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Chapter 19 – Heaven-Sent Children of Destruction, the Evil Demonic Three

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Author: Rina Shito Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Estelion English Source: Oniichanyamete
Editor(s): Silva, Liomad

–Third Person Perspective

It was a room in the castle of the Demon King Army. Hidler, Poe and Luxembourg had begun the ceremony for unsealing the Evil Demonic Three.

“Poe, Luxembourg, concentrate on your mana!”

The incredible mana of the Demon King Army caused the room to be filled with thick miasma. The mana that was already filled to the brim was added to by Hidler himself.

The seal placed by Demon King Zorg was a powerful prison unable to be unsealed even with a team of famous experts. It wasn’t something the average expert could easily meddle with. Even if they did try to meddle with it, they would likely be sucked into the prison, soul and all. But with extraordinary monsters like Hidler pouring their mana in with all their strength, would the result still be the same…?


With their three roars, the space began to oscillate. The dense miasma condensed further, and was noxious enough to be sinister.

“The time is now. By my name Hidler, I command you to release them!”

Hidler’s almighty and overpowering voice resounded through the room, before a pale blue flame appeared and enveloped the magic circle.


Cracks appeared in space, and from it descended three monsters. They had been released from Demon King Zorg’s seal.

“It has been a while, has it not. Seiryuu, Byakko, Suzaku.”
“Genbu… No, it is Hidler now, isn’t it. Are you the one who released us from the seal?”

The man who spoke had sharp fangs and large blue wings that seemed to cover his body, and was a demon dragonoid named Seiryuu. Before the great war of old, he was famed as the Demonic Dragon King who led his 72 armies to eliminate many races.

“Honestly, Master Zorg sure is intolerant, to seal us like that,”

Complaining was a 3 meter tall white tier, the demon beastman Byakko. Possessing another name, Demonic Beast King, he was a tyrannical being whose single roar was enough to instantly obliterate a small town.

“We have been sealed for a few thousand years, haven’t we? Master Zorg is so cruel. I thought I would go mad from hunger and boredom.”

Unlike her polite manner of speech, her true nature was brutal. Looking like a mix of a person and flame was the hellfire demon, Suzaku. She had reigned as a queen who manipulated flames and turned all to ash.

“Enough. I shall not allow further disrespect towards Master Zorg. I shall now speak of the reason I unsealed you.”
“Hang on a little, Hidler. We just got released from the seal after thousands of years, you know. I’m starving.”
“Indeed. My belly is empty.”
“I feel hungry.”

Their three bellies grumbled in hunger, as they drooled. It seems they were starving. Eyes sparkling, they looked for prey.

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“If you want food, then I shall prepare you some.”
“Haven’t you already prepared some!”
“What? Mu!?”
“Heh. Be still for a little!”

The azure dragon blade that he materialized was being held by Hidler’s neck. Seiryuu’s prided sword was able to cut up even dragons like tofu. It even pierced through Hidler’s armor, and had slightly cut into his skin.

“Please stay still for a while.”

Suzaku then bound the immobile Hidler in countless chains of flame. It was a technique that only she could use, and the surface of the chains were over a thousand degrees. A normal person bound by them would probably just dry up. What’s more, the strength of the chains was strong enough that even a hundred demons couldn’t break them.

“Gack! You!”

Hidler mustered up his mana, but despite his will, the cursed bindings wouldn’t be so easily undone. Also, the more he struggled, the more tightly the chains cut into his body. You could see from this how nasty the strength of Suzaku’s mana was.

“““Well then, let’s eat!”””

And so, with Hidler the hindrance bound and immobile, the Demonic Evil Three began attacking the exhausted Demon King Army.

“Eh!? You guys― W-, What are you doing? Didn’t we undo the seal for you!”

Luxembourg and Poe screamed with expressions of shock. Perhaps they hadn’t ever imagined that the people they just saved would suddenly return kindness with cruelty, because the two Demon Generals were struck with a sudden attack.

“Heh heh heh, the first food in millenia.”

With a single slash, Seiryuu’s Azure Dragon Blade cut into Poe’s chest. Its sharpness was outstanding. Poe’s tough skin was easily wounded, and fresh blood spurted.

“Urk- Y-, You―”
“Ku ku. Pretty hard, ain’t cha!”

Seiryuu spoke while happily licking Poe’s blood. Even though he had attacked with enough power to split a demon in two, Poe had merely been wounded. Seiryuu smirked as though having found lively prey.

“AHAHAHAHHAAHA! You look delicious, Kitty!”

Suzaku created dozens of fireballs in an instant, and fired them towards Luxembourg. Each one of the fireballs was a scorching hot magic bullet of a thousand degrees. A normal person would vaporize on the spot if hit by one, and no matter how much of a monster one of the Six Demon Generals might have been, it was impossible for them to escape unscathed after being hit by them again and again.

“Hahh, hahh― T-, This isn’t a joke. S-, Somebody, it’s a state of emergency!”

