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Chapter 117: Sumiaria, Barriers, and Ainsel (Part 2)

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library

Perhaps noticing that Ciel seems entirely indifferent, Sumiaria seems to relax… at least, that’s what I believe. I couldn’t discern this change from her expression; it was something I sensed through my detection, so I can’t confirm it with absolute certainty.

「Lady Cielmer, you are quite broad-minded.」
「It’s not like that.」
『I’m just not that interested in it.』
『Other than myself, what else has your interest?』
『Spirits and gods, I guess? But I’m also a bit curious about Carol, Viviana, and so on, you know?』
『Well, no need to force yourself to be interested, okay?』

It might backfire, after all. Forcing Ciel, who has difficulty dealing with people, to feign interest in people wouldn’t be wise. She doesn’t show blatant signs of disliking people in my presence, though.

「I have a question too.」
「What might it be?」
「How did you notice that I’m Fii’s daughter?」

I thought Ciel might gotten some slight interest in Sumiaria because of our topic about interest, but her question proves that it wasn’t the case, which is perfectly in line with Ciel’s character. Actually, I’m also quite curious about that, so I appreciate the question.

「I suspected it after seeing your barrier, I suppose? After all, if it’s an individual who can create barriers of that level, I can understand why Mistress Fiiyanamia would consider taking you in.」
「How much can you see?」
「Right. I can sense four with certainty. The barriers get stronger the more layers they are behind, but conversely, they become less detectable if I’m not mistaken. Only a select few can make even just one barrier with such uniform density. Also, if I am correct, there’s still one more layer deep inside? That one I can only barely sense, but if it does exist, its strength might be able to rival Mistress Fiiyanamia.」

Hearing Sumiaria’s response, Ciel reacts with a blend of surprise and applause. Apart from her, Mother is likely the only other person capable of probing so deeply into my barrier. Considering that even Carol and Friere couldn’t detect as much, Sumiaria’s talent must be extraordinary.

『Sumiaria is amazing. Even I can’t sense that much.』
『You’ll be able to sense it in the near future, Ciel.』
『I really hope so. Still, I can sense up until the A-rank barrier, so perhaps I am close?』
『Wouldn’t it feel unpleasant when you can finally feel the last barrier?』

Considering she’s entirely wrapped in magic power that’s not her own, it might indeed stress her out. If that’s the case, should I alter the shape of the current barrier? If it’s spherical, though, no one would be able to approach Ciel. Frankly, that would become quite an inconvenience, especially when shopping and the like.

『That won’t happen, I’m sure of it! Being able to feel Ain’s magic power is comforting, after all. Back in the mansion, when I could still sense your magic power, it was enough to make me happy, you know? At that time, I still didn’t know what happiness was, though.』
『I see, understood. Then I’ll keep it the way it is. It might grow more difficult to detect as a result.』
『Ain is so mean right now.』

Ciel answered with a slight pout.
Since we are conversing, Her ever changing expressions seem to have puzzled Sumiaria. For now, our task here appears to be finished.

『Well then, shall we go home? While she did say there’s nothing to prepare, she might still need mental preparation.』
『Understood. Should we pick her up tomorrow?』
『I believe it would be better to have her go to the manor herself since it might not be a good look if we directly came for her.』
『Is that so?』

Ending our exchange, Ciel stood up.

「Will you be leaving now?」
「Yes. Come to the manor tomorrow.」

『It would be nice if there’s something to proof that we called her.』
『It should be fine for Fii.』
『It’s more so Sumiaria won’t feel anxious, if I have to say.』

I suspect that having an introduction letter or a similar proof of acquaintance with us might give her more confidence to approach Fii’s manor. A written proof would be a safe bet, but Ciel seems to have come upon her own idea.

「At the manor, just say that you came to see Ainsel.」
「Ainsel…… Is it?」
「Ask Viviana for details. However, I won’t forgive you if you say Ain’s name to other people.」

Well, yeah. Just knowing my name is sufficient proof of her connection with us, after all. I don’t particularly mind Ciel telling her as long as it doesn’t spread. I guess we’ve finally reached this point, huh. Still, I’m genuinely pleased that Ciel thought of it and expressed it on her own.

『Was that bad?』
『I think it’s alright. Only a few people know my name, after all. However, are you fine with that, Ciel?』
『Yes, I don’t like having more people know Ain’s name, but it’ll be known anyways when Ain starts going out more. Besides, even if more people know Ain, you’ll still protect me, right?』
『Of course.』
『Then it’s fine. Yep, yep. It’s true, you know?』

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Her adorable behavior nearly makes me giggle. She seems both happy and a bit embarrassed. And with that, we promptly left the Amyulute mansion and went our way to the manor.

And so ends our our short Amyulute family saga! I think… Seems like Sumiaria might pop up again in the main story in the future!

As the previous chapters have mentioned, it seems like Sumiaria really is the best of her siblings. She’s probably not better in actual combat, but she seems to have good foundation in sorcery if she can almost see all of Ain’s barrier. And as usual, when the topic of Ain pops up, Ciel’s attitude on things turn around quick, lol. It’s a bit nice how Ciel said that she has some interest in Viviana and Carol though, but also sad she didn’t mention Celia by name. Stay strong, Celia! Also, Ciel laying groundwork for Ain to be out in public as herself more, lol.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay healthy, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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