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Interlude: The Maids’ Late Evening

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

※Mohsa’s Perspective

「Saueluna, weren’t you overstepping with your response back there?」

After leaving the room of the new masters Mistress Fiiyanamia has appointed us to, Lady Ainsel and Lady Cielmer, I raised my frank opinion to Saueluna as we were heading back to the servants’ living quarters. Both she and I were deemed fit by Mistress Fiiyanamia, which is why we were permitted to attend to the two ladies. The delight I felt at that time is something I couldn’t forget even now.

Whoever these guests might be, I’ve pledged to myself that I will give my best to fulfill my duties. In actuality, that level of ardor was unnecessary, as they were quite well-mannered. Now that I think about it, it’s inconceivable for the people Mistress Fiiyanamia welcomes as her guests to be of the eccentric sort.

But I digress.

The point is, we were entrusted this duty, deemed fit by Mistress Fiiyanamia, and yet it seems to me that Saueluna is lacking in self-awareness today.

「I suppose… but with how the conversation was going, we might actually have gotten removed from the evening duty otherwise.」

Hearing Saueluna’s contemplative tone, I quickly returned my focus to the conversation.

「Still, that was quite unlike you.」
「Oh my, you say that Mohsa, but weren’t you internally panicking yourself?」
「…That… is something I cannot deny. However, we are mere maidservants, no more, no less.」
「Though, perhaps Lady Ainsel found us to be a disturbance and I might have pressured-…」
「That’s not true!」

I spontaneously replied with a harsh tone. Still, Lady Ainsel’s words were undoubtedly out of consideration for us. To not have a proper understanding of this, even if it’s Saueluna I wo-… Looking at her, she’s staring at me with a wide grin. She got me…

Even as I expressed clear annoyance, Saueluna simply chuckled.

「Ufufu. Right, Lady Ainsel’s words were out of concern.」
「Alright, I admit it. Have you not reacted then, I might have been the one overstepping instead.」

Right. We have attended to them due to Mistress Fiiyanamia’s orders, but right now, regardless of the lady’s orders, I want to be of service to Lady Ainsel. While the lady does not even show herself most of the time, I feel a unique gratification attending to and watching over her. That’s why, there’s no need to be concerned about me. I just want to be by her side.

「Not to offend Mistress Fiiyanamia, but this is the most fun I’ve had since working here. If possible, I’d love to continue watching over Lady Cielmer’s growth.」
「Agreed, Lady Cielmer certainly is a lovely personage. However, the gentle expression Lady Ainsel shows only to her is a sight I cannot forget. If I can witness her hardened heart soften, there would be no greater joy.」

I’ve seen the two ladies ever since they arrived at this manor. At first, I never would have imagined that they are two souls sharing one body, but even so, I felt it when her air and bearing suddenly changed. Despite being in Mistress Fiiyanamia’s manor, it was as if she was cautious about everything in her surroundings.

At first I simply thought that she was being ungrateful, but now I understand it. Lady Ainsel was doing everything she could to protect Lady Cielmer. To the extent that she would not hesitate to make enemies of the whole world if necessary.

It was so precious. And just what sort of experience has she gone through for her to have the resolve to put Lady Cielmer before herself? As one who serves others, I genuinely respect her. Since I would be attending Lady Ainsel, I asked to hear a little about her circumstances, but, if I was in her position, I cannot imagine being able to endure like her. Lady Ainsel is truly strong. However, I’ve also been told to what extent she pushes herself.

Behind her strength is a fragile core that could break at any time. This is my master.

「Oh my? Mohsa, were you not looking at Lady Cielmer as she danced to Lady Ainsel’s song? If spirits were visible, I’m sure they would be like that.」
「I saw it. And I heard Lady Ainsel’s song. She had such a wonderful voice that would cleanse the heart of those that hear it.」
「Fufufu. That’s a shame. Lady Cielmer’s dance was one that would bring joy to those that witness it, you know?」

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Of course I saw it. Every movement seemed to be under control, intentful even to the tips of her fingernails, it was a magnificent dance. Arguing on which is better between this and Lady Ainsel’s songs is simply just boorish.

