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Chapter 48 – A repaid gift is best handmade, right? (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

Not that I want to go along with Bowzen’s wishes, but our group goes into a deserted alleyway. There are vagrants, junkies, and the like, but none are in their right mind. It’s like a slum in foreign countries.

After driving the hobos away, Bowzen and his men surround me and Edim.

To be surrounded by dozens of strong men, quite a pressure it is. But with Edim around, I can stand my ground.

“I don’t have to ask. This is about the white-haired girl I won, right?”
“That’s right. I admire your guts, lass. But I think you’ve been having a little too much fun.”
“Now listen, I won her legitimately. It’s not your place to complain!”
“Shut up! This is the first time I have ever experienced such humiliation. You will pay for this with your body, lass!”

His escorts inched on us closer, grins on their faces. We’ve become targets for these skilled mercenaries, which would normally have put us in mortal danger.

But, as expected! It is Super-Edim time!

“How long will it take you to take these guys down, Edim?”
“Hah. I don’t even need a minute, Lady Tilea.”

Kyaah~ So dreamy, hug me!

Edim exercised her impressive dignity. How dependable! Oh no, what do I do? If Edim came on to me, I don’t think I can refuse her.

“Heh, a c̲o̲c̲k̲y little b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲! Get ‘em!”

One of them called, and the battle started.

Just as she had declared, Edim floors them one after another. Her sharp attacks and strong drive frightened them. Her quick movements far exceeded the reaction speed of ordinary people.



In less than a minute, she defeated all of the mercenaries.

“Hoh, that’s something else. You treated the guards I paid a lot of money to hire like they were children…”
“And why are you gloating? You’re next.”
“Ho ho. This is Eville district, violence makes the rule here. You think I’m not prepared for this?!”

Bowzen took out a crystal from his pocket and smashed it on the ground.
Then, something like a transfer formation appeared, and mercenaries began to gather from within it.

“Wh-, what is that?”
“It appears to be transfer magic that was sealed in the form of a crystal. When you break the crystal, the magic is activated and summons the mercenaries you have contracted in advance.”
“Wow~ Magic can do that too?”
“Yes. It’s an item that is still under research in a magic-centered country. I’ve heard about it, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen it in person.”
“Ho ho, you sure know a lot. Indeed, even throughout the royal capital, the only person who possesses this crystal is someone who’s connected to the Great Magic Nation Zenoah, me!”

Then, the newly summoned mercenaries surround us.

“Edim, can you do it again?
“No problem. They’re just a little bit better than before, but not much.”
“Fufu. You hear that? No matter how many good men you get, it’s all a waste of time.”
“Hah! Now’s the last time you can get arrogant! I contacted the upper echelons of each guild and asked them to introduce me to the best of the best. If you think they are just mercenaries, you will be in for a world of pain.”

True. These people have a different glint in their eyes. They look like people who work underground, or maybe a group of assassins.

“He he he, I was wondering what kind of b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ we were dealing with when we got summoned, but they’re just kids!”
“Now wait a minute. Look at all these corpses, they’re just hoodlums, but it doesn’t change the fact that these girls did it themselves. Meaning they’re pretty good at fighting!”

These people weren’t freaked out by the bodies lying around the area. That is testament that they’re used to death. Well aren’t you in your element, god damn it.

But, even so, as long as I’m with Edim, she will do something about it.
…she will, right?

“They sound strong, are you going to be okay Edim?”
“Lady Tilea, you’re worried because I lost to that Fiend before, yes?”
“Yeah, well, I guess so.”
“Lady Tilea, I have a lot, and I mean a lo———ot that I need to say about that incident. However, in summary, sir Ortissio is the fault of it all. However, I wish not to make excuses, so I will work hard from now on to clear my name.”

It sounds like she’s making excuses that it’s all Orty’s fault, but…Well, fine I guess? Edim is motivated. I don’t want her to lose motivation.

“Ho ho ho ho, so you’re eager! But you must know that these people are on a different level, and I also have a most skilled swordsman who’s built differently from the rest. He’s the adventurer’s guild’s supernova, and although he is only C-rank, he has shown that he is strong enough to defeat the strongest A- and B-ranked fighters. His cold blood as he kills makes even me tremble.”

These people are already a cut above the rest.

Now he’s saying he’s got someone who’s above them?

Bowzen proudly introduces this paid guard of his. The man he spoke of has thick and defined eyebrows, and eyes that show no mercy to women and children.

“He he he, now show me your swordsmanship that has killed hundreds of bodyguards!”
“Sure, just a day’s worth of work.”

Saying that, the skilled swordsman emerged from the magic circle of the transfer magic.

Whoa. That mannerisms, gestures, and tone of voice, you can tell at a glance that he is no ordinary person. The sword in his scabbard is so fine it might as well be a piece of art, and the look on his face that shows his years of valor in battle.

This isn’t good. Even for Edim, he’s bad new—wait Myuu?!

“Is that you, Myuu?”
“Ah, Lady Tilea.”

O-, oh my gah. This skilled swordsman is Myuu?!

I mean, that makes sense. With Myuu’s skills, of course the guild will put him on a pedestal.

Well, I guess my worry is for nothing. I see, I see. So it’s Myuu. Myuu is one of us.

“I see you’re doing fine, Myuu.”
“Yep, all thanks to you.”
“So, you’re doing a job for the guild?”
“Yep, you’ve got it right.”
“I see…you think you can put your job aside for now and come over?”
“Sure thing.”

Myuu parted company with them without hesitation.

“O-, oy, what’s happening?! Kill them! Kill these cheeky lasses!”

Bowzen shouts in a bloodthirsty rage. But Myuu is unmoved. He just walks up to us. Man, friends are great to have.

“Hey, what are you doing? Our job is to listen to Bowzen’s orders, Mühen!”
“That’s right, kill her! Kill that stupid blond—”
“Phah, what a rude lot. Know your limits.”

Saying that, Myuu swung his sword at the man who was screaming to kill me.


The man didn’t know what hit him.

In a flash, Myuu’s blade had parted his head from his body before he knew it. There was silence for a moment, but then the crowd came to its senses, screaming in uproar.

“Y-, you’re crossing us?!”
“Mühen, you’re going to renege on our agreement. This will bring trouble to the guild!”
“It’s not just about you, Mühen. It is a matter of the guild’s credibility!”

Are they his coworkers from the guild? They sure boo him a lot.

I guess they’re right. Myuu basically just did a breach of contract. He abandoned his duty as a guard and cut off the head of a man who was his coworker.

He probably couldn’t stand them saying they will kill us, his friends. I’m glad you’re such a good guy.

I don’t have a double-standard to tell him not to kill. I mean, Myuu did it for us. I am grateful, but I won’t blame him.

I’m really glad Myuu is on our side. But one thing I am worried about is that I might have ruined Myuu’s career.

“U-, umm, Myuu, they’re jeering at you. Will that be okay?”
“Is there a problem with it?”
“No, I mean, I’m the last person who should say it, but isn’t this going to hurt your standing in the guild?”
“If I gotta say, I’d guess my rank’s gonna be lowered. It’d take me more time to reach S-rank, but does that dwell okay with you, milady?”

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