Chapter 13 – Protecting A City Lord Like Me

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Right as I was in the middle of daydreaming, I suddenly heard Aleya call out “young master”, so I hurriedly regained my consciousness and asked:

“What? What’s going on? What’s happening?”

Moon looked at me with a speechless face for a moment before commenting:

“That’s true. This fool can’t have nobody by his side to protect him.”

Aleya and Felita quietly nodded,

How come you guys don’t believe in me!!

Felita said:

“Fang Thirteen said that there’s no need to worry about her. That assassin has clearly been living in Rivet City the entire time and only appeared when we were about to break into the city. Moreover, she didn’t kill anybody during the entire encounter and the sentinel was merely knocked out. We suspect that she just wanted to give us a warning. As long as Fang Thirteen doesn’t continue to besiege the city, that assassin probably won’t make things difficult for her.”

There’s another reason that I assume they find hard to say. The reason is due to the strongest melee fighter Aleya having her weapon knocked out of her hands in three moves, so that means there isn’t much use in leaving them behind in the front lines.

Moon crossed all ten fingers and asked me:

“Li De, what impression do you have on this assassin? If this person isn’t Li Neng’s subordinate, then I can only think that it’s a helper from the Overlord of Yunyang.”

I shook my head and replied:

“It’s impossible for the Yunyang Convoy to have such a person. I’m not entirely familiar with all the guest officials that my dad supports either. There are many people that he hasn’t introduced to me, but I’m sure he planned on leaving them to my older brother Li Yi. Therefore, I’m not entirely sure if it’s a rescue force that he dispatched, but from what Felita said, I think the odds are against that assumption. My dad’s the type to save his face; if one of his sons was bullied so miserably by someone driven out of the family, I’m sure he would have taken action long ago.”

Moon narrowed his eyes and muttered to herself:

“Then who would it be……do we have any other enemies in our surroundings? Bai Feng……is unlikely to go so far. As for Fang Yuan, we’re both on the same side now. The key point is that throughout the entire affair, that assassin and the influence behind that assassin seem to have no connection to us. Take the assassin for example, she didn’t create any casualties to our people and clearly refrained from creating a feud between us. But the question is, why would they obstruct us?”

I looked at Moon’s ill-at-ease appearance.

His brows were wrinkled even deeper than before and this made me aware of how heavy this matter was in her mind.

If it was just us being unable to capture these several cities, he wouldn’t have exposed such an expression.

The current him is a little irritable to some extent.

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But returning to the main topic, I speculate that the person must be a Level 7 at greater perfection realm in order to be able to defeat Aleya in three moves. Aleya’s current state is still Level 5 at greater perfection realm and is just a tiny step away from Level 6. At present, the current strongest person in West-Resisting City on the surface is Heji, who is a Level 6 at greater perfection realm. Yet even Heji wouldn’t be able to defeat Aleya in three moves. At the very least, this person must have a higher level. But the problem is that I clearly understand in my mind that a Level 7 at greater perfection realm has strength close to that of a Level 8 and that if such a person really wanted to do something, then he would be able to decimate all of West-Resisting City’s troops in one night without breaking a sweat.

With power close to that of a Level 8, this person would be considered an absolute master in human territory and not many such people exist here.

I grinned and remarked:

“Well, we don’t need to concern ourselves with it too much. This sort of sudden situation is something nobody can expect and isn’t something the several of us can help Fang Thirteen solve. Compared to ordinary civilians, we’re already considered nobility. But if we compare ourselves to those wealthy Overlords and City Lords, we’re still a group of poverty-stricken peasants. They have no lack of resources and can mobilize an about Level 8 individual all in order to protect a not particularly important city. It’s clear that whoever is behind this temporarily doesn’t want us to expand eastwards. If this year is out of question, then we’ll make Fang Thirteen withdraw troops and try again next year.”

Moon didn’t say anything as she appeared to be thinking of something and was in a daze with glazed eyes.

I extended a hand and shook it in front of his face. Only then did Moon recover her consciousness and said:

“Ah, it’s nothing.”

Aleya decided to carry this burden by herself by saying:

“Young master, if I were a little stronger……”

I supported by cheek with my palm as I used the other hand to pat her shoulder and comforted:

“There’s nothing wrong with being unable to defeat your opponent and besides, this situation doesn’t have much to do with you. Even if you were stronger, there would be a new matchless opponent able to turn fighting aura into a material force and wake you up with a slap to the ear. We need to learn to be content with our situation. Just take a look at Heji; when he was your age, he was also a talented youth, a young man who came from a big, wealthy family. Such a person has definitely consumed much of his family’s resources in his childhood. In comparison, you’re a Level 6 at greater perfection realm with the background of being an orphan AND younger than 20, so I guarantee that you’ll surpass him in the future. There’s no need to be so worried and also no need to feel guilty. You’re my guard, so there isn’t a person out there who will dare call you subpar.”

Felita looked at Aleya with envy in her gaze then looked at me with a heart full of expectation, so I helplessly told her:

“The same goes for you. You both are geniuses as well as my West-Resisting City’s people. Believe me and slowly grow stronger.”

After comforting the two for a while, Moon regained his spirit and inquired Aleya:

“That assassin, were you able to make anything out when fighting with her?”

Aleya thought for a moment before answering:

“Height wasn’t too tall, a bit shorter than me. As for appearance……I wasn’t able to see clearly since she covered her face with a face mask. I could tell that it was a girl through her appearance and she should be quite young. And also……”

Aleya hesitated for a moment before continuing her train of thought:

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“She resembled a dead person.”

I sprayed out the tea in my mouth, blocked up my ears, and tsukkomi’d in a loud voice:

“Oi oi oi, stop! Summer’s been over for a while now! It’s not the season to tell ghost stories!”

Felita backed Aleya up:

“But it really seemed like this. I was also able to see her. That person didn’t have the aura of a human at all and those eyes of hers didn’t have the slightest light in them. Very scary.”

If the two of them say so, then I have no other choice but to bolster my mind.

Is there some resurrection magic at play? Or maybe some dead person reanimation method at work?

At the very least, I’ve never heard of it.

Aleya continued:

“Young master, what I’m going to say might not be accurate. We’re not saying that she’s actually a dead person, but rather more like that kind……that kind of person who has no emotions. Moreover, she was able to conceal her aura very well just like a person who’s accustomed to living in the darkness. If it wasn’t for me detecting a flash of killing intent in that moment she lifted up her blade, I absolutely wouldn’t have been able to detect her existence.”

I contemplated for a moment, then remarked:

“Then it’s even less likely that it’s my dad’s person. Out of Eternal Heaven State’s thirty-six Overlords, my dad’s ability to raise such an assassin is the first……from the bottom. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many exposed and hidden chess pieces in the territory from other Overlords.”

It was at this point that Moon said:

“If it’s the Secret Division Organization, I actually do have a bit of understanding on it. I occasionally heard Bai Feng mention it in the past, so I memorized information on it. I’m not sure if it’ll come in handy, though.”


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