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Chapter 40 – Helping to Secure Fund for the Evil God Army (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

“Hello folks, you’re in a swarthy mood, huh?”
“Ah, Lady Tilea.”
“Dear Sister, I thought you’d be home late……”
“Yeah. There’s a little accident, so we had to cancel the trip outside the Capital.”
“I see. As a matter of fact, we are about to start the execution of Ortissio.”
“Yeah, I heard, though not from the start. I can see that everyone is mad at Orty, but why don’t we all forgive him?”

“Lady Tilea, if I may ask a question?’
“Hm, what is it, Dryas?”
“Ortissio has used Lady Tilea’s properties for his own private matters. That makes him a thief, moreover, his excuses are so utterly unsightly it’s basically at the level of a toddler. I don’t think he has the qualifications to be an executive of the Evil God Army. My advice as the Military Strategist is to have him executed immediately “

Dryas looks so serious I almost said okay out of reflex. But, if I do, these guys will actually lynch Orty.

The whole thing about my property must be part of their chuunibyou. In the end, the real reason why they think Orty is not qualified is already demonstrated. It’s because it’s a disgrace for a grown-a̲s̲s̲ adult like him to cry like a little baby.

But that’s no reason to leave him out of your playgroup. Poor him.

“Dryas, no, everyone, please listen to me. Indeed, Orty can be quite immature and childish. However, I don’t think you should cut him off for that reason.”

Orty bawls, trying to cling to me.
Hey, stop it! You’re snotty, don’t stick to me!
I try to avoid him, but.

“Don’t get carried away, Ortissio. You’re being rude to my dear sister.”

Timu grabs Orty by the shoulders and knocks him to the ground. Or crumples.

Nice one, Timu.

“S-, so, Ortissio is exempt?”
“Yeah, he is. So what?”
“Nothing. Your order is paramount, Lady Tilea.”

That convinced Dryas, it seems everyone else nodded reluctantly. Edim clicking her tongue bothers me, but it seems that she understood the rightness of what I said.

They may be at odds with each other at times, but they are all fundamentally good, honest kids. Actually, if everything can be settled with a single remark from me, then don’t start fighting in the first place. Either way, Orty, who had been crying, seems to have calmed down.

I better show them the result of my alchemy while I can.

“Listen, everyone. This whole mess is about Orty not securing financial resources and fundraising, isn’t it?”
“Indeed. However, that’s not the only reason, as his sloppy work is also at fault.”
“I see, I see. Then, since Orty is struggling with funds, I’ll give him a present.”

I give him a nogold that I had made with alchemy

“H-, how very magnificent……”
“A single bar alone must be worth at least 10 billion gold.”
“Indeed… Each of them is as good as the finest treasures in the Demon Capital of Benz.”

These delusional patients then started to make a buzz. Yep, I knew it.

Everyone looked at the nogold I had made as though they would bore holes in them with their eyes and sighed in admiration.

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“I’m glad you’re happy with them. They’re just failures I made with alchemy, though.”
“F-, failure, these treasures?! Y-, your unfathomable power has left me speechless in awe, Lady Tilea!”
“Haha. They really are just duds. I just couldn’t bring myself to throw it away, so Orty, take it if it’s useful for you… Ah, I don’t mind if you want to throw it away.”
“I shall never. I have never seen such a magnificent gold article. They are true treasures made in the perfect golden ratio.”

Saying this, Orty shows off the nogold I made like he’s possessed. Sometimes he would say, “This is a prize given to me by Lady Tilea!” or “I am special!” or even “S̲u̲c̲k̲ it, General Staff Counselor!”

Crying one moment, laughing another, really a self-serving guy. Although, I guess that’s just how Orty is.

…he’s fine that way, though. I hope they play with the toy gold much more than they play around with the Orty family’s treasures. This is probably where Orty’s family keeps their stash, and having their treasures lost because of their idiot son would be a disaster.

And, since I only give a present to Orty, pervert Nielsen and Edim, even the coolheaded Dryas look jealous.

Oh, the woes of a popular girl.

I never thought my handmade item would be this sought-after…

I should try making something for the rest later. I’ll have them wait until then.

Ah!! Timu doesn’t have to look sad, though. I have a present for her. I’ll give her the obsidian-like gem I made at the end.

“I also have something for you, Timu.”
“Dear Sister, this is……”
“Since you’re always working hard at school, I made this handmade pendant with alchemy magic as a present for you.”
“Dear Sister’s handmade! Aah, I’m so happy. I will carry it with me always. This is now my heirloom!”
“Ahaha. I’m glad you’re happy with it. I’m sorry it’s something puny.”
“It’s not puny! I have never seen a gemstone like this. This new substance has never appeared in history, more valuable than gold or orichalcum. This is… how can I put it in words… Evil God Gold, no Evil Treasure, no, no no……”1

Tim is mumbling to herself.

Well, I feel proud as the big sister to see her so elated. I guess handmade gifts are the best.


  1. Lio: Call it the Evigold. Just move the l from Evil God to make it evigold.
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