Chapter 11 – Mysterious Assassin Becomes The Last Line Of Defense On The Eastern Front

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

The slime went silent and I also sunk into silence.

Of course this type of feeling you get when you learn that your variant slime pet is actually a weapon created by the Ancient Spirit Race isn’t a good one. Moreover, I’ve been having this feeling of danger, that keeping this fellow will create some trouble in the future that I’ll be unable to solve.

But seeing its miserable state, I also felt embarrassed to actually find a garbage can and throw it away, so I said:

“You still have a bit until you reach Level 3. All the Demons here are below Level 3, so even if I feed them to you, you probably won’t grow. In the future, I’ll bring you around Demon Race Territory at the end of each month and secretly feed you some relatively strong Demons. That’s all I’ll help you with.”

The slime immediately recovered its lively manner and vigorously said:

“OOH!! I just KNEW you wouldn’t abandon this king!!”

As it spoke, that plump body bounced over and hugged my legs as it began rubbing its on me. I swung my leg back and forth, throwing it off, then continued:

“But, you should understand that I’m the type who dislikes troublesome matters the most. You better not tell these things to someone else and just let it rot in your stomach. As for you being able to speak, you should do your utmost to not let anyone aside from me know. Remember, you’re just a slime that has a different color.”

This time, the slime actually ‘nodded’ obediently.

The instant I left the room, I saw Hunter standing by the entrance holding an iron pickaxe looking at me nervously.

I asked:

“What’s wrong?”

Hunter nervously replied:

“Nothing, it’s just that I didn’t see you come out for so long, so I was worried that something happened inside. That strange slime has been irritable lately, so I was worried that it would harm you.”

I patted Hunter’s shoulder and said:

“Nothing of the sort happened. Just feed it some more vegetables in the future to lower its anger.”

I then made a round and checked up on the other Demons being raised. After determining that everything was normal, I proceeded to go back to my City Lord’s mansion and went to bed. I have to say, the addition of Fang Thirteen has resolved yet another problem plaguing the city, so many of the things I need to be worried about have also lessened. The only worry still in my mind is that the front line battle often requires Aleya’s support. Every day, I wake up and get out of my spacious bed, feel my hungry and shrivelled up stomach, and go make myself something to eat alone.

When I have time, maybe I should go find myself a cook.

Speaking of which, I did say recently that I planned on getting myself a singer, dancer, and so on. After all, when I was still a wastrel back in Lingyun City, I would frequently go to listen to songs and watch dances. Now, even though I am idle, there’s not much in terms of entertainment compared to before. Instead, I feel like I have nothing to do in my leisure time.

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But the moment I raised this idea, Moon instantly rejected it.

The reason is very simple: no budget. Moon, who’s in charge of managing the financials, told me this with head high and chest out, “we don’t have much budget for such things this year”. I knew fully well that he was speaking bullshit without changing expressions, but I also felt embarrassed to refute him. After all, female entertainers are much more expensive than male entertainers. The reason why Moon’s asking price of 10,000 gold coins created such a disturbance was because it was said that he’s a man. If he were a girl, then this sale price wouldn’t be unprecedented.

The number of lords who strive to make their territories strong and prosperous are of the minority in the final analysis. Those like the Overlord of Tian Cheng who ruin their family properties aren’t a small number. 10,000 gold coins might seem like a daunting sum to an ordinary person, but for people like those brothers, they worry about having no place to spend their money and no place to enjoy themselves. 10,000 gold coins? Fine, bought! Let’s have a taste of what a young lady worth 10,000 gold coins is like. There are plenty of people with mentalities similar to this.

In short, with regards to my “delusions”, Moon, with her relatively strong management capabilities, explicitly stated that it was out of question. But he also made a compromise. This compromise was that whatever I wanted to hear, she would sing it out for me.

But how many grown men go to the brothel to really watch the shows?? Isn’t it all about enjoying that tender, soft, and fragrant body in your bosom as you enjoy that beautiful sensation of close physical contact?? Thus, when Moon was singing, I frantically hinted it to him, but Moon turned a completely blind eye to it. How can such a manner be fine??

Besides, what the heck does she think he’s singing? It’s all some “I am a small City Lord~I am especially fond of working~I get up at 6 every day~I work even in the middle of the night~” and is the greatest humiliation to my impeccable sense of hearing.

Moon sang for me for two days before I sent her away to do whatever she was supposed to do.

After communicating with Bai Huang last time, her mood seems to have improved quite a bit since then.

I don’t know if it’s due to Bai Huang being a naturally optimistic person, but in short, she appears much better than she did before.

I’m also unsure if it’s due to Bai Huang being naturally optimistic that I get the feeling she’s completely broken away from her sadness whenever I talk to her and recovered her lively quick-witted state as ‘Little Huang’. But whenever I talk to her, I also get the feeling that she’s wearing a mask; unwilling to talk about everything to me, unwilling to reveal her emotions, tightly sealed away. Every time we conversed in this period of time, I couldn’t help but to sigh with sorrow about how different a rich family’s education is from the masses. Before teaching them to find their true selves, they first teach their children how to sort out their emotions.

I didn’t force her to reveal anything either. To be fair, the relationship between Bai Huang and I hasn’t experienced any dramatic element for it to raise to a higher level. The reason why she’s here in West-Resisting City is due to her brother’s arrangement, so it’s normal for her to not be willing to spill the beans to me.

Heji, on the other hand, would occasionally tell me about some trivial matters concerning Bai Huang.

For example, Bai Huang hasn’t been particularly happy lately and regularly lies down in bed only to not be able to fall asleep and so on. Heji would use the trick of sending some hints along my way to tell me this information.

Once again, I questioned him. I said, ‘I can see that you’re unlike an ordinary military man and more like an elegant, handsome nobleman, so how come you’re subordinate to Bai Huang as a guard?’

Heji didn’t speak about his past, but he did confidently confess to me:

“Because I like sir Bai Huang.”

He’s quite the straightforward brother. But considering how many years he’s been subordinate to Bai Huang and how she hasn’t expressed anything to him, I reckon that she most likely hasn’t considered him. But I can’t exactly tell that straight to his face, so I patted him on the shoulder and encouraged, ‘brother, do your best!’

At the end of the eleventh month and start of the twelfth month, Fang Thirteen had gained a great advantage on the front line. She stormed Demon-Trapping City while simultaneously surprise attacking Rivet City and nearly conquered Li Neng’s main city. But in the final moment, an issue that nobody expected occurred; on that very night, there was an assassin that single-handedly went to assassinate Fang Thirteen. Thankfully, the assassin was blocked by Aleya, but even after the exchange between them, the assassin was able to swagger off and all their traces disappeared.

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When this piece of news reached West-Resisting City, I frowned and was momentarily unable to thoroughly comprehend the situation. The reason behind that lied behind the fact that regardless of whether it’s my information source, Moon’s information source, or Fang Thirteen’s personal information source, the profile on this assassin didn’t exist at all. Even though he’s in Li Neng’s city, he doesn’t seem to be Li Neng’s person.

The war on the frontlines was once again delayed to stop on a later date.

Fang Thirteen was still overseeing the frontline situation while Aleya and Felita mobilized to return back to West-Resisting City and give us an account of the process of events.


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