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Chapter 16 – It’s my present to Timu!

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Estelion English Source: Oniichanyamete
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad

Jessica suddenly fainted after using mana detection. Apparently she found a particularly crazy demon.

But to faint… Did she accidentally come into contact with their bloodthirst?

Thanks to Jessica checking for a safe route to the evacuation zone, we found out about its existence. It doesn’t hurt to be extra careful.

Only, because my guide is now unconscious, I actually don’t know which direction to head in. The wisest plan would be to wait until she wakes up. If I move about carelessly, I’ll get lost, after all.

…So why didn’t I realize this earlier? It’s too late to regret now.

After Jessica fainted, I piggybacked her and began walking about in confusion and I ended up lost. This sounds like making excuses, but I couldn’t stand staying in a place with the corpses of all those demons.

Hahh. Where is this? Jessica, won’t you wake up soon?

With her on my back, I was wandering aimlessly when…

Mn? I think I saw a light up above.

What was that? I started staring into the sky.

Wow, I think something’s falling- wai-, A PERSONNN!!

That was shocking. For some reason a dude with a greatsword suddenly fell from the sky.

Could he be another demon?

I gripped a laminariales in one hand as I watched the man vigilantly. As I did, the man told me who he was.

Apparently his name is Lepes, and he works for the Royal Family.

He was attacked by demons, and he wants to get in contact with his allies but… unfortunately I have no idea where we are right now. I’m lost.

Rather, it’s me that wants to get in contact with someone. And also, Lepes is all bloody, with painful looking wounds… I want to find somebody to heal him. It’s impossible for me, so I need to get someone else.

“Wai-, Lepes! Hang in there!”

Perhaps his wounds were deep because his consciousness was faint.

Would it be better to staunch his wounds? Or would it be better to keep him still?

I don’t know anything about medicine, so I couldn’t decide.

While I was worrying about what to do, Lepes suddenly shouted “Pursuers are coming! Lend me a hand!”

EEHH!? The pursuers are coming!?

Is this going to be another battle? While I prepared the laminariales in a panic, at Lepes’s urging, I brought him into a nearby ruin to hide.

“Mr. Lepes, what should we― hm? Oh, you’ve fainted.”

Perhaps the relief of reaching the ruined house caused him to relax. Can’t be helped, I guess. His condition looked serious, after all. For now, I guess our only choice is to hide here and wait for them to pass.

After laying Jessica and Lepes down, I hid myself and waited stock still by the entrance.

Not soon after, I heard the sound of footsteps. And voices too.

Could they be the pursuers?

A-, Alright. If they come here, I’ll surprise them with a knuckle sandwich!

Gripping the crucifix like a knuckle duster, I clenched my fist in preparation.

If you’re going to come, then COMEEEE!

…But if possible, please don’t come~

After waiting for a few minutes…


rang the door, as somebody tried to enter.

Victory goes to the one who attacks first. In desperation, I was about to throw a punch.

“GROWLL! CENTERLINE CONSECUTI― Wha-!? Per-, I mean, Nielsen?”
“Oohh! Lady Tilea!”

Just as I was about to strike the enemy, I realized it wasn’t a demon, but a Pervert (Nielsen) so in a panic I stopped myself.

“Phew. That was close, huh.”
“My sincere apologies. Not even in my dreams would I have imagined that you would be in a ruin like this.”
“Yeah, same here. You suddenly rushed in, so I almost killed you!”
“My, my. It seems that I just barely escaped death.”

Hahh, this isn’t a laughing matter, Pervert (Nielsen)! After all, I thought it was a demon, so I had punched with all my might. Somebody frail like you might have even died. I almost became a murderer.

But well, no point fussing about the past. Anyway, if Pervert (Nielsen) is here, then there probably aren’t any demon pursuers close-by. Lepes was being really dramatic about how the pursuers were right here, but since he was on the verge of fainting, I guess he just made a mistake?

After coming to that decision, I left the ruins in relief. And what entered my view was not just Pervert (Nielsen), but everybody else in the Praetorian Guard.

“So why are you guys all standing there stupidly?”
“Milady. We were in pursuit of the enemy. We believe that they are concealed in the vicinity.”


Aahh, right, the vampires huh. I told them about the secret behind the stakes, so I guess they’ve been getting carried away, and killing all the vampires they see. As expected of chuunibyou. I have to say that they have guts. I mean, even if they know the weak points, the enemy are still demons, you know…? Idiots really don’t know fear.

