Chapter 32 – Current Crisis

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Just like this, after a single nap, the five of us smoothly passed out first cohabitation night——

It would be great if it were so.

Even though I made a supreme effort to make a warm and peaceful atmosphere and planned to just pass the night like so, facts proved that this night was destined to be a sleepless one, starting from when the assassin left that provocative note.

I was wrong.

I was really wrong.

When Bai Huang proposed the four-sided sleeping method, I should’ve firmly refused. That way, regardless of who I sleep with, I definitely wouldn’t have fallen into the miserable state I’m in right now. I was deceived by their cute and adorable appearances during the first half of the night, thinking that this night would pass in such a calm manner.

The result?

When I had just started feeling a strand of sleepiness, I sensed a figure slowly approaching. Of course, it wasn’t the assassin approaching since that short assassin wouldn’t employ such a silly way of moving.

It was the one sleeping by my right side, Felita. She probably thought that I was deep asleep, so she began stealthily moving in my direction. Every time she moved roughly several centimeters, she tensed up and stopped to observe my reaction. After determining that I didn’t make any movements at all, she then proceeded to move a little bit more. It took her about half an hour before she finally traversed this short distance. Then, she placed a part of her quilt onto me. Her next action was to swoosh and make her way into my quilt with a speed unlike that of a Sorcerer’s.

I deliberately turned over and made my back face her. Felita didn’t mind it much and tightly pasted herself onto my back.

She wanted to hug me at first and even used her long and smooth legs to sandwich my legs, but when I let out a snore on purpose, Felita very quickly retracted her legs in fright. Instead, she grabbed the clothes on my back with both her hands and moved softly to press her body onto my back.

In that instant, that heartfelt exclamation from Bai Huang rose up in my mind——

How can it be so big!

Also, your clothes?? I can’t seem to feel the sensation of fabric as you’re rubbing yourself on me!

As a result, I wasn’t able to sleep. My plans to sleep were thoroughly dashed.

In this absence of sleep, I could only patiently wait for Felita to calm down.

But she evidently couldn’t calm down, even becoming increasingly excessive and her pants getting heavier behind me.

It was at this moment that Aleya woke up. She must’ve heard some sound since she asked:

“Young master?”

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I produced an even snoring on purpose. Upon believing that I was fast asleep, Aleya lied back down. But this time, she was obviously leaning against me. Felita’s guilty conscience flared up, so she didn’t dare rub herself against my back any longer. Instead, she chose to obediently close her eyes while sticking herself on me. Probably because she had toiled excessively during this time, she fell asleep before too long passed and she began sleep talking:


Just when I thought that everything was finally over, I felt a sudden sinking feeling on my legs. I opened my eyes and raised my head a little, only to discover that Moon was now using my calves as a pillow. She probably felt that her pillow was uncomfortable to lie on, so she subconsciously found my calves after a long while of adjustment, thus completely pinning me down. Moon probably felt quite comfortable since a smile appeared on his face. She was sleeping on her side, her soft cheeks on top of my calves. I could even feel her breathing, which made me a little itchy, but I dared not move a bit.

The bit of noise that I made, however, naturally wasn’t able to hide itself from Aleya. She quickly woke up again and whispered:

“Young master?”

I could only continue to pretend to sleep.

Aleya moved a bit closer to me.

And so, I started drifting off to sleep while maintaining such a strange posture.

But after I finally felt a strand of sleepiness, Bai Huang suddenly turned over and her leg pressed down directly onto my face.

A very elastic-feeling large white leg without any excess fat slammed down onto my face, so I exploded out cursing on the spot:


This sound instantly frightened Aleya awake, causing her to feel the sword by her side and whisper:

“Young master?”

I hurriedly issued a deliberate snore. Aleya stared me at suspiciously for a while and vigilantly gazed at her surroundings, but ultimately lied back down carefully assuming that I was just sleep talking. However she did move even closer to me. This time, she was a very short distance away from me. How close? Close to the point where her cheek was a short movement away.

I rolled over and layed myself flat on the bed. Felita immediately grabbed the arm facing her and put it into her embrace. Aleya grabbed my arm with both her hands very lightly.

After Bai Huang rubbed her tight against my face several times, she turned over and moved her leg from her face to my left shoulder and stomach. In her dream, she was still stomping as shown by her sleep movements and also laughing like a pervert. Who knows what dream she’s having.

There was no need to even mention Moon; both my legs were being pressed under her, completely unable to move.

Didn’t we agree to the prisoner-style sleeping method??

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I was originally worried about being cold, but it’s already getting increasingly warm now.

The four sleeping in the cardinal directions wouldn’t feel anything if they came close to me, but for me, the one sleeping in the middle, I have to bear the body temperature of four people, so it’s like being in a stove. The most important thing of note is that their faint fragrances in the surroundings mix together, making my blood race. This heat along with my own increasing body temperature was making it harder and harder for me to push them aside and there was something in my heart that was beginning to get restless.

What’s the supposed to be, a test for my willpower??

Or is this the assassin’s true plan, to try and drag me into the lands of debauchery so that I’m not in a mood to expand??

No way, this sort of plan is too despicable, who would be able to endure it!

Another hour later, deep into the night.

I appeared as if I were sound asleep, but I absolutely hadn’t fallen asleep.

I don’t think it’s an issue on my side; throw any adolescent man with a healthy body into a space like this and you’ll find that it’s impossible for him to find the solace of sleep. Based on this point, I’m merely another ordinary person. 1

When I had just fallen into a half-asleep-half-awake state, I suddenly sensed a rope slowly dangling down from the room’s roof beam. The sound was inaudible; if the rope’s tip hadn’t fallen onto me and created a small airflow, I wouldn’t have detected it.

Afterwards, someone slowly slid down bit by bit down the rope from the roof beam.

She’s here.

I narrowed my eyes. There was no moonlight outside today, so the room was pitch-black inside.

But I could feel that assassin slowly descending, then using one foot to lightly step on the area between me and Aleya to gain balance. This assassin’s body that seemed delicate, boneless, and delicate did not create any great waves and even her aura was completely concealed. Compared to her swaggering last time, it appeared that she was showing her true skills this time.

Just because the assassin was always in her ‘matchless’ mode, didn’t mean that she couldn’t move stealthily. On the contrary, she’s proved several times that she is indeed accomplished on the Assassin Path. This time, she was able to silently bypass Bai Huang’s painstakingly deployed defense and quietly sneak into my room.

I maintained my stance of being sound asleep, but I was perceiving each and every move she made in the darkness.

The assassin first held her posture to make sure that we were all asleep. After determining that none of us had any reactions, she took out the dagger by her waist. Even though no murderous aura was exposed, I could sense her line of sight and it was obviously that her target was me.

Sure enough, I still need to act……but why isn’t there any murderous aura?

A trace of cold wind enveloped the dagger.

And then it directly stabbed towards my……crotch!

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  1. Remember, this ‘ordinary person’ is able to fend off a Level 9 Spearman’s attack.

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