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Chapter 125: Ain, Dress-up, and Golden Monster (Part 1)

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library

「Like I thought, people with beautiful skin should show it off more.」
「I-is that so… I… would rather have less exposure, to be honest…」
『That much is fine, Ain. So cute.』
「That much is just normal. There are some hunters that show off a lot more skin.」

Shusii shouldn’t be able to hear Ciel’s voice, but somehow the two of them seemingly answered in tandem.
There was an attack at Shusii’s boutique, which we fended off, and then we waited for Shusii to wake up.
And now, for some reason, we are currently buying clothes. Since my existence is known to her, I candidly switched in and wore the finished clothes. I was made to wear them, to be exact.

Partly because further adjustments might be needed, but most of all, it’s because Ciel wanted to see me wearing them.
What I’m currently made to wear is something of a hot pants and t-shirt combo.
It doesn’t come with either socks or tights, so my legs are completely bare. The t-shirt honestly feels only slightly longer than the pants, but the hot pants is actually longer vertically.

The shirt top is made of good fabric; it feels great to the touch.
It doesn’t have the feeling of cheapness like the ones in my old world. There might have been better t-shirts than what I had, though.

Somehow, it feels like I’m wearing fashion from my old world. Still, it is true that some people among hunters wear more eccentric clothes, so it shouldn’t stand out much in places populated with hunters. That aside…

「Wouldn’t more exposure lead to less reliable defense?」
「There are a considerable number of people who either rely on barriers or just dodge everything, you see. For them, heavy armor just gets in the way. Besides, the vital spots are still properly protected. Receiving attacks would mean using potions or a trip straight to the church, though.」
『In Ain’s case, there won’t be any problem with defense even if we wear nothing.』
『That might be true, but that’s all sorts of problematic.』

Ciel said so teasingly, so I curtly replied, but that only made Ciel giggle.
It didn’t sit right with me, but if I let this show in my face, Ciel might just laugh harder, so I keep it to myself.
At the same time, it gave me an indescribable tickle.

Well, I can imagine why Ciel was giggling.

「That one shows the most skin, so the next ones should be better.」
「I have trust in that regard.」
「I see… ehehe.」
「Trust Ciel, to be exact.」
「I see…」

While Shusii answered with the same words both times, she quickly went from happy to dispirited.
Unfortunately for her, I still can’t put my trust in her.
While I don’t intend to be hostile with her, I don’t plan on sharing any valuable conversation with her.
Her discovering my existence was pretty much an accident, after all.

Shusii quickly pulled herself together and brought the next set of clothes.
This time, it’s an asymmetrical one-piece dress.
This one covers the legs, but it also exposes the shoulders. Please cover it. It’s embarrassing. I want a stole. 

Having Ciel’s features, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about this body, but this and that are completely different matters.

Still, I’d choose the arm exposure. It’s probably because I wore short sleeves in the old world. And exposed legs likely embarrass me because, from middle school onwards, I only wore short pants during P.E. period. 
Ever since college, I’ve only worn shorts as summer sleepwear at most.

Based on my old world’s standards, this and the earlier clothes are age-suitable fashion, though.

Back to the topic.

The one-piece is longer the more it goes to the left.
The right side is only long enough to hide my knee, but the left reaches the ground. The longer portion is neatly braided at the end, likely as an accent.

It has… tree leaf patterns? The upper-right side is white, while the lower-left side is a verdant green; its color gradually changes from white to green.
This gradient has a tree leaf motif.

In contrast to its modest colors and motif, the dress itself is pretty assertive.
Looking in the mirror, it’s surprisingly not bad. But that’s likely because I have Ciel’s looks.

It’s not very relevant, but because of the leaf motif, Liessyl seems somewhat delighted.

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Lastly, a light brown stole was put over my shoulders.
I’m really happy about the stole. Now my shoulders are hidden.
Thinking that, I take the stole with both hands and check its texture with my cheeks.

All I can actually tell from this is whether I like the texture or not. It’s really silky; it feels so good.

『You’re so cute when you do that!』
『When I do what?』
『You don’t need to know, Ain. Rather, it’d be better if you didn’t know.』

Hearing Ciel’s words, I let go of the stole and checked the mirror, but I didn’t find anything particularly odd.
If I had to say anything, when the stole is wrapped around my arm, I look more like a Dance Princess than a Song Princess. 

My dancing would only be disappointing to behold, though.

「You can add patterns like this?」
Huhu~m. I’m the only one who can do this, you know.」

Shusii proudly puffs her chest, but her spirit kicked her leg in displeasure, so the spirit likely had a part in it.
Also, while it appeared to kick her, the kick probably didn’t connect.
She did say it was a tree spirit, so it may be skilled in dyeing fabric with plant material.
Fibers can also be harvested from plants, so it might be a fabric specialist as well.

The pouting spirit has a rather deer-like form. It has sprouts on its head in place of horns and is of a green hue overall. And while I say deer-like, it’s not in a realistic sense; it has a mascot-like, cute appearance instead.

「So the spirit helps in your work?」
「That’s right… Ah, I’m sorry, okay?」

Following my gaze, Shusii noticed her spirit was upset and apologized.
Soon after, the spirit brightened up, and the next outfit was brought in.

Aww, the spirit was sulky that Shusii took all the recognition for the work, lol. Also, Ain constantly being cold to Shusii is a bit funny for some reason. Cute interactions for a cute chapter.

It’s mostly a look at all these dresses chapter, so not much for me to say. BUT, I’ll describe my imagination here, just for fun, lol.

The first seems to be a crop top and hot pants combo, but the pants are likely high enough to cover Ain’s belly since she’s not complaining about any belly exposure. Hot pants longer than shirt top, after all. Also, it’s a bit funny that Ain says it has better quality than her past t-shirts. It’s made to order, Ain. Of course it’ll be better than mass produced clothes.

Second one is really interesting. Kind of like some forest nymph attire with the diagonal colour gradation. I think it’s well enough described, so that’s that. No wonder Liessyl’s happy with it. Cute Ain rubbing her cheeks on the scarf, though.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay healthy, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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