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Chapter 40 – Chaos Hidden In The Dark

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Yun Hai’s capital city——“Nightless City”.

An apt nickname for the city since it was being lit up by thousands of candles even on this evening. As the capital city of the territory with the most flourishing commerce, Nightless City’s common people could be said to be the ones with the richest nightlife. Open night markets, restaurants running throughout the night, operas operating for hours on end; there was no other territory as free and easy as Yun Hai, including the nation’s capital city which the royal family resides in.

During one of these nightless nights, there was a room with three to four candles lighting it up. The lighting was a bit dim, but the scene inside could still be made out if one were peeking in.

Sitting on the floor was a young man who was nearing his thirties. His appearance was somber and his eyes closed. Along with his pressed lips, it made one feeling of steadiness and mystery. Both his hands were placed on his legs as he sat upright and he seemed as if he were sleeping since he let out not a peep.

A short while later, the door creaked open and a white-robed man stepped into the room.

The upright-sitting man who was already in the room opened his mouth to say:

“I was thinking that you wouldn’t dare come.”

The white-robed man took off his bamboo hat to reveal his fair, handsome face and smiled in response:

“I’ve always considered myself to be a gentleman, eldest brother surely must think the same.”

As he smiled, he exposed a mouthful of spotlessly white teeth.

This white-robed man just so happened to be Yun Hai’s second son, Bai Feng.

As for the one sitting in the room, the one who had been waiting for Bai Feng, it was naturally Yun Hai’s eldest son, the one who had always acted subdued and handled matters with a low-profile, Bai Ye.

Although the internal contradictions within Yun Hai weren’t on as grand of a scale as other families, there still existed the issue of the succession competition. In accordance to the norms of society, the eldest son Bai Ye was rightfully to be the choice of person to inherit Yun Hai. However, the second son Bai Feng was truly too outstanding and the radiance coming from him completely covered the unassuming Bai Ye’s accomplishments.

For a moment, the situation froze and turned weird.

But Bai Feng possessed a serious problem. Just like how he inherited his father’s overwhelming talent, he had also inherited the family’s cold-blood disease and his life expectancy wasn’t very long.

Bai Ye started to talk:

“I’m not like you, equipped with the external appearance of a gentleman; however, I also wouldn’t use such a lowly stratagem to swindle and kill you.”

Bai Feng chuckled:

“I know. Eldest brother is one who values emotion and righteousness. You and I, as well as A’Huang, have always had a very good relationship……even now where the outcome between our fight has yet to be decided yet, I still regard you as my eldest brother.”

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Bai Ye replied:

“And this is the reason why you made A’Huang go to West-Resisting City.”

“Her identity is too sensitive and if she stayed behind in Nightless City, she’s bound to become some person’s chess piece.”

“Even though you and I both don’t want her to be implicated?”

Bai Ye shook his head and sighed.

Bai Feng laughed as he said:

“At present, not everything can be decided just between you and I, isn’t that so? You, who had originally told me ‘you appear to have future prospects, I am willing to cede my position to the worthy you’, are now sitting there, sitting as my enemy before me, isn’t that so as well?”

Bai Ye’s voice sunk:

“That’s right. I also have gradually come to want to protect someone, so I must vie for the spot even if I won’t succeed.”

Bai Feng asked hesitantly:

“Is it not possible for you to give up?”

Bai Ye shook his head and instead shot back:

“How about you?”

Bai Feng smiled but said nothing.

The two people stood up. Bai Ye took the initiative to stretch out his hand and Bai Feng grasped it. The contrast between the two brothers’ hands were obvious; Bai Ye’s hand was rough and filled with calluses while Bai Feng’s hand was fair and delicate, yet very very cold. Bai Ye hesitated for a moment before whispering:

“If I lose, take good care of A’Huang and look after Yun Hai.”

Bai Feng responded with a solemn nod.


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Lingwu Territory·Overlord’s mansion.

Lingwu Territory is one of the 36 Overlord’s territories and is situated in the north, very near to the home of the Giant Race of the “Middle Six Races”. Giants possess an enormous build with sturdy skin and were once enemies with the Spirit Race. They are a much more difficult adversary to deal with compared to the Demons because there is serious internal strife within the Demon Race, so those who invade and harass the Human Race’s Territory are mostly made up of Level 1 or Level 2 low-level Demons. Basically, Demons depend on their numbers to gain the advantage, so the threat in reality isn’t too high. However, it’s very different in the situation with the Giants. Even though it’s very rare for a large-scale Level 10 or above Giant attack, there will occasionally be some Level 8 or above Giant invading the border.

