Chapter 4 – The Guests Are Actually……?

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Under the guidance of the soldier, I hurriedly arrived on the city wall by the frontline battlefield.

As soon as I arrived, I was met by the sight of the one I had made the temporary captain, Lugh. He appeared fairly exhausted as he sat on the city wall wiping off the blood on his armor. The silver armor of his was stained with a sizable amount of bloodstains. After seeing me, Lugh bounced up and asked:

“Sir City Lord, has sir Felita’s situation become a little better?”

After he hastily asked this, he then responded as if he had just realized that he’d ignored proper etiquette and rushed to kneel on one knee. I put out my hand and pulled his arm, stopping him from kneeling, and replied:

“There’s no need to be so formal. Tell me about the situation.”

Lugh wiped the beads of sweat off his forehead and submissively told:

“Yes. Sir City Lord. Our first batch of troops totalled to 81 people, now there are 63 people remaining. The brothers that didn’t make it basically all died during the defensive battle. Sir Aleya organized us to launch several assaults, there were some brothers who died during them and those bodies were brought back to be buried in the city. There were some others who died outside, their corpses lying in the wilderness……”

Lugh’s lips trembled and he smashed heavily at the ground.

A 1.85 meter tall man displayed reddened eyes.

He spoke with pauses between each sentence:

“That woman, that scorpion-hearted woman! She dispatched troops to block up West-Resisting City’s exits and didn’t allow us to retrieve our fallen brothers. She made us watch, she made us look as their corpses putrefied……she made us see the crows pecking on their internal organs. Those crows holding our comrade’s dead eyes in their beaks still flap their wings towards us……!!”

After he told me all that in one breath, the imposing aura on his entire person abruptly collapsed.

I inspected the soldiers behind him and saw the angry looks on every one of their faces. It was as if their own close relatives had died in war.

As a City Lord, I should be happy upon seeing my soldier’s looks. For them to be able to form such a deep bond in such a short period of time and become such a cohesive force, I should feel very joyous.

But as a person with feelings, I actually couldn’t force myself to be happy.

I patted Lugh’s shoulder and solemnly said:

“Sooner or later, we’ll be able to settle this debt.”

Lugh took a deep breath and nodded.

He rapidly adjusted his mood, propped up his knees, then stood up from the ground. At this point in time, there was burst after burst of noise coming from beneath the city walls. I walked over to the edge of the city wall and looked below.

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There was an army of about 600-700 soldiers and their army formations truly were a bit skillful. It started out with an 8-row phalanx rush, then changed seeming like flowing water. Just from this scene, I could tell from a glance that such a flexible opponent would be a difficult adversary for magic. By the time the army began nearing the city walls, it began displaying a solid appearance once more. The soldiers were all in ordered lines with the shielders in the front, archers with readied bows in the back, and mechanized crossbows and siege catapults in the very back. In what seemed like an instant, the army formed a fairly complete siege position.

It seemed very strong in terms of momentum.

They were clearly just an army of 600-700, yet what met the senses was a grand, magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.

The airborne sand and dust was starting to settle and the wind was blowing very gently, but the entire army seemed to be enveloped in a layer of mist.

In this kind of backdrop, the army parted to make way for a shadow to slowly come into view.

Some people were coming over.

The first person to appear was a young boy with haughtiness written all over his face. He seemed roughly 2 or 3 years younger than the current me, so about 14 or 15 years-old. He wasn’t too tall, freckles dotted his face, and the corners of his mouth were raised pretty ******* high. The outfit he wore was hugely incompatible with his army’s uniform, the type where you could see at one glance that he was a scion of a wealthy family. You know, the one where his family has a mine. I’m guessing that all the silk he’s wearing from head to toe adds up to several dozen gold coins.

I merely gave him one look, then felt that giving him another look was a very insipid thing to do.

As for the one next to him, I felt my breath being taken away for a moment.

Just in terms of my attractiveness index, the people by my side ranked ‘Moon > Felita > Aleya’. But because I wasn’t able to feel out Moon’s true gender, it was very hard for me to think of him that way. And yet, the attractiveness of the person before my eyes was just slightly under Moon. In my eyes, she belonged to the category of people classified as ‘angel in the human world’, the most beautiful girl.

Her long brown hair lay scattered behind her shoulders, all the way down to her waist. It just appeared a little withered due to lack of care. With a few stray strands of hair hanging around her forehead, it appeared as if she’d just woken up. Her eyes were closed tightly, but it felt as if she was looking in my direction, but from her position, it wouldn’t have been possible to do so.

She was wearing a not-particularly-expensive dress, sitting on a wheelchair, stopped in the center of the army formation.

That face carried a slightly childish nature and her age was probably about the same as mine, but her appearance made her seem younger. However, it was nothing like the kind of adorableness of having baby-like fat. On the contrary, she seemed thin and weak with a teardrop mole under the corner of one eye, her cheeks snow-white, colorless. Those lips of hers weren’t very red, but rather more of a pinkish, more tender style. Her mouth was slightly open, revealing a set of pearly-white teeth. From her body, I couldn’t sense any intense aura, but there was a kind of ‘strong, chaste and undefiled’ sort of feeling coming from her.

She lifted up her head, revealing two very small water-blue earrings, a seemingly invaluable accessory.

……Sss, wait a moment.

Wearing an ancient costume, sitting on a wheelchair, and slowly being pushed out from the center of the army.

This setting seems a bit familiar.

Isn’t this one of those classic scenes in those dramas?

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Thump thump~

——“Could this guest be, Zhuge Kongming?”


——“En~honorable gentleman, since you are aware of fate and have a clear view of things, why must you rise as a nameless teacher, offending me……”

Isn’t what’s going on the exact same thing!

Should I be saying something similar to keep up the atmosphere, ****!

Without waiting for me to speak, that arrogant boy hooted towards the top of the city wall:

“Hey! Has your boss still not returned? Where’s that woman who only knows how to throw fireballs? How boring. A group of cowards! ……What, what are you guys waiting for? Hurry up and surrender, what’s the point of guarding a lone city?”

He laughed, saying:

“But, ah, my patience has already been pushed to its limits. Whether you surrender or not doesn’t matter to me. In any case, all of you are going to die, the men die first, then the women die a little later. I say, you all are too annoying in my eyes. Can’t you just get obediently flattened by me. What do you say, big sister?”

The girl sitting on the wheelchair gently smiled, the smiling expression of hers seemed to be pampering the boy.

Zhao Chen’s daughter and Zhao Chen’s youngest son, huh……

I smirked.

Isn’t this quite interesting.


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