Chapter 39 – Half For You, Half For Me

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

I became increasingly convinced that Bai Huang truly wasn’t a person to be looked down upon due to how intelligent she is.

She specifically displays it depending on the situation. When it’s just her and people she trusts, she’ll act haughty, threatening, arrogant, and basically display all there is to a ‘bossy young missus’ attitude. But when it comes to dealing without foreign threats, she instantly becomes a strong external help and won’t hesitate to stand by my side to support me.

To use an analogy, it’s like that kind of girl who demands that you kneel upon a washboard when at home, but will be docile and obedient outside of the home.

Pulun hadn’t even expressed himself before he was stopped from speaking. But this person wasn’t one to give up easily as he began informing Bai Huang about some “basic knowledge”. The general idea of the speech was ‘birds of a feather flock together’ and that someone naturally outstanding like Bai Huang should hang out with similarly outstanding people. This way it could be considered that both families are well-matched in terms of social status, bah, I mean, this way they could associate with each other.

In the end, Bai Huang raised her crossed legs, leaned on the chair, and placed her legs on the table. Then, she tilted the chair back 45° on its back legs and made it seem as if she was reclining on a flat surface. She used one hand to feel her bulging belly as she used the other to softly tap her lips. As she was doing so, she languidly yawned and responded:

“Since you’re saying that people are divided into groups, then I have even more reason to stay here. You should stop trying to trick me. It’s not as if I haven’t seen Li Yi before since the Overlord of Yunyang has once brought him along with him when seeking me out. When this person was standing in front of me, he wasn’t able to speak clearly as he stared at my face. You think I’ll be able to hang out with him?”

She laughed and said:

“Supposing that he really is talent with the same family circumstances as mine, even then he, Li Yi, is not fit to be my friend. What kind of family background do I, Bai Huang, have? I am the Overlord of Yun Hai’s most doted on daughter as well as Yun Hai’s Bai Feng’s dear younger sister. Among Eternal Heaven State’s 36 Overlords, Yun Hai is one that is at least within the top 10 while Yunyang is in the middle-back in terms of position. What is there to compare with my Yun Hai? This is the reason why I’m advising you to stop using these perfunctory words to cheat me. The way I make friends isn’t based on their life experience or family background, it’s enough for them just to be interesting.”

Pulun was left at a loss for words.

He really didn’t dare speak any more bullshit to Bai Huang, but after preparing arguments for so long yet not able to coax even one of my people over, he couldn’t help but abruptly flare up. He shot up and indignantly barked:

“You all……really can’t tell good from bad! Following such a useless City Lord, staying inside such a heavily damaged city. People seek to go up just as water seeks its way down, yet you all choose to do the opposite, a group of lunatics! Li De, very good, I’ll remember this humiliation. I really do want to see what you can do without your status as Yunyang’s fourth son!”

Pulun left the banquet irate, walking towards the door as he howled:

“Someone come! Someone come——! We’re returning to Yunyang! We’re returning to Lingyun City, I want to report exactly what I’ve heard and seen without leaving a single word out to the eldest young master!”

In the distance, I beckoned:

“Take care, I won’t be seeing you out.”

Afterwards, I proceeded to slam the table as I shouted:

“Little Huang! How could you be so improper, to continue eating as we were speaking. You’ve eaten so quickly during this rare chance of having meat that all that’s left are some damn green vegetables and bones. Are you the reincarnation of a hungry ghost or something?”

With legs crossed and a toothpick in her mouth, Bai Huang spoke philosophically:

“Speak as you will, I, your great aunt, have eaten my fill, I won’t bicker with you~”

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I said to Moon, Felita, and Aleya:

“No matter what needs to be said, I should say something from my conscience; today, I’ve been moved by your actions. Also, thank you all.”

Moon took a step back and remarked:

“I feel goosebumps all over.”

Felita rubbed her inflamed eyes and giggled.