「When in the presence of Lady Ainsel and Mistress Fiiyanamia, Lady Cielmer shows a pure and innocent side, with expressions that are appropriate for her age. However, when around others, she guards her heart and keeps it closed off.」

Saueluna said so with a serious tone, so I silently listened.

「When Lady Cielmer secluded herself in her room, during the time Lady Ainsel disappeared, I brought her food. However, Lady Cielmer would not allow me to enter. Her voice from behind the door was one choking with fear. That voice was not one that would normally be heard from an individual of her age.」

I’m sure Saueluna’s heartbroken tone reflects the exact emotions she felt at that time. I have been told about Lady Cielmer to some extent, so it isn’t as if I’m clueless as to what happened. However, hearing her voice in person, Saueluna probably felt something from it.

While I’m certain that it’s different from what I’ve felt from Lady Ainsel, even so, I believe that we reached the same conclusion.

「Just how precious Lady Cielmer’s pure and innocent expressions are, just how truly admirable her unclouded smile is, I cannot imagine. For that reason, I want to watch over Lady Ceilmer’s growth for as long as I can. And more than that, even just within this mansion, I want her smile to remain unclouded in peace.」
「To that, I feel the same way. I’m certain that Lady Ainsel is still cautious of us. For that exact reason, I want her to be able to believe, from the bottom of her heart, that they have no enemies inside this manor.」

The same can be said with today’s consideration. While that might have been a show of sympathy towards us, it felt as if there was a wall between us. Kindness is there, but the amount of it displayed and to whom is calculated. While our ladies are not wicked, they can hardly be described as virtuous. They couldn’t be just virtuous after the experiences they’ve gone through. And yet they have a very pure side to them. A purity that Lady Ainsel protected, and nurtured by Lady Cielmer.

And it’s exactly because Lady Cielmer was with her, that this purity remained in Lady Ainsel.

If I can help protect it, I want to do so.

「That aside, it would’ve been a shame to lose the chance to see Lady Cielmer’s sleeping face, after all.」

Hearing Saueluna suddenly returning to her previous tone, I let out an exasperated sigh.

「Excuse me?」
「Fufu, I was thinking about if we were no longer required to stay with them at night, you see.」
「So you acted that way for that reason?」
「Oh my, ufufu. You say that Mohsa, but isn’t this time much more important for you? It’s a valuable opportunity to potentially talk with Lady Ainsel, after all.」
「That, I cannot deny.」

I shifted my gaze and she laughed at me. In the end, logical reasoning aside, I… we are simply infatuated with our new masters. These two girls who are more than just cute.

Hiya~! While there might not be Ciel POV cuteness today, this time we’re viewing from the eyes of the maids, specifically Ain’s personal aide Mohsa~! It’s always fun to see an outsider’s perspective, and for the first time ever, we’ve got not just one but two people who know and acknowledges the existence of both our princesses~!

For this interlude, I really like how we read how the maids grew to be interested/concerned about Ain and Ciel. Saueluna, which Ciel’s anxious and fearful state burned to her mind, and Mohsa, who has great admiration and concern regarding Ain’s loyalty and selflessness. It also reflects their personality and what they deem valuable. Saueluna seems a bit more emotionally moved, has some motherly air to her (possibly a bit in the ara ara way), meanwhile Mohsa behaves herself like a professional and is, perhaps, a stick to the rules person. Still, as seen in their exchange, Mohsa isn’t as disciplined and “unfazed” as she wants to be, and Saueluna isn’t just impulsive and instinctive either, with her even riled Mohsa into losing her cool. Though as usual, it’s just my opinion and reading of it. It’s been a while since I have a lot to say, so I might just be over-reading it though, lol. Also, it’s funny how they’re doing the “Your kid is good, but have you seen mine?” thing, lol.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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