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Chapter 117: Sumiaria, Barriers, and Ainsel (Part 1)

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library

「Sister Sumiaria!」

Inside Viviana’s family home, we entered a certain room and Viviana suddenly ran into the arms of the lady inside.
A beautiful woman with characteristic long brown hair and indigo blue eyes. Being Viviana’s older sister, they do have similarities but she appears to have a more gentle and calm disposition.
It seems like the upper class are a gathering of pretty men and women. It’s probably because that sort of genes are passed down in their bloodline. Still, I have the impression of sleazy nobles sometimes being fat and plump. Maybe they’re also pretty boys if they lose some weight?

「Viviana, welcome back.」

Seeing Viviana, Sumiaria greeted her with a warm smile. However, is it just me or is there a hint of sadness in her eyes?
Noticing Ciel, she tilted her head in confusion, likely wondering why we’re even here. To begin with, I’m sure she doesn’t even know about our standing.
Still, was it Ciel’s near-aristocratic beauty —rather, Ciel does have actual noble blood— or Sumiaria’s personal disposition that prevented her from immediately shooing Ciel away?
Sumiaria fixed her gaze on Ciel, and as if struck by a sudden realization, her eyes widened in surprise. Abruptly, she rose from her seat and dropped to her knees before Ciel.

「It is my pleasure to be meeting you. I am the eldest daughter of the Amyulute family, Sumiaria Amyulute. I believe that you are Mistress Fiiyanamia’s daughter but, my apologies, I do not know of your name.」
「I’m Cielmer.」
「Lady Cielmer, I’m honored to be of your acquaintance.」

I feel like this is the most respect we’ve been shown as the daughter of Central’s highest authority. No, perhaps this is the expected reaction. Viviana remains silent, merely nodding in agreement.
After taking a step back, Sumiaria then stood up and said,
「Forgive me for not being able to receive you with proper hospitality, but may I ask the reason for your visit?」
「I came to get you.」

While it’s not wrong, she wouldn’t understand without any other context. Since this is a good chance for Ciel to have a conversation partner, I suggested 『Why don’t you sit and talk with her?』
Viviana also seemed like she has something to say, but I hope she restrains herself, since this is a part of our reward.

「Should we sit and talk?」
「Yes. I would greatly appreciate that.」

With those words, Sumiaria led us towards the table inside the room. As Ciel approached, Sumiaria smoothly pulled out a chair for her. Perhaps due to the chair being tailored to Sumiaria’s height, Ciel’s feet can’t quite reach the floor.
As Ciel tried to find a comfortable position for her feet, Sumiaria settled into the chair across from her. At the same time, Viviana selected a sofa some distance away, her gaze attentively monitoring the unfolding scene.

「May I ask what course of events led to Lady Cielmer coming to get me?」
「Conrant? attacked me, so I defeated and captured him.」
「For my foolish brother to do such a thing…… How can we even make amends for this…」

That’s exactly why we’re here for her, but it seems her distress over Ciel being attacked has clouded her realization. Ciel points at Sumiaria, who after a moment of surprise, reciprocates by pointing at herself.

「In the first place, it was Viviana’s plan to separate you from Amyulute.」

Upon saying so, Sumiaria turned her eyes towards Viviana, who swiftly responded with a nod.

「May I pose a few queries?」
「Am I correct in assuming that I am to serve as a maidservant in Mistress Fiiyanamia’s manor?」
「You don’t want to?」
「Far from it. That would be such a great honor. However, I don’t believe I’m equipped for the role…」
「Fii said you’d be fine.」

Sumiaria’s sudden show of excitement took Ciel aback, causing her to pull away in surprise. Receiving direct approval from your king might certainly be a thing to be happy about. Not that I can completely understand the feeling.
Rather than getting a king’s recognition, receiving Ciel’s recognition would make me a hundred times happier. No matter how often Ciel praises me, a king’s acknowledgement can never win against Ciel’s praises.
Realizing that she jumped out of her seat, Sumiaria shyly returned to her original position.

「My apologies.」
「It’s fine. You’re going with us, so get prepared today.」
「Your consideration is deeply appreciated. But there’s no need for preparation. I have nothing of importance here to begin with.」
「I see. Any questions?」

Seeing Sumiaria shaking her head, Ciel urges her to continue.

「My sister, Viviana… Are you well acquainted with her?」
「I met her at Estoque.」
「She hasn’t been impolite with you, has she?」
「I was just a hunter back then.」

We were lower in rank too and she wasn’t at all impolite. If she had exploited our difference in status to belittle us, we would have kept our distance. Instead, she was always humble when interacting with us.

After several chapters since her introduction, we finally see Sumiaria in the main chapters, yay!

As always, Ciel’s lack of words is really funny. Also, just as Ain said, I think this is the first time someone really humbled themselves before Ciel the first time around and treat them with respect. Oh, wait, there was also that elf girl with a spirit partner, right? Anyways, before this, it’s either hostile or neutral. And even with people who respect them, people like those we’ve met in the past had to keep up appearances because of their position. And there’s also the seamstress who just doesn’t know how to be polite and proper etiquette, lol. Also, it was cute how excited Sumiaria was hearing that Fii thinks she’ll do decently, lol.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay healthy, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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