Aleya said in a deadpan manner:

“Not like young master’s usual style.”

I lowered my head and spoke with exasperation:

“Leave it.”

Moon, the one managing West-Resisting City’s supplied, said:

“But hey, you really should’ve received those gifts. Money, armor, farm tools, grain, these are all things that we need. There’s really no harm in accepting it. In any case, it’s not like you have any reputation to look after, all it’ll do is bring it down a bit if anything.”

I coldly sneered:

“I was thinking so too. But I’m very clear on the kind of people my dad and older brother really are. There probably isn’t much money, the armors are definitely old and worn out, the farm tools are definitely the ones that aren’t being used anymore due to better ones, and as for the grain, heh, it’s most likely one catty of millet mixed with three catties of sand. Do they think I’m retarded? Making me ruin my reputation even further without gaining much profit, they must be quite pleased with their wishful thinking.”

Moon chuckled as she said:

“You guys are……sigh. It’s improper for me to comment on someone else’s family matters. But even so, in all my years of living, I’ve seen a lot of repulsive things in this world, but I’ve never once seen someone’s own father poach his own son’s subordinates.”

I shook my head in reply:

“This isn’t something to be happy about.”

Moon’s smiling expression vanished as he nodded:

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“We’re gradually being valued……this is an unavoidable matter. Even if the overwhelming majority of people still look down upon us and believe that we won’t get far, there’s still that remaining minority that are beginning to take note of us. We need to speed up the development of our own power while simultaneously trying not to attract any more attention. It would be ideal if we did some stupid things.”

As she spoke, Moon gave me a glance intentionally or otherwise.

****, you better not count on me pole dancing again!

I picked up my chopsticks and searched the table for quite a long time before finding a slice of meat in the potato stew. Then, I threw it into my mouth and chewed as I prepared to speak, only to chew twice and spit it back out.

******* ginger!

Bai Huang laughed:

“You think I’m stupid enough to not eat such a big piece of meat and specially set it aside for you?”

I waved my hand angrily and fumed:

“Take away all the dishes, let’s take advantage of this gathering to discuss our future development. The current restriction to West-Resisting City’s development is already no longer due to the backwards conditions and has gradually become population and land. Expansion must be on our agenda, whether it’s northwards or eastwards……”

Bai Huang stood up and took the initiative to say:

“You guys talk, I’m not very interested in this sort of thing. I feel a little too full, so I’ll be out wandering around. Heji, accompany me.”

I knew that she was doing this to avoid arousing suspicion, so I didn’t stop her from doing so. Meanwhile in my mind, my favorable impression of Bai Huang went up a little.

Even Moon spontaneously said after Bai Huang left:

“Worthy of being called true nobility.”

I nodded. Moon took out a sealed letter from her bosom and handed it over to me.

He said:

“This is a letter sent over from Zhao Chen through unconventional means, delivered by a travelling merchant. Moreover, it was very mysterious, concealed in a hidden compartment at the bottom of a porcelain pot. It required breaking the pot in order to retrieve it, thus achieving peak secrecy. The letter is addressed to you, so we don’t have the rights to read it, but I have to say that the person sending it is a bit interesting.”

I took the somewhat wrinkled letter and could tell that it had been folded several times at a glance. The words on the envelope were as round as the person who wrote it and while it couldn’t be said to be nice-looking, it absolutely wasn’t illegible and I could see that each word was written with great earnesty——

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“To: West-Resisting City’s City Lord Li De.”

“From: Abyss City’s City Lord Fang Yuan.”

I opened the letter. The paper inside wasn’t packed with many words, but I was faintly startled when I read it.

The first few words were——

“I heard that a certain gentleman has received no small measure of perplexion from my Thirteenth sister. This one is willing to work together with that gentleman for Zhao Chen’s 10 cities. Half for you, half for me.”

Little fatty, oh, little fatty, you might have a harmless outward appearance, but you’ve finally exposed your fangs.


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