“Huu~ I get the situation now. More importantly, did you guys not meet with Timu?”
“Milady, we indeed met with Lady Camilla. It was on that occasion that by her orders, we of the Household Guard left to pursue and exterminate the enemy.”
“I see. Then Timu is also exterminating the vampires?”
“It is as you say. Lady Camilla’s magic bullets have destroyed quite the number of Fake Demons.”
“I-, I see.”
“While we were advancing, we very nearly annihilated their forces, and I believe that by nightfall, the Capital should be free of enemies to the Evil God Army.”

Chuunibyou as always, huh. They’re probably exaggerating, but the point is that they were cooperating with Timu and killed a number of vampires. Well, it’s true that this area has mostly been free of them. But rather than these guys, I’ll bet it was the hard work of everybody at the Public Safety Force, right?

As expected of Remilia. Even in a crazy situation like this, she still managed to take prompt measures.

But still, to think that Timu would be exterminating vampires instead of evacuating.

Even though it’s so dangerous… If a kid is about to do something dangerous, it’s common sense to stop them, right!

Wait, hang on. Myuu was there, and I can’t understand why he let her. Leaving Pervert (Nielsen) aside, this doesn’t sound like Myuu. Again, I could understand if this was Pervert (Nielsen). I bet he’s using this crisis as an excuse to have fun. Now that I’ve taught him how to kill vampires, I can understand that he’d be getting carried away, thinking that killing demons is easy.

But why did Myuu, a real adult, allow this as well?

And of all things, getting Timu wrapped up in…

Ha-!? I see. So Timu saw kids her age from the Magic Academy, desperately fighting to protect the town, and she was inspired by them to help! Kids her age were trying their best too. Of course she’d want to do something as well.

And that’s why she cooperated with Myuu and the others to protect everybody.

Such a splendid way of…

Big sis is so proud. Someone like me only thought about how to run away with Timu.

Yeah. Timu only just transferred, so she isn’t a proper student yet, but she’s still a student at the Magic Academy. She’s trying her best for the sake of protecting everybody in the Capital, isn’t she. And that’s why Myuu respected her decision, and didn’t stop her.

I see. I see now. If that’s how it is, then I can’t be hiding here. I need to be an older sister that Timu can be proud of.

“Everybody, you’ve all done well in defeating the vampires!”
“Milady, your words are the greatest honor. All our efforts are for the sake of you, and Lady Camilla!”

Yep, yep, I knew Pervert (Nielsen) would say that. Playing master and servant while having fun killing demons, is it? Well, I won’t ruin things for him right now. It’s true that it’s helping the Capital, after all.

“Well then, I’ll be leaving the rest of the extermination to you. Make sure not to stretch yourself too thin. If it ever gets dangerous, run!”
“By your will.”
“Also, where’s Timu right now?”
“We of the Household Guard left before her in order to pursue the enemy, and as such I believe she will be arriving shortly.”
“Ah, I see.”

Then in that case I’ll leave Timu’s protection to Myuu, while I head to the headquarters of the Public Safety Force. I need to let them know about Lepes ASAP. He’s heavily wounded, so it’s a race against time.

“I have business in the Public Safety Force Headquarters, so you guys make sure to tell Timu what I said. Myuu, I’ll be leaving Timu’s guard to you.”
“Milady. Please leave it to this one.”
“Then we shall continue the pursuit and extermination.”

With those words, the members of the Praetorian Guard scattered in all directions. When I returned to the ruins, I placed Jessica on my back, and headed for the Safety Force Headquarters.

Ummm~ The headquarters is― hey! I don’t even know!

Speaking of which, I was in the middle of being lost, wasn’t I. Pervert (Nielsen) suddenly appeared, so I forgot about my own problems.

What should I do? Should I ask Myuu?

“Elder sister!”

I heard Timu calling for me. She’s here.

“Timu, thank goodness. So you were safe.”
“Huhu, elder sister. I would not fall behind enemies of that level.”

Honestly, look at her acting tough. She’s a chuunibyou, so I understand wanting to act that way. But even if she can use magic, they’re still those infamous demons. Even though I’ll bet that her first meeting with them was unimaginably terrifying, she’s…

“Timu, you don’t have to act tough when it’s just big sis, okay? If you’re scared, you should just say you’re scared.”
“Uu, elder sister, I’m offended. Do I truly seem so unreliable to you?”

Ah-, she’s sulking a little? I guess just now it was a bit like a cheeky kid bragging to their family.

“Sorry, sorry. It’s not that I don’t believe in you. I know just how reliable you are. But you know, Timu, for an older sister, no matter how much their little sister grows, they still can’t help but worry, you know?”

After saying that, I rubbed Timu’s head with one hand, before bringing her into a one-handed embrace.

“Ah-, e-, elder sister ♪”

There, there~ I decided to hug her close until I was satisfied. My other arm was still busy with Jessica though. After hugging Timu for a while longer, Timu suddenly looked up.

