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Chapter 40 – Helping to Secure Fund for the Evil God Army (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

When I returned with my alchemized nogold, there was some kind of commotion. Apparently, everyone is condemning Orty again. Everyone is cursing at Orty’s plaintive cries.

Haah. How many times do I have to tell them? Stop bullying Orty.

From what I gathered, it seems that the reason for the condemnation this time is that he is not fit to be an officer of the Evil God Army.

Speaking of which, didn’t Orty have to make some spectacular achievement within a week?

I was only thinking about Edim at the time, so I forgot about Orty.

More of the conversation enters my ear.

“Ortissio, you cur, what were you doing this past week? You were supposed to gain credit, and you’re only degrading the prestige of the Evil God Army with your foolish—”
“P-, please wait! Wh-, wha-, w-, what did I even do?!”
“Tsk, do I have to spell it to you?! B̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, where did you go, neglecting your primary mission?”
“Th-, that’s……”

Orty was at a loss for an answer to Dryas’ intense questioning.

It’s not like he was going to a place where he was not supposed to be. It is up to Orty wherever he wants to go. And what mission, anyway?

Ignoring the jab in my own mind, Mr. Dryas continued his barrage of questions.

“I already did my investigation. You b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, you’ve been visiting the Onzen in Toyooka more than 30 times in the past week, haven’t you?”
“H-, have I? I- I don’t remember. I’m busy with my expeditions, so I can’t possibly have time to go to such a place.”

Orty’s eyes were swimming.

He must have gone to Toyooka to wind down. As I recall, Toyooka is famous for its onsen. He could have been taking trips there.

That’s what I thought, but everyone else seems to have a different opinion.

“Don’t play dumb! Your cheap excuses will not work on us. Edim, testify!”

Mr. Dryas denounces Orty with ferocity and then summons Edim to testify.

“The sinner, Ortissio, has—”
“Wha?! You betrayed me, Edim! A-, and I’m no sinner!”
“Oh, excuse me, sir Ortissio. You are not a sinner yet. Well, I guess it’s just a matter of time, however…”
“Grr, y-,you half-demon b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!”
“Don’t be a sore loser. We, the bloodsucking squad, don’t remember ever being your subordinates. My goodness, how disgraceful. You even dared to throw your duty to oversee the second division to me…”
“Is that the truth, Edim?”
“Yes, Sir Nielsen. I have reported the details to Mr. Dryas. It seems that Ortissio, the sinner, has been delegating his duties to me, while he has been visiting Toyooka’s Onzen, which has nothing to do with his mission.”
“Toyooka’s Onzen is the base where many new units of the Evil God Army are deployed. And these new units are made up of newcomers who are former prisoners of war. Ortissio, what were you doing when you met these new recruits?”

Nielsen, the pervert, denounces Orty as sharply as Dryas.

“I-, I was… Right! I was teaching them the regulations of the Evil God Army. I didn’t do anything sh-, shady……”
“You’re a dullard to no end. I already told you, I did my investigations! You forced those recruits to join your faction, didn’t you? You threatened to kick them out of the Evil God Army if they refused. Furthermore, you took the liberty of diverting the Evil God Army’s assets without permission.”
“Th-, th-, tha-, tha-, that’s not-, wh-, whe-, where’s the proof…”
“Hah. I’m talking about the one billion gold you spent under the name of the Second Division Military Affairs Research Expenditure! Don’t you dare to say you don’t know about it, you blabbermouth!”
“Ortissio, you used the military research fund for a private matter?!”
“Do you even understand what military research means?! It’s not your pocket money!”

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Orty is scolded by everyone as if he were some politician who had swiped tax money. his hands trembling uncontrollably.

“A-, all you’ve been saying is military research this, military research that, a billion gold is a small amount of money for a division commander!”
“You dare to talk back, you b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲?! It’s just a billion gold, but it’s Lady Tilea’s money! And you dared to use it for your own matters?!”

Dryas hounded down even harsher than usual. Moreover, the cold eyes of Timu and the others were filled with murderous intent.

Th-, this is the kind of atmosphere that might lead to a private execution if it’s not handled properly.

Orty is in tears, breathing hard under such circumstances. It’s an unprecedentedly harsh prosecution. There is something wrong with Orty.

“dhaz, nodh! Ah onhly whand to chanje dish……huu……ahmyy!
“Hah? What did you say……?”
“Ewvil Gawd Ahmy’s supwemahcy……higs……ish a mahter ofh the, the sehcond dihbisyon……wraight?! Fo-, for Lady Tilea, Ah……huu, Ah will eben……! Y-, yhou won’t understand, General Staff Conselor!

Oh dear, he’s been ragged on so hard he lashed back.

At this point, I don’t even understand what he’s saying anymore. This is just too sad and pathetic for Orty. Timu and the rest also seem speechless that this mess of tears is supposed to be an executive……

You know what, I’ll help.

I made up my mind and walked into the conference room.


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