Chapter 31 – Eve

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Bai Huang’s signature trap appeared inside the City Lord’s mansion this time.

There were silver threads as far as the sky could see, changing my City Lord’s mansion into that of a thread-cave. That assassin would most likely be like monk Xuanzang entering the cave while I’m the spider woman waiting for him with my legs crossed.

After making one circle around my City Lord’s mansion, I basically understood Bai Huang’s layout. Even though it’s an improvement compared to last time, it’s still full of flaws. I roughly simulated the several possible routes the assassin might take in my mind, thinking about it for a while before I went to bathe.

In the bathroom, I found that Moon simply hadn’t opened the wooden stopper and let out the bath water in the bathtub. Several scarlet petals floated on the still-limpid water while the dense steam coming from it had a sweet scent unlike perfume. It was a poison-like fragrance that aroused each and every nerve; every breath I took in seemed to be like a kind of luxurious pleasure.

Seeing the bath water Moon soaked herself in, I couldn’t help but recall the people of West-Resisting City.

As you know, West-Resisting City is poor. Especially those that have just come from Sky Star City; they’re people who aren’t able to eat their fill, fully cover their bodies, and aren’t able to shower for at least 10 days to half a month, so they’re filthy from head to toe. As the City Lord of West-Resisting City, I should be even diligent and thriftier than the people below me; I can’t even waste a single thing! This tradition, this virtue must be continuously developed and promoted in West-Resisting City!

Just like the water in the bathtub before it, which has practically no filth, no dust, and is so clean that it can even be drunken.

If I pull out the wooden stopper now, all of it will flow away and that’s a waste.

How can I let such a thing happen!

For West-Resisting City, I poured in some new hot water to adjust the temperature, then took off my clothes and entered it with utmost resolution.

I immersed myself in the water that Moon used to clean her body, thus removing all of the coldness from my skin.

I also obtained spiritual sublimation while immersing in the faint fragrance.

When I returned to the bedroom wearing a bathrobe, Bai Huang was in the middle of talking about her glorious experiences in her childhood to the others:

“When I was young, I threatened my family’s butler to take me to the city to play and keep it a secret from my father. That day, I also didn’t bring any bodyguards. In the end, the butler had to answer the call of nature midway and ran to a thatched hut while making me wait at the entrance of the bathroom. It just so happened that an old man selling candied lotus root and carrying it on a shoulder pole was passing by, so I followed after him.”

“But I didn’t have any money in my pockets at that time, so I helped him sell candied lotus root for half a day. I’m not trying to brag, but Yun Hai’s number one cutie was me at the time! With me standing over there as the mascot, passerbyers would keep scooping out money to pay for some candied lotus root. That grandpa was very touched by my actions, so he rewarded me with 10 skewers of candied lotus root in one go. If not for those several brats biting their fingers as they looked at me, I would’ve hogged everything for myself. What was I supposed to say to them? When the old man was receiving his vendor stand, three or four big and wide men ran over and said that master wanted me to return. Those several brats who had eaten my candied lotus root cried out ‘run older sister, they’re infamous big bad guys’.”

“Cheh, did they think I needed their reminder? With how intelligent, I, Bai Huang was back then, I immediately slapped my thigh——if my dad discovered that I was missing, would he even need to send out these several unrecognizable uglies? He would probably send out the entire Yun Hai Convoy and turn this Nightless City upside-down. I felt uncomfortable just seeing those people’s faces, so I bravely and fiercely punched one in the nuts, then moved like a tiger that had grown wings and beat them all until they fled with their heads in their arms. The final grown man kneeled on the ground while crying with snot coming out of his nose as he said ‘please forgive me, we are in the wrong. Nobody would dare want you if we were to sell someone like you as a child bride’. As a result, he was viciously beaten by me again.”

Felita listened the most seriously since, compared to other people, she’s the type considered to not have had a childhood, so she’s very interested in these sorts of things.

In contrast, Aleya exposed a faint smiling expression, probably remembering when she followed me around the city and we created chaos and pandemonium.

After Bai Huang finished talking, only then did she notice that I had come back and raised an eyebrow:

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“What, did something good happen?”

I answered:


Bai Huang’s face turned into one filled with disdain for me:

“Then why is your smile so disgusting.”

I touched my cheek and retorted:

“I heard that people will see others the way they see themselves in their heart. You’re probably no different.”

Bai Huang picked up a pillow and threw it at me, just like how she did when we were in Yun Hai.

This time, I relaxedly caught the pillow and threw it back. Bai Huang naturally threw it at me again, but I dodged it this time and as a result, the pillow directly smashed into Moon’s face. The originally calm scene instantly changed into a mindblowing pillow ‘war’ with pillows flying through the air, people throwing, people dodging. Our group ran around the room in circles in the middle of the night, but fortunately there weren’t neighbors around. Otherwise, it would’ve been an extremely serious civil disturbance case.

At the end of the fight, most of our group were lying on the mega-bed panting.

Bai Huang tossed a pillow onto me, standing with her bathrobe askew as she stepped on me twice with her small feet and said with her hands at her hips:

“Hmph. Only at this level……still defeated by me, weren’t you.”

With those words said, she sat on the bed, covered her body with her quilt, rolled onto her side of the bed and lied down. Then, she informed:

“I’m going to sleep. So sleepy. Isn’t that assassin supposed to come tonight? Be more careful.”

It was obviously you who had the most fun just now!

Aleya placed her sword next to her pillow, then lied down and covered herself with her quilt. Although her eyes were closed, she was still maintaining a high degree of alertness. In comparison, Felita looked at me with puppy eyes. After determining that I wouldn’t be sleeping with her, she made her way into her blanket alone.

Only Moon suddenly came close, closed her eyes, and sniffed me before sleeping.

Right after sniffing, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smirk and she looked at me with an ambiguous look, then winked.

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I pretended to not understand her implication and moved my line of sight away.

Moon also returned to go to sleep obediently and softly whispered good night to me before going to sleep.

I blew out the candle, returned to my designated position, and lied down. Aleya divided a portion of her quilt for me, but since her quilt was originally a quite large one, I was still quite a distance away from her. Outside, there was cold wind blowing while it was quite warm inside the room. The charcoal fire glimmered, emitting warmth in silence. Adding the large amount of people on top of that, there was absolutely no feeling of coldness at all.

As I lay on the bed, I suddenly felt like sending a bit of thanks to the assassin.

Without her action tonight, this scene before my eyes probably would’ve never happened, right?

The three girls and the unknown gender Moon all fell asleep around me while I, on the contrary, wasn’t able to fall asleep. With open eyes, I stared at the ceiling and was feeling a bit emotional for a moment.

Everyone says that all under heaven are family, but in the end, my home is wherever my heart feels peace.


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