Chapter 12 – Confused Assassin X

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

The atmosphere of this time’s meeting was a bit more heavy than last time mainly due to the two participating this time——Aleya and Felita, both of whom appeared to be a little downcast.

Felita’s hands kept rubbing her【Rock-n-Roll Skull】magic staff as an attempt to seek some sense of security from it.

She gave us a brief run-over of the course of events.

Some time ago, in order to dispatch troops to support Fang Yuan and implement the “North-South Pincer Attack On Sky Star City” plan, I transferred the troops that were originally fighting Li Neng over to the north. This action was taken by Li Neng as West-Resisting City’s “escape due to being no match for me”. Therefore, when Fang Thirteen brought our troops over to attack Li Neng’s fiefdom, Li Neng was still as prideful as before as he got onto the city wall and bluffed:

“In the past, those able-bodied people weren’t able to conquer my lands, so how could you, a blind person, be able to? Go back and tell Li De that since we were once brothers, I’m willing to spare his life. The current West-Resisting City has long since been erased from Yunyang Territory’s map, so he’s no longer my fourth brother. If he dares jump in front of me again, then I’ll whip him to death.”

The result of that was him suffering defeat after defeat in Fang Thirteen’s hands.

I won’t say more than necessary about how strong Fang Thirteen is. In the past, there were no capable people nor strong people under Fang Thirteen’s control, yet she was able to bring trouble to West-Resisting City with just several hundred people. On our side, we had to rely on Aleya and Felita to just barely defend the city. Even though Fang Thirteen’s once glorious army went through reorganization and lost much of its power after Sky Star City was broken into, she was still able to show an extremely strong dominance of the battlefield with Aleya and Felita’s help. Using these facts, she was able to get Li Neng a proverbial slap in the face.

At the peak of her siege, Li Neng personally dispatched an emissary over to negotiate with Fang Thirteen in hopes of being able to preserve his cities by paying some tribute. When the emissary was in front of Fang Thirteen, he implored her with such humble words that it could be said that he was kneeling and licking her boots.

But Fang Thirteen ruthlessly denied his request for peace.

“I know that peace talks are the best choice for both sides as of now. But I’ve already promised Li De that I would take down five cities and send them into his hands, so I must certainly find a way to do that.”

However, from that time onwards, Fang Thirteen’s attacks received several obstructions.

The military camp would inexplicably get set on fire, soldiers would frequently have diarrhea, her speedy attacks would be seen through in advance and many more unexplainable mysterious happenings would occur over and over to Fang Thirteen. Even Aleya and Felita weren’t able to do a thing about it. After constant deliberation and determining that there wasn’t any spies amongst them, Fang Thirteen used the method of entrapment.

She first deliberately drew some sketches in the military tent, deriving all sorts of methods to capture Demon-Trapping City, then she got up early the next day and immediately brought the army to assault Rivet City. This battle was quite beautiful as Rivet City’s defenses were basically empty. Felita used her magic【Fire Rain】to blow up the remaining defenses and devastated them. Then, the reinforcements from Demon-Trapping City rush over only to be hit back and return so as to nurture their strength and bide their time.

Using Felita’s words:

“If I had 30% more magic power that day, I wouldn’t have ran out of magic power so quickly and Rivet City would have already been captured.”

But there naturally aren’t so many ifs in this world.

In the end, the Level 5 Sorcerer Felita was ultimately unable to capture a city alone, but this time’s battle was still able to make us a fortune. As the main city, Rivet City’s city walls had collapsed and the main force of its army was defeated by Fang Thirteen and driven away. The most important point is that Fang Thirteen was able to directly deploy her army from Rivet City and didn’t give the receiving party any opportunity to breathe. Anyone could see that when Felita’s magic power recovered, the next siege would be time for Li Neng to raise up the white flag and surrender.

But it was during the night of this day that Fang Thirteen was almost assassinated.

According to their description, this assassin is quite accomplished in the profession. Not only was she wearing a brand new uniform——that is, night-walking clothes——but she also chose a moonless night with high winds, stunned the warning sentinel, made her way into Fang Thirteen’s military tent, and used a blade to assassinate Fang Thirteen.

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During this moment of imminent peril, it was fortunate that Aleya happened to be sleeping near Fang Thirteen and noticed it a step earlier. When the assassin lifted up her blade, Aleya had already taken out her sword【Roaming Dragon】and slashed a sword light at the assassin’s blade. As a professional assassin, she should have prepared herself to look for an opportunity and escape unscathed the instant she was discovered, but not only did this assassin not leave, she actually fought with Aleya.

But according to Aleya’s description, this assassin didn’t have the intention to kill Aleya. Her target seemed to be Fang Thirteen from the start. When fighting with Aleya, she used the back of her blade and used three moves to knock the sword out of Aleya’s hand before silently swaggering off. The troops outside had no way of stopping this assassin.

Aleya felt her wrist and commented:

“If she hadn’t been using the back of her blade, but rather the blade edge……”

Three moves to defeat Aleya and even use the back of the blade to knock the sword out of Aleya’s hands……wait a second.

Stop ******** me! This isn’t an assassin at all!!

Aren’t normal assassinations all about no frontal confrontations and not fighting to kill? Where would you find yourself an assassin that doesn’t run when they should and has such strength?? Wouldn’t rushing into the enemy base and killing all the way to get the enemy general’s head be a much more simple method for such a person?

I really can’t fathom what that person’s thinking. At the very least, if he was using the blade edge, Aleya would have become the second one-armed hero Yang. Even though I wouldn’t shun Aleya because of this, Aleya would most likely have started hating herself if she learned that she wouldn’t be able to protect me. 1

After listening to the entire course of events, Moon also creased her brows and appeared helpless:

“I’ve never heard of such a fierce person by Li Neng’s side. Single-handedly able to enter the military camp is something that even miss Aleya wasn’t able to do alone back then.”

When Fang Thirteen was attacking West-Resisting City, Aleya tried to assassinate Fang Thirteen several times, but wasn’t able to succeed even once.

Aleya lowered her head with embarrassment on her face.

Moon hastily said:

“No, I’m not trying to criticize miss Aleya. My meaning is, it’s impossible for such a person to appear out of thin air and become our enemy, righ? When I was still in Yun Hai, I once analyzed Li Neng for Bai Feng. He’s a bit better in terms of military management compared to Li Yi, but still isn’t able to change his arrogant, willful, and domineering nature. The way he treats his subordinates is also very lacking and there aren’t any particularly capable people willing to sacrifice their lives to work for him……could it be a mercenary? But with such a brief period of time, where would he find such a mercenary?”

While Moon was massaging his forehead, she suddenly asked Aleya:

“This aside, did Fang Thirteen tell you about what she planned to do when she sent you two back? With both of you here, there’s nobody out there to protect her. I don’t want there to suddenly be a day where I receive that person’s obituary; I don’t want to attend her funeral.”

Though the words coming out of his mouth were merciless, the meaning implied in her words showed that Moon cared about Fang Thirteen.

Aleya shook her head and replied:

“Felita and I wouldn’t have helped much by being there. Fang Thirteen said that she has her ways, so she made us return to the city first and protect young master.”

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  1. Hero Yang is a reference to the MC Yang Guo in The Return of the Condor Heroes. He loses an arm in the novel.

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