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Chapter 46 – Edim and the Foolish Kins

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

That kin (Jayjay) is an utter fool!

I ran to the Eville District.

It all started when I was having a meeting with Dalf and the other leaders of the Bloodsucking unit. I was asking for opinions from the executives as usual, when Dalf received a telepathic call from Jayjay.

We were in the middle of a meeting. I wanted to command him to shut it down, but it could’ve been an urgent matter, so I gave Dalf permission to answer.

Jayjay was telephoning Dalf about something or another. That’s fine if it’s just a normal business report, but he always asks about his mood and other nonsense. He even started with today’s weather. It was a long telepathic call.

Moreover, Jayjay called Dalf at least five times a day. Some days he received dozens of them…

Don’t use telepathy for such a trivial thing, honestly!

Dalf responded to those calls on the dot. No matter how trivial, he would take them seriously and reply honestly. He was serious like that. What are you two, lovers?

That was impossible for me. I would be rejecting his telepathic communication. Anyway, I was disappointed to hear that it was Jayjay again…

But, when Dalf asked him about it, it turned out that Jayjay had put off relaying a message from Lady Tilea.

That-, that f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g idiot. What the hell is going on in his brain?

He’s, he’s so f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g stupid. Does he want to ruin me or what?!

And so, in order to prevent further blunders, I promptly carried out Lady Tilea’s request. I handed over the meeting to Dalf, and as for Ortidiot, I found out his whereabouts and contacted him.

Right now, I was rushing to the Eville District, using body enhancement magic.

As I was moving at high speed using magic power to the maximum, I found that idiot kin (Jayjay) at the entrance to the Eville District. My fist clenched involuntarily.

“Lady Edim. I’m sorry to trouble you for that idiot Tile—Goberaah!”

I slam my iron fist into Jayjay as I run past him. Jayjay crashes into the wall.

By the Grace of Lady Tilea, how much more can he shorten my lifespan?! I better break him into pieces so that he wouldn’t return to life…

No, now I have to get to Lady Tilea as soon as possible.

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“Lady Edim.”

A voice suddenly called out to me and I turned around to see a woman wearing glasses. The woman took out Jayjay, who was stuck in the wall, and was taking care of him.

“Who are you?”
“My lowly self is Kikka, a kin of Lord Jayjay.”

Jayjay’s Kin? Kikka?

There was no such name under the list of my kin.

Damn it, Jayjay, you’ve added more kin on your own. Don’t you know about Lady Tilea’s idea of the ordinance to eradicate the increase in the number of dependents?! That punch was nowhere enough to punish him. I will educate him thoroughly sooner or later.

Anyway, my first priority is Lady Tilea.

“So, Kikka, where is Lady Tilea?”
“Ma’am, Lady Tilea is at the end of this alley. Lord Jayjay and I were hoping to greet you as soon as possible, thus we waited here.”
“I see…”
“Lady Edim.”
“Lord Jayjay is working hard for you, Lady Edim.”

Kikka made such a remark without hesitation. My nerves were on edge to hear such a stupid opinion that I didn’t even ask.

“So what? That is only natural for a kin. Serve your masters with your life!”
“Lady Edim, of course, it is natural for a kin to risk their life for their masters. However, I know it is impolite to say this. Your earlier action, Lady Edim, was too impertinent for Lord Jayjay.”
“Hoo, you dare to reprimand me?!”
“No, I would never… I just wish you to know how loyal Lord Jayjay has been.”
“Nonsense! I’m busy. Know your place!”
“Nonsense? …Lord Jayjay has always acted with you in mind at all times. How can you just call it nonsense?!”

God, one after another…

As above (Jayjay), so below (his kins). Idiots.

What a disrespectful attitude to Arhas Edim, the head of the Evil God Army’s bloodsucking unit, who is a kin under the direct control of Lady Camilla. This is not the attitude a mere third-generation kin should have.

I approached Kikka and grabbed her by the neck.


Kikka screamed in agony. Her neck creaked, but I put all my strength into it without caring.

“Kikka, I’m only going to say this once. You are just expendable, all of you. Garbage that will be disposed of as soon as I no longer have use of you. Mere trash like you shouldn’’t be so cheeky and open your mouth. You will return to the dumpster like garbage when I’m done!”

With these words, I threw Kikka at the fallen Jayjay. The two of them fall to the ground with a thud. I threw it with so much force that their bones might have broken. I don’t care if they die. I’ll just update the list of kins later.

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Phew, I lost a lot of time because of this garbage.

Once I was done, I went to the alley where Lady Tilea was waiting. When I arrived at Tilea’s place, Ortidiot arrived at about the same time. Ortidiot was gasping for breath and looked disheveled.

Why’s the idiot look like he’s one foot in the grave? What in the world had happened to this idiot whose strength was his only merit?

According to our conversation, Ortidiot had run as fast as he could from the town of Canoda.

Still the muscle idiot as always. I could not have traveled from the town of Canoda to here in such a short time. It would be impossible unless I had strong magic and physical strength like this Ortidiot.

However, Ortidiot was using too much body enhancement magic and his magic power was out of control.

As expected, Ortidiot was moaning, “My flesh is tearing apart~” The inside of Ortidiot’s leg was probably torn to shreds by the outburst of magic power.
He really is the ultimate idiot. Can he even handle a mission at this rate?

Sure, it’s important to come in early, but if you can’t complete the mission, then you’re putting the cart before the horse. We still don’t know what kind of mission Lady Tilea would hand us down at the auction hall after all.

One thing I could say for sure was that this Ortidiot would obviously be a drag on me in his condition.

“Lady Tilea, I suggest leaving Lord Ortissio behind. Seeing his legs, he will only slow us down.”
“Haa, haa, E-, Edim you, b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, you, you want to monopolize, the credit… Haah, haah, I won’t let, you. La-, Lady Tilea. Puh, Please. Bring-, bring me with…haah, haah.”

Ortidiot cried out to be brought with tremendous persistence.

Haah. You’re only good for your physical strength, aren’t you? Lady Tilea would not do such a useless thing as taking Ortidiot in such a state.

Or so I had expected, but Lady Tilea allowed Ortidiot to go with us. Moreover, Lady Tilea even volunteered to carry him herself. I couldn’t possibly let her do that, so I had to carry Ortidiot.

“Hah, hah, hah, Edim, walk with, less sway, will you? You idiot. You’re touching the wound!”
“F-, forgive me. I’m not used to carrying people…”
“Haah, haah, good grief, you can’t stop, being useless, do you?”

That’s my line. I held back the urge to throw him over and walked into the auction hall.


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