Chapter 30 – Grand Plan Declares Bankruptcy

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Although Moon said that he didn’t know who the target of the assassin is tonight, I think that she’s most likely coming for me. Unfortunately, Bai Haung suggested shared accommodation at this time. In case I don’t handle it well, the matter of me fighting hand-to-hand with the assassin will come to light. With regards to the current me who just wants to be a low-key person, this sort of thing must absolutely be avoided. Letting Bai Feng find out last time was my mistake, but I must not be so unrestrained next time. I need to think up some way to drive away the assassin without letting these several people discover my moves. On another note, Felita does indeed have a really good figure. Every time she leans on me, I’m able to clearly feel this point. Mm, Bai Huang’s words are true. Even though I cannot see the complete picture, those snow-white, fluffy high peaks are indeed what I……

Wait no, what am I thinking, how did my thoughts arrive at this point??

Starting over once more, that assassin is adept in sneaking around. If nothing unexpected happens, then she’ll be much more cautious this time, so it’s very possible that Aleya and Heji might not even detect her. When that time comes, I’ll be forced to take the initiative by striking first. Right, Aleya’s skin is really white and also very slick to the feel. Even though it can’t be said to ‘break with just a blow of the breath’ when feeling her skin, it is very nice to touch. It’s that sort of pliable feeling that only a sufficiently exercised body can……

What the **** am I thinking!!

Li De, come on, calm down.

It’s not your first time sleeping together, why are you getting nervous over this?

My face was still as tranquil as ever, but I already couldn’t help but rub my forehead with the palm of my hand.

Moon asked curiously:

“What;s wrong, headache?”

I answered:

“Perhaps this is the charm of cohabitation.”

Moon sent over a concerned gaze at me, as if she were looking at someone retarded.

Not long after, the trio of new imperial consorts wearing snow-white bathrobes got out of the bath and walked into my bedroom. Bai Huang casually sat on the floor, then took out a bath towel and began rubbing her hair. Seeing me look at her, she clicked her tongue:

“Li De, who would’ve known that you even understand to do maintenance for women. You’re worthy of being called a young girl’s friend, not bad.”

While speaking, she finished drying her hair and placed the towel on her neck. Then, she pinched the front of her bathrobe and began tugging it up and down while using her other hand to fan out the steam pouring out of the bathrobe. Out of courtesy, I averted my line of sight. Of course, another reason I did so was also because Felita just so happened to be wiping the remaining droplets of water between her breasts with a towel. The sight of the towel being inserted in and being taken out created quite a shocking(shaking) scene.

My words in response to Bai Huang:

“What ‘young girl’s friend’, I, Li De, am loved by all from 10 year-old children to 80 year-old elderly ladies.”

Bai Huang pretend-gagged, then said:

“Oh Li De~, I heard that you usually help Aleya with maintenance, when will you teach me these tricks? You can rest assured, I am Yun Hai’s live advertisement; as long as you take good care of me, I’ll give you a wave of publicity when I return.”

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I firmly shook my head and told her:

“You don’t know how troublesome it is to mix and match these things……don’t even think about it in the short term.”

Bai Huang placed her hands on her hips with a cold scowl:

“Alright, so you’re planning to be biased towards Aleya, eh?’

I righteously expressed:

“You don’t say! If I’m not to be partial to my guard, then who am I supposed to be partial to? You?”

Bai Huang had to ponder for a while before she realized that it was quite the reasonable argument. Thus, she softened her tone and changed her bearing:

“Big brother Li De~~you can teach me~. Okay~?”

Just like what I taught her in Yun Hai.

I felt the goose bumps appearing on my skin upon hearing it, so I replied:

“Say a word more and this month’s cosmetics will be no more.”

Bai Huang hastily crawled over and pulled on my clothes to and fro as she exclaimed:


After being threatened by Bai Huang with her exposing my “crossdressing experience”, I spent many a long time fumbling about and finally found her weakness. And that happens to be the fixed amount of cosmetics I provide to her every month. Breaking off the supply chain of cosmetics is something Bai Huang can’t endure happening, so whenever I bring this out as an argument, she’ll instantly become a little more behaved.

On the contrary, Aleya was calmly wiping the water droplets off of her face while she simultaneously said:

“Young master, there’s still a lot of hot water.”

Bai Huang rushed to say:

“You can consider our leftover bath water to be a material benefit for you.”

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I waved my hands with a disdainful face:

“Forget it. Moon, you can go wash first, I’m fine with being last.”

Moon stood up and walked over to the bathroom.

Once he was out of earshot, Bai Huang ran over and plopped herself down by my side. Then, she folded her legs and asked me with a gossipy tone:

“So is Moon a man or woman?”

I answered:

“How would I know.”

Bai Huang’s face turned into one that seemed to say “oh, come on” as she lowered her voice and whispered”

“You didn’t do it? You don’t even know this bit?”

I felt my patience decreasing and on the verge of breaking past the breaking point. I unhappily said:

“I’ve discovered that all of you seem to think of me as that kind of hungry and thirsty teenager. I’m obviously a very proper person, alright? Besides, if I were to make a move on Moon, it would be considered workplace harassment and that’s a very contemptible behavior. Do you understand now that I’m saying it like this?”

Bai Huang lamented:

“That can’t be helped, you have so many beautiful people by your side. Who knows if you’ve done any sneaking around. Take Moon for example, I grew up in Yun Hai and have been choosing the Beauty Queen every year, but throughout all these years, I’ve only seen one person more beautiful than Moon. Apart from this exception, everyone else has been inferior when compared to him.”

I asked curiously:

“One person? Who?”

Bai Huang answered:

“The Overlord of Lingwu. The one chosen unanimously as Yun Hai’s Beauty Queen last year, don’t you know? Speaking of which, she’s considered your【Senior】, but she’s actually quite breathtaking, the type you’ll never forget for a lifetime. It’s a pity that her character isn’t to my liking. She’s that sort of very strong person with a terrifying aura, to the extent that my brother would be suppressed if he were in front of her. My dad and older brother told me in private that the Overlord of Lingwu is a woman fated to become a Queen and won’t willingly stay an Overlord forever.”

When Bai Huang finished her words, she probably felt as if she had spoken about something useless since she shook her head and said:

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“Haiya. But it doesn’t have anything to do with us. She’s that type of aloof person who probably wouldn’t have many interactions with you and I through our lifetime.”

While speaking, Bai Huang patted me on the shoulder and continued:

“Therefore, you should take care of Moon. He’s the second most beautiful person that I’ve designated, you can’t let anyone snatch him away.”

I patted her should in return and said:

“Then how about you do it. In any case, you said it’s possible regardless of gender.”

Bai Huang was extremely earnest as she thought about it for a while, but refused in the end on the grounds that her “heart didn’t race”. But she incited me to go take a look at Moon taking a bath with the reason being “one glance is enough to judge his gender”. This suggestion made my heart race so much that I couldn’t help but to begin discussing the concrete plan for doing so with her. The result was that Moon finished taking her bath before we even finished discussing our plan.

A grand plan that ended before it even began.

I looked outside and saw that the sky was already dark, but there’s still quite a lot of people in the middle of holding roches and completing the tasks that Bai Huang gave to them, so I said:

“You guys chat first. I’ll go outside for a stroll and wash up when I come back.”


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