Chapter 29 – F-Four Hug One?

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

The meal was eaten with the atmosphere of it being a New Year’s Eve dinner.

Bai Huang clearly looked like somebody looking forward to the celebration with how excited her entire person was. She became much more talkative than usual and chatted and laughed with everyone. After the meal, she took my bed mattress and handed it over to the patrolling soldiers, once again changing my just-restored bed mattress into her formation thread.

Then, Bai Huang began commanding everyone to move my bed to the corner. Afterwards, everyone brought their bedding over and placed it on the ground right next to one another, creating a mega-bed. Bai Huang clapped her hands and happily said:

“Okay! Let’s all go to sleep together! We can talk for a long time!”

I raised my hand and asked:

“So sister Huang, where do I sleep?”

Bai Huang shipped out an appearance as if she had just realized this problem, but very quickly answered as if it were a matter of course:

“Oh. This, huh. We’ll squeeze together and give you a bit of space to sleep.”

I inquired:

“Then the quilt I will be using?”

“We’ll squeeze together and give you a bit of quilt to cover yourself.”

“This can also be shared?? Won’t it be chilly??”

Bai Huang pondered before answering:

“Oh, that’s true. Then you can share the quilt with whoever you sleep with.”

I took a look at their mega-bed. Aleya, Felita, Moon, Bai Huang; these four people all looked at me. I scratched my head and asked:

“So who am I sleeping with.”

Once this topic was thrown at them, the originally lively scene went silent all of the sudden.

Aleya calmly answered:

“With me. This way it’ll be even easier to protect young master.”

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Felita said immediately after:

“Then I also want to sleep together with master. I can also protect master.”

Moon rubbed her brows and said:

“I’m not opposed to you doing this. But I’m afraid that if you guys sleep together, then everyone won’t be able to sleep tonight. Especially you, Li De, you’ve just become 17 years-old. You need to learn how to restrain yourself and not seek pleasure nonstop.”

I loudly protested:

“I’m still a youthful, virgin young master, alright? What do you mean ‘seek pleasure nonstop’.”

Bai Huang clapped and added:

“I have a way, but it’s not easy to say. Come, lie down according to what I say, right……”

A short moment later, I stared at the ceiling and asked Bai Huang:

“This is your way?”

Bai Huang complacently laughed and questioned:

“How is it?”

The four of them slept like the sides of a box while I slept inside this box. Aleya and Felita slept on my left and right while Bai Huang lied above my head and Moon slept below my feet. That’s right, with the addition of me, it perfectly forms the Chinese character for “prisoner(囚)”.

I’ve been surrounded!

“This isn’t even a bit good! I feel very terrible, okay? It’s like I’m a bird trapped in a cage.”

Faced with my complaint, Bai Huang ignored it and said:

“Alright! Then it’s decided. Everyone go bathe first.”

As Bai Huang spoke, she dragged Aleya and Felita to go bathe while I sat on the mega-bed with Moon. Today, he had his long black hair tied up with a peach hairpin inserted. She was wrapped up in tightly fitted pajamas that was unexpectedly a little cute. With a smile, I asked:

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“You’re not bathing with them?”

Moon answered:

“I’m used to washing up by myself.”

She paused for a moment, then a smirk formed on her face as she continued:

“However, I’m fine with bathing with you.”

I waved my hand in a ‘no need’ fashion and earnestly responded:

“Forget it, forget it, I don’t have a habit of ‘mandarin duck bathing’.”

Moon didn’t understand it at first, but after blinking several times, she very quickly understood. She leaned forward and slightly untied her bound long hair, causing some of it to fall before her. Moon brushed the strands of hair behind her ear and said with a charming voice:

“That’s because you’ve never tried it, right?”

She caressed my cheek with her fair and tender hand, then held my face and looked at me while there was barely any distance between us.

Her gaze contained passion, her fingertips roaming across my face, her breath falling onto the tip of my nose.

Then, Moon put some strength into her hands and pinched and pulled at my cheeks. She seemed quite satisfied upon seeing me being forced to grimace. After playing with my cheeks for a while, Moon released me and warned:

“I’m warning you. I don’t care if it’s Aleya or Felita, but if you don’t plan on marrying Bai Huang, then you must, by all means, not touch her.”

I naturally understood this point, so I very seriously promised her. Perhaps because Moon was still a bit worried, she ultimately took my right hand and clasped it in a lover’s hold, then rubbed it against her cheek and enticingly offered:

“If sir City Lord really isn’t able to hold back, then I can help out~.”

I let go out of fear and hurriedly responded:

“No need, no need. I can use both of my hardworking hands to solve this problem at any moment.”

I’ve always been a little afraid of Moon; every time I see him, I’m often afraid that I won’t be able to control myself, creating the situation of ‘a single slip may cause everlasting sorrow’, and open the door to a new world. Because looking at it objectively, Moon is a really beautiful person. There’s no need to mention how his facial features are worth a second look; her eyes and brows have a bit of natural charm and whenever he smiles, it’s as if the spring wind of the third month is blowing through a forest of peach blossoms. In particular, she’s aware of the fact that she’s beautiful, so whenever he chats with me, she often raises his brow, droops her eyes, and smirks, intentionally or otherwise. In any case, she spends all her energy on teasing me and I occasionally have to close my eyes and chant a few lines of mind-clearing sutra in my mind.

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After all, if Moon were to be determined as a woman, then he would’ve definitely have been Yun Hai’s Beauty Queen.

After chatting with Moon for a while, Bai Huang’s voice transmitted out from the diagonally-opposite bathhouse:

“Waah. Aleya, you have such great skin. How do you take care of it? What! Li De, that thoughtless guy, specially adjusted a beauty maintenance prescription for you and helps massage you every night? Come come come, give me a hug, we’re sisters from now on. You can’t conceal something so good from me, right? Eating by yourself isn’t good behavior. Alright~~what? You don’t know the specific prescription? It’s fine! I’ll just ask Li De when we return.”

“Felita, how do I say this about you. I’m nosebleeding. I’m really nosebleeding. Let me bring some cold water to rinse it out, you can go soak first……how can it be so big! Is this also due to Li De’s help? No? You were born with it……my god. Wait a minute, I’m still nosebleeding, I need to rinse it out. Can I feel? Then I’ll touch.”

A while later, Bai Huang’s voice echoed out again full of surprise, admiration, envy, and all sorts of other emotions. All of it turned into waves after waves of exclamation:

“Why ! Why is it so soft! And so elastic! I’ve never experienced this pleasure even when I dressed up in men’s clothes and entered brothels before, it’s really a regret to not have met you earlier! Hey, don’t go yet, let me experience it a little longer, waah……I can’t even hold it all in one hand, you know? Really, do you know what I’m feeling now? I’m wishing I could turn back into a baby right now! Don’t be shy, come come come……Aleya, you should also give it a feel. Relax, you’ll also develop into this too one day. You see? This is your future.”

There was a bit of shyness and exasperation in Felita’s voice:

“S-stop playing……”

As the sound of water splashing kept echoing out, Moon and I sat on the bed with our arms crossed and our gazes staring at the ceiling while being lost in thought.


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