“Ah-, elder sister.”
“Um, elder sister, why is it that you are carrying that human around? To begin with, that human is…”

Aahh, this is a good chance. Given the good progress the Public Safety Force is making, the school will probably reopen soon, so this is a good chance to introduce Timu to some friends.

“Timu, the truth is big sis has a present for you.”
“For me?”
“Yep, to celebrate your entry into the Magic Academy… tah tah tahh ♪ I’m introducing you to a ‘school friend’. This is Jessica, who’s going to be in the same class as you.”
“A school friend?”
“Yep. To be honest, I wanted Jessica to introduce herself, but she’s unconscious right now so that’s impossible. I’m introducing you to her so that your school life is even better. Well? How about it? Are you happy?”
“Yes, extremely. She is a present from you. Thank you very much! Huhu, and looking carefully, her appearance isn’t half bad. I think she’ll make a great toy.”

Mn!? Toy?

Ahaa~ Too shy to call her a friend, huh. Honestly, this is why chuunibyou are hopeless. I might understand, but what if Jessica was offended because of that. I don’t think Jessica would be able to understand chuunibyou, so if she takes Timu’s words at face value, their relationship will definitely go sour.

“Timu! Calling Jessica a toy is… Are you seriously going to treasure this (your friendship)?”
“Of course. It is a boon bestowed upon me by none other than elder sister. I will not allow it (the toy) to simply be destroyed.”
“Yeah, yeah, you definitely can’t break it (the friendship). There are some things in this world that you can’t mend after breaking.”
“Yes. I shall treat it with care.”

Mn, thank goodness. No matter how talented she is, Timu is a chuunibyou, and there’s a good chance she was going to be isolated in class. If that was the case, even her school life wouldn’t be fun, right? But with a gentle girl like Jessica as a friend, I’m sure things will be fine.

“I’b finuhly founh youb. Hau hhare youb hhuu hhat.”

Ooh, just as I was wondering who was talking with a numb mouth, it turned out to be Edim! What good timing.

“Timu, the truth is that Jessica isn’t the only school friend I’ve prepared. Edim over there is another one.”
“Elder sister, I’m so happy. To think that you would bestow me two of them (toys)!”
“Wha hhuh hec are you hawking abouhh, youu… Hhake hhiss!”

Edim started frolicking with me again.

Hmm~ What on earth is this girl trying to do? Could it be that her vampire instincts are left behind, even if she’s turned back into a human? That’s quite possible. She only just turned back into a human. It might take a while for her whole body to revert.

“Aahh, Edim, please stop playing around for a moment. Could it be that you’re feeling bad? In that case, you should rest.”
“Jush as you shayy. I’b feeling lik SHIHHH!”
“Edim, calm down. First, let me introduce my sister to you. Her name is Timu, and she’s transferring into the Magic Academy. Get along, okay?”
“Hahh, hahh, harhh as yushuall. Huhu, can’h he helphh. I shall ek-hach mai venheance uphon your shis-hah!”
“Sorry, Edim. I’m finding it a bit hard to understand, so could you maybe say again?”
“Huhu, hruly a hiss-off! Hhake hhiss!”

This time it was Timu that she tried clinging to. But Timu immediately evaded her, and grabbed her face in a vice grip.

H-, Hey, Timu. Isn’t going for an eagle claw a little too much?

“Elder sister, from what I can tell, this girl looks like a half(-baked reject) but…”
“As expected of you, Timu. That’s right. Edim is a former vampire. But that doesn’t mean you can discriminate against her, okay?”
“Elder sister, this girl is not ‘former’. Although she has lost her fangs, she is still technically a vampire.”
“Heh? Really?”

As expected of Timu. She’s only just transferred in, but she’s already so knowledgeable. I see. So even if she’s lost her fangs, it doesn’t mean that she can go back to being a human. I guess life isn’t that convenient.

But what that means is that Edim is a girl with the powers of a vampire, but the heart of a human. Aahh, at this rate Edim is going to be alienated by her class too.

“I see. Then that’s even more reason to take care of her.”
“Yes. A thin relationship though it may be, she is still technically one of my kin. More important than anything is that she was a gift from my elder sister. I shall take good care of her.”
“I see. Please do.”
“Hamn it, efen hhiss guhl ish a monstah? Leh-leh-leh go of me!”
“Fumu. Elder sister, may I train this girl a little? She has been terribly insolent.”
“Timu, talking things out is important, but you can’t get into a fight, okay?”
“Please leave it to me.”

It looks like Timu and Edim are working out their friendship already. I know that Edim’s heart has been wounded, but I’m hoping that the two of them can work together to make it in class.

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