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Chapter 73: Prologue

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

Being able to fly decreases travel time by a lot. We encountered some bird-like monsters several times along the way but it seems that Ciel has gotten used to flying since she’s now able to use magic circles and chanted sorcery relatively well while in the air, so it wasn’t an issue. Rather, they couldn’t break through my barrier anyway, so ignoring them would be fine.

When I finally noticed some crashing into us, they were already stopped by the barrier and fell by themselves.

While traveling in the air, I’m singing non-stop while Ciel similarly dances continuously. The spirits were circling around Ciel as well. Thanks to this, the trip is extremely enjoyable.

The landscape visible below us also gradually changed, so I never got tired of the view. I guess I could describe it to be like driving on a scenic highway without having to mind about other cars. Maybe a plane would be a closer analogy, but you can’t really dance or sing in a plane. You also can’t dance in a car, though.

Anyhow, it’s perfect for forgetting the troublesome events that happened at the Capital. We didn’t even feel like going to towns and villages along the way, so we reached the national border within a few days.

While we could fly over the national border as we are, it’ll probably be bad if we get found out later, and we can pass the border legally now anyway, so we’ll be passing through on foot after descending in a while.

「National border would mean that it’s a separate country from here on, right?」
『That’s right.』
「Considering that, it only looks like a bigger town wall, it doesn’t really feel separate.」
Hmm, that’s because countries are things that are arbitrarily decided by people, you see? This is my first time passing a border too, so it still feels surreal.』
「So you feel the same way too, Ain? That’s wonderful somehow.」
『Is it?』
「After all, I’m sharing my first with Ain. You’ve had much more experiences than I have, right?」

Ciel directly told me so. Certainly I have experienced more things compared to Ciel. However, every experience I’ve had in this world are all my firsts.

Still, I suppose it’s not wrong to say that Ciel and I haven’t properly shared these experiences. Since I was so focused on protecting Ciel, I never had the opportunity to do so.

――No, I never made the effort to have those opportunities, haven’t I? After all, I’m just an existence borrowing the space inside Ciel… And that’s why, that’s exactly why I named myself Ainsel.

Still, I have memories, memories of firsts we share together. It’s a secret from her, but one was during the time we first saw the two moons in this world’s night sky. The other…

『The first person to dance to my songs was you, Ciel.』
Hm? Ufufu, is that so? Is that true? Is that really true?」
『It’s true.』
「That’s wonderful! Really wonderful! I’m glad, really glad!」
『Yes, me too. I’m glad that you feel that way, Ciel.』

I really, really am. Still, once we’ve settled down and the time for me to tell Ciel everything came, would we be able to maintain the same relationship we’ve had up until this point?

Hiya~! Very short chapter for today, so I’ll try to have another chapter before the week ends! Likely to be an interlude, but we’ll see.

Still, there’s quite a bit going on in today’s chapter. Cute? Yes, but a bit… ominous. Particularly on Ain’s part. In a sense, Ain has not been making much effort to “make opportunities” for many things. Particularly in interaction. While paranoia could be part of the reason, they are a bit too closed off. Particularly Ain, though she does have not much reason to be on the surface most of the time. But yeah, I think I’ve said this before, but I really like Ciel’s tendency to repeat herself when she’s happy. Cute~

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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