrow or the next day in the translation’s case.

And hiya~! This ends our princesses’ day~! While pretty short, it is a nice chapter for Ain and the maids. I don’t think I have much to say today, but anyways!

This chapter presents the two maids we’ve meet before talking in a single chapter. It’s honestly nice to see Ain interact with other people more. We also get a moment of Ain being an older sibling, lol. Also, Ain realising that she’s being a bit possessive, lol. On the other hand, it was funny how Saueluna was gushing about Ciel’s reactions while talking to Ain. It looks like Saueluna really wants to keep their night shift though.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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