And yet, Lingwu Territory is still able to defend the state, so that in itself shows how powerful the territory is.

Some people speculate that the third Level 10 Swordsman bigshot should be in Lingwu Territory. Inside Lingwu Territory, there are all sorts of martial skill practitioners who possess a cultivation of Level 8 or above and there are no less than 50 of them. In addition to this, it is also known that there is a Level 8 Sorcerer and a Level 9 Sorcerer residing in the territory. If we’re to say that Yun Hai Territory’s strength is within the top 10 within the state, a conservative estimate of Lingwu Territory’s strength is that it is within the top 3. It’s just that most of their power is allocated to defending the state from the Giant’s invasion and uses some of their strength.

Within the Overlord’s mansion, there was a woman wearing a red muslin veil sitting behind a table. Based on her appearance, she seemed to be about 20 years-old and although half of her face was covered up, the half of her exposed face was sufficient enough to cause the downfall of a city. The crimson flower-embroidered dress on her not only did not make her appear vulgar, it instead brought her dignity to the forefront. Even though the loose crimson dress concealed her curvaceous stature, her pair of perfectly straight legs were exposed unobstructed beneath her skirt. With her long black hair that went down to her waist and now hanging on the floor due to her languid sitting position, she lightly picked up a letter from her table and softly read aloud:

“The imperial scholar has entered the imperial city……this isn’t a good sign.”

The sound of the door being knocked on caused the woman the slightly straighten up her posture before as responded:

“Come in.”

A young girl dressed as a maid walked in with a thick stack of documents, placed them onto the table, and respectfully said:

“These are the latest documents as well as news, please look it over sir Overlord.”

The woman decked in red calmly responded:

“You may leave……mm. Wait a moment. That West-Resisting City matter that I asked you about in the past, has there been any news?”

The young girl lowered her head, not daring to look into the Overlord’s eyes, and replied in a low voice:

“There has. The Overlord of Yunyang and Li De have broken off their relationship and has basically driven him out of Yunyang Territory.”

The red-clothed woman “oh”-ed and said:

“That Yunyang Old Thief is nothing more than a cowardly mouse outside and a tyrannical lion at home. Transfer two people from Lingwu’s Three Guards and make them infiltrate Li Neng’s feudal fiefdom. If Li De wants to advance eastwards, don’t let him succeed too smoothly. But also don’t let other people see that we’re making enemies out of him.”

The maid nodded in agreement. She swallowed a mouthful of saliva and wanted to say something but hesitated.

The woman wearing red glanced at her and said:

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“A’Lian, you’ve followed me for three years. If you have any words, speak them.”

The maid called A’Lian quietly inquired:

“Sir Overlord, West-Resisting City isn’t as incapable as we originally imagined. The chess pieces that we previously left behind have all been caught by Yun Hai’s Bai Huang and the number of casualties aren’t small. A’Lian simply wishes to be so bold as to ask, why is sir Overlord so deeply concerned with West-Resisting City’s state of affairs?”

The crimson attired woman leaned back on her chair and slowly extended a hand to knead the area between her eyebrows as she said with a somewhat more relaxed tone:

“Truthfully speaking, it’s nothing much. It’s just me showing a bit of interest in that kid I heard of who won Yun Hai’s Queen of Flowers this year. According to the established rules, I couldn’t participate in this year’s Queen of Flowers election, so I just didn’t participate in this year’s Yun Hai Chamber of Commerce auction because of that. But I unexpectedly missed a good show due to that……”

The scarlet clad woman switched topics and said:

“A person who doesn’t hesitate to throw away the reputation that other people find the most important into the sewers and also bring a nobody like Moon away. For such a person to exist, don’t you think it’s scary? Withdraw, handle the matters a bit more carefully.”

She propped up her cheek and ended her words calmly.

A’Lian withdrew from the room and suddenly became aware that her back was soaked in cold sweat. An autumn wind blew by and she couldn’t help but quiver.


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