Luxembourg made use of her natural burst strength and evaded the flames left and right. As a demonic beastman, she had more burst power than other species, and reigned top even amongst her own. Even when Suzaku fired countless fire bullets, she somehow managed to avoid them.

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“GAHAHAHA! Darting around, huh, you tricky little cat!”

While watching Suzaku and Luxembourg’s attack and defense, Byakko suddenly roared.

And in the next moment――

A number of swirling vortexes of pressure assaulted Luxembourg.


Swallowed into one of the vortexes, Luxembourg was thrown against a wall. No matter how excellent her burst power was, it seems that while she was concentrating on Suzaku, she hadn’t paid attention to Byakko. She was struck by his attack head-on.

“Captain Poe, what is the matter?”

Hearing the screams of the Demon Generals, other troops had gathered. They had been forbidden by Hidler to come in, but hearing the many angry shouts and the sounds of impact, they couldn’t resist and came in. Worried for Poe and Luxembourg, they flew into the room one by one.

“Aha ♪ Dinner has arrived.”

Suzaku happily created fireballs, and rained them upon the troops. The very moment that they entered the room, they were attacked by Suzaku’s magic bullets at ferocious speeds. The troops were burnt to death, one after another.

“Hieeek―S-, Save me!”

Suzaku restrained the heat of her magic bullets as she fired. The troops were going to be their food, so she couldn’t very well turn them to ash, after all. The Demonic Evil Three began to eat the demons that had been cooked well.

“This one was a birdman. Chicken skewers. Yummy, yummy.”
“H-, How dare you do that to Bard!”

Drag roared, filled with rage for his dead companion. He was one of Poe’s household guards, and had the most physical strength after Poe. In the war of old, he had distinguished himself many times as Poe’s right hand man. That pride and conceit spurred him on. He attacked Byakko with his prided arms.

“W-, Wait, Drag!”

Even Poe himself had been no match for them. Drag’s strength was no threat to them. Unwilling to allow his important subordinate to die a needless death, Poe frantically tried to stop him, but…

“This one is worth eating.”

Byakko crunched down on Drag’s attacking arm with ferocious fangs. The powerful arms that had killed a great many enemies in the war of old had been bitten off by Byakko.

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Byakko then grabbed Drag’s head, and struck his fist towards Drag’s temple. The incredible impact broke his skull, and Drag fell to the ground, convulsing.

“Ku ku ku. Nothing but a good build.”

Byakko tore apart the fallen Drag and began feasting. Poe was filled with rage for the killing of his precious subordinate, but because he himself had been cut countless times by Seiryuu, he wasn’t able to move.

“HA HA HA HA! This is freaking delish!”
“Indeed. So famished that I could not wait.”
“It would be nicer if there was some salt.”

Those who were killed first, and then those who were killed as well while trying to avenge them. Even those who scrambled to run were killed… It was a hell of corpses.

“Hiee. H-, How can you eat your own comrades in the Demon King Army!”
“S-, So this is the strength of the legendary Demonic Evil Three!”

Unrest spread through the Demon King Army as their companions were killed and eaten one after another. The troops’ eyes were filled with hatred for having their comrades or subordinates killed. And giving these troops a sideward glance were Seiryuu, Byakko, and Suzaku, but their feast wouldn’t end. They followed their instincts, and continued to eat the demons.

“B̲A̲S̲T̲A̲A̲A̲R̲D̲S̲! I, Hidler, shall not forgive further outrages!”

Having escaped the cursed flame chains, Hidler rushed towards the three. His eyes glinted sharply, and it felt like he would tear them to pieces any moment.

“Hidler, pretty fast ain’tcha. Seems like you’ve gotten stronger than before, ey.”
“Truly. I thought my cursed chains would last a few hours longer.”
“You lot, this is a warning. If you will not stop no matter what, I shall tear off my ‘armor’ and show you my true ability. Know that our old friendship as the Four Heavenly Kings only goes this far!”
“Got it, got it. Don’t be so mad, Hidler. Suzaku, Byakko, let’s stop here. It’ll be annoying if Hidler seriously gets angry.”
“Understood. I had plenty just now. Ah-, but I really wanted to eat that kitty.”
“Tsk. Still a little hungry.”

The Demonic Evil Three reluctantly stopped their meal, and lent an ear to Hidler. Hidler seemed to still want to complain, but he couldn’t start any more quarrels, so he began to speak.

“…The reason you three have been unsealed is but one. In order to battle the Evil God.”
“Evil God? The heck is that? They strong enough to warrant unsealing us?”
“Evil God Tilea. This Evil God killed two of the Demon Generals, Kira and Garm.”
“Hahh~ The heck? I could tell from the battle just now. The quality of the Demon King Army has fallen.”
“Indeed. I wonder how many minutes the Evil God will last against us.”
“Huhu, I want to know how the Evil God tastes.”

The time of the Demonic Evil Three’s attack was approaching.

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