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Chapter 5 – Empty City Stratagem

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

At least, in my opinion, they really seemed to be a pair of siblings with a good relationship.

I had a little sister in the past; not the ones in this life, but rather one in my pre-reincarnation. That imouto of mine was truly the cutest in the world and her appearance made you unable to control yourself from holding her in your arms. Unlike me, she had IQ on the lower side of the spectrum, was clumsy, and often played small temper tantrums at a drop of a hat. Yet, every time I took a look at her, I couldn’t help but display a doting gaze.

But enough of that, what should I do now?

I estimated the distance between us and was certain that I would be able to assassinate these two.

But the problem was that I didn’t want to.

There were two reasons that played a role in this decision. Number one: in my opinion, living leisurely is always the number one thing for me to consider. These days have basically been in line with my fine expectations. I had my own city and not many people came over to disturb my life, so I felt that everything was very good. In these times when the royal family isn’t able to keep the Overlords under control and when chaotic warfare could break out at any time (where nonconformity gets punished), the more you display your amazingness or awesomeness, the higher the chance that everyone else will join hands and destroy you.

The other reason was that I believed that many things in this world couldn’t be settled just by having the bigger fist.

Take for example, during my trip over to Yun Hai, my territory was repeatedly harassed by other people. I am no wandering warrior, I am a City Lord. There’s no use for me to be strong by myself; what I need is better territory management skills.

I gazed at the little devil jumping up and down beneath me and forcibly suppressed my urge to ram his head against the ground.

Suddenly, the girl by her little brother’s side pulled on his clothes and asked him something in a low voice.

From what Fang Yuan said, his thirteenth sister is blind and her legs are crippled.

Is the way she gets information through the people in her surroundings……

I couldn’t help but crease my brows.

The battlefield situation goes through rapid changes every second and requires the commander to always have an accurate grasp on the entire situation. How could it be fine to gather information through such a way? Moreover, if the battlefield situation becomes chaotic, how would she be able to accurately analyze the information given from all parties?

But without waiting for me to think any longer, I heard that girl use a pleasant sounding voice to ask:

“Is your distinguished self the City Lord of West-Resisting City?”

Her voice was ethereal and her tone was rather low.

Just as I was thinking about how to respond, she suddenly lifted her hand and the nocked arrows and readied stones were instantly released at me, clearly not holding anything back. In that instant, the entire army seemed to become her arm; the arrows were released in three waves and the loaded catapults launched everything they held without care for accuracy.

Only an instant passed!

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It was as if a dark cloud had suddenly appeared in my view.

The arrow rain and catapult stones completely covered the area tens of meters in my surroundings.

How ruthless!

Without waiting to hear my answer, in that moment she realized that I might possibly be the City Lord, that girl’s first reaction was to ruthlessly wipe me out. To be honest, this temper was more to my preference. If Bai Feng had even half of her ruthlessness, I most likely would’ve died within Yun Hai.

The one behind me, Lugh, attempted to push me to the ground as he shouted:

“Sir Overlord, be careful!”

I stood firm in my steps and prevented myself from being pushed down by him, then turned around and soothed him:

“There’s no need to panic.”

In this time of imminent peril, the chilly light of a sword swept the air like a crescent moon. It knocked away all the arrows and broke down all the stones into fine dust. The gale created by such an action blew my hair into a chaotic mess; the explosion created would make even a real man raise up his head to look at the destruction before his eyes. The arrows that had lost their trajectories fall down the city walls one by one, the rock fragments wafting through the surroundings like smoke and dust.

Aleya, who was in the distance, had rushed over and held out her sword in front of me, gasping for breath with great difficulty as she gave a hard glare at the army below our walls. She asked:

“Are you alright, young master?”

Of course I’m fine. I already sensed you rushing over here a long time ago, that’s why I didn’t panic.

After all, you’re always standing in front of me whenever I face any danger. As expected of my guard.

I rubbed Aleya’s hair, walked in front of her, then yelled downwards:

“I am West-Resisting City’s City Lord, Yunyang’s fourth son, Li De.”

The girl sitting on the wheelchair leaned forward and asked her little brother a few things. This time, because her little brother’s reply was quite a bit louder, I could roughly make out:

“Sis, that sword-wielding girl is probably a spent force. Our people have the protection of army formations and the arrows and stones aren’t so easy to defeat. As long as we continue fighting, we’ll be able to breach this damned city by tonight. Stop hesitating, why are you hesitating over a won match. That solitary person has no one to rely on.”

The girl frowned and turned towards my direction.

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I was still standing in place without backing down. After a moment of pondering, she raised her hand again and commanded the soldiers to release the arrows.

Afterwards, she briefly glanced towards the east, seemingly a little hesitant.

In that instant, I suddenly understood; I suddenly understood what she was afraid of.

In the final analysis, these brats came to West-Resisting City in order to screw me because of my ******* dad——the Overlord of Zhao Chen’s been my dad’s enemy for many years now. Based on the principle that ‘the son should shoulder his father’s debts’, the Overlord of Zhao Chen decided to send over his son and daughter to take care of me. But the question is, will my dad really watch on silently?

While he and I really don’t have the best of relationships, the entirety of Yunyang will be humiliated if I really die in West-Resisting City. My dad might be one to allow my older brother kill me, but would he really acquiesce to the Overlord of Zhao Chen’s action of killing me?

To this point, I had no concrete answer because I didn’t dare to place my hopes on my dad’s conscience.

Maybe he’ll just break off our relationship as son and dad when the time comes, then ignore whatever comes my way.

But for now, since I was able to think of these points, that wheelchair sitting commander should’ve also thought of them.

Therefore, she doesn’t dare to attack West-Resisting City with full force because her own strength isn’t enough. If by any chance that Yunyang Territory’s army arrives while she’s attacking the city at full force, then her army will instantly become chaotic. Once that situation occurs, losing the battle is the least of her worries; she could lose her entire army in that situation.

When I thought up to this point, I suddenly understood how to gain some time for Moon’s development plan.

Standing beneath the arrows and stones that blotted out the sky, I laughed maniacally.

So all along, the one sitting on the wheelchair wasn’t Zhuge Liang, I was Zhuge Liang.

I wanted to sing out ‘Empty City’.


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