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Chapter 49 – Bowzen’s Blunder (Part 3)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

Hah, she’s just a child anyway. It’s no use trying to argue with the naive. What about Mühen then?

“Mühen, I am shocked that you betrayed me, but I am even more impressed by your skill. Of course, as a professional in the field, you’re fully aware of what formal contracts are, yes? I will let that off the hook, for you. Come, I promise you extraordinary working conditions.”
“Lady Tilea, I’m begging you. Let me have his head.”
“You wait as well, Myuu.”
“Sure, ma’am.”

WHA?! Even Mühen would not leave the little blonde lass’ side.

“O-, oy, do you even understand?! That woman is just making use of your skills for free! Think! I’ll pay you 9 million gold for what you’re already doing!”
““Lady Tilea, please, let me kill him!””

They thoroughly ignored me. On the contrary, the more I try to bribe them, the more they want to kill me.

“Haah, haah, haah, why? Why do you want to work for that lass? How about 10 million gold? I’ll double that depending on the performance!”

What is happening? Anyone would have folded by now. Everyone has greed, no matter how altruistic they are. There’s no one who’ll stay unperturbed by the prospect of a large sum of money.

But, why? Why isn’t there any hint of greed in their eyes?

In fact, all I did this whole time was only to upset that blonde lass.

Whenever I said the price, she would say, “Don’t be fooled!” or “Ugh, he’s lying! There’s no way he can pay you that much!”

Wait, do they think I’m actually lying to them?
Don’t f̲u̲c̲k̲ with me!
I take the platinum out of my pocket and show it to them.

“I won’t use lies to try to save my hide. I say I will hire you, and of course, I will pay you. Trust is the lifeline for merchants like me, after all. Here, take these. They’re all yours.”

They did not take it. Instead, they looked at me with contempt.

“Why are you so stubborn? Ah, I see! Worry not, you will get more than monetary benefits. You see, I have influence amongst the Guilds. Mühen, I’ll have you promoted to rank B right away. Edim, I will get you a position within the Magician Corps of the royal capital. Or would you like a much higher position?”

Still no dice!

Grr. Carrot and stick, if the carrot doesn’t work, then stick!

“Don’t get on my bad side. When I say that I have influence over every agency, that means I have power over them as well. I can make both of you permanently unemployed. Not only that, I can also give you as many false charges as I want. Assassins will always be on your doorstep. You’re just a bit skilled, so what? Your own life will be constantly in danger. I’m well-known within the Eville District. There are countless thugs I can hire to jump on you. So listen to me!”
“Damn you! You don’t know better, do you? I’m the closest man to the Underworld Emperor!”
“Pfft. Underworld Emperor…”
“What, you finally responded and that’s how you act? This is the truth, I’m not lying.”
“Lord Mühen, I will kill this fool when Lady Tilea gives permission.”
“That’s not fair, Edim. I’d like to take a swing at him myself.”

Wh-, why can’t I threaten them? Why are they competing to kill me? This is the part where they’re supposed to beg me for mercy.

O-, oh no. At this rate, they’ll kill me for sure.

I gotta be serious. I gotta bet with a more serious amount of money.

“If so, then 100 million gold. I’ll pay you 100 million gold right away if you kill that lass.”

But even 100 million gold couldn’t change their attitude. That would mean that trying to double that amount would be useless as well.

They really aren’t motivated by money, are they?

Is it really their friendship? Their bonds? I thought such naive idealism only existed in fables.

Neither my carrot nor my stick worked on them, this was really the first time I faced someone like this.

What can I even do then?

I was at the end of my wits, when, “I can do that too. If you kill him, I’ll give you, uh… a handmade pendant!” suddenly, that blonde lass made a stupid suggestion.


Pfft. Do you think you could buy these two’s favor with such a thing? Not even 100 million gold could sway them, why would a mere handmade—WHA?!!

H-, her eyes changed color. Edim’s eyes are shining brightly and there’s that greedy look on her face.

I see! Edim must be desiring a pendant the most. What a desire that fits a young lass like her. She could’ve bought any pendant she wanted with the money I offered.

Eh, might as well. I happened to have a noble item from a familiar merchant, and it’s a stardust pendant no lower than B-grade.

“A handmade pendant? What a moron! Compared to your cheap thing, my noble—”

Edim’s tremendous rage makes me shrink back.

I-, I can’t bribe her at all. If anything, she’s letting out such a thick lust for blood.

Anyway, this brown-haired lass is dangerous. Let’s not talk to her anymore.

What about Mühen? He is a warrior. Accessories for women and children are not his thing.

“Lady Tilea. Will you also give me a pendant if I’m the one who slayed him?”
“No, I was going to give you a handmade sword, Myuu…”

FUHOHOHOHO!! Blonde, you just dug your own grave. Mühen is a swordsman at heart. A sword made by an amateur would be nothing more than an insult. Mühen must be furious.

That’s right, speaking of swords, I have the Eight Star Sword, an A-grade article, with me. It took me a lot to obtain this. I also have the whole collection of the Ten Blades in my house.

“Hohoho. A poorly made for sure, if you ask me, I can give you any famous sword in the—”

This time, Mühen’s furious voice made me break out in a waterfall of cold sweat.

Wh-, what is happening?

Neither of them showed any shred of greed before, but now they are bloodshot.

Just because that blonde lass will make it by hand?

“Wh-, what in the world is—”
“Freeze! Don’t try to move, target.”

I’m the target?!

Out of nowhere, I became a target to win their prize. They moved slowly, keeping an eye on each other, trying to kill me first.

“I order you, Edim. Give it up.”
“My deepest apologies, sir, but I cannot. I must have it, no matter what, by all means.”
“Haha, Lady Tilea’s very own handmade pendant, huh? I can’t blame you. But, Edim, I have no intention of giving it up as well.”
“I understand. Your sentiment is most correct, Lord Mühen. After all, it is a sword that Lady Tilea herself would make, how amazing would that be. Even as someone who’s not a swordsman, I wish I could see it as well.”

That look on their eyes was like a predator before its prey, I could tell that I was on borrowed time. Why…? What has made them so greedy…?

Ah, I see! I was sorely mistaken. They have one, true thing that they most desire. And that is… I don’t understand why they would desire it. But, I don’t care why at this point.

What they truly desire. That will be, this blonde’s…

How could I, Bowzen, blunder so badly?!

“U-, umm, Lady Tile—EEEEKKKKK!!”

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