Chapter 3 – Don’t Just Randomly Set Up A FLAG

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Facing Moon’s mockery, I replied without the slightest hesitation:

“What, you want to give it a try?”

Moon shook his head:

“Forget it. I’m afraid your body won’t be able to handle me.”

“Haiyo! Young man, you’ve been a bit more inflated these days.”

As I was speaking, I grabbed Moon’s shoulder and continued:

“If there’s anything you want to say, tell me as soon as possible because I’m in a bad mood today. There’s no place for the evil fire in my stomach to be vented to; who knows if you’ll ultimately become the target to be vented to.”

Moon moved to the side a half-step and replied:

“Becoming intoxicated by the harem and living a debauched life is the first step towards destruction for West-Resisting City. As your internal affairs aide, I need to stop this behavior.”

He stopped for a moment, then continued:

“Cut it off and you’ll be cured forever.”

Holy ****, you’re a devil!

Ain’t this a little too ruthless.

I helplessly said:

“Let’s speak proper business. Didn’t I tell you to handle government affairs and get yourself acclimated with the environment?”

Moon crossed her hands on his chest and answered:

“It’s done.”

I was surprised.

Moon resembled a child waiting for the teacher’s praise. If ‘she’ had a tail, it would already be continuously shaking back and forth. At this time, I didn’t deliberately praise ‘her’. Instead, I used my skill ‘let loose, in order to capture later’, and pretended to ask contemplatively:

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“Really? It’s been a month since I’ve been away, so the pile of government affairs to take care of absolutely isn’t some small amount.”

Moon returned:

“Indeed. But I brought my team with me. As long as it isn’t anything particularly important, it’s fine to hand it over to them to handle. I’ll take account of anything particularly important, but you can’t hope that I’ll be able to finish discussing with those under me within today. Take for example your Demon Cultivation Farm, there’s been a serious overflow problem this month and the farm requires expansion, but with how miserly you’ve been, those below you haven’t thought towards expansion. I’ve made those followers pull up a temporary engineering team who will solve this problem in the near future, but not today. Not everything is completed, but all the affairs have become neat and orderly.”

I nodded.

Moon continued:

“Compared to this, the enemies from the north are the more pressing issue. I have much more information compared to you guys; I have some understanding about that young female general of theirs. With you back, Zhao Chen will most likely intensify their annoyance factor. Besides, according to your nature, even if they don’t come find trouble with you, you’ll still go find trouble with them.”

Moon paused for a bit, then said:

“In order to avenge your people.”

I laughed:

“It’s true. What, is it hard to do?”

Moon resentfully said:

“Of course. I originally had a plan for West-Resisting City already in my mind. If this happens, then the plan needs to be accelerated. Do you have any extra money-making methods on hand? Give them all to me. Oh right, those agricultural nobility, army achievements, and so on, I’ve already written some simple, practical, and concrete policies for them. They should be quickly placed into practice. Sigh, I’m exhausted.”

I stroked his head, but Moon clearly wasn’t like Felita; he wasn’t one to be “bribed” over so easily. He sternly said:

“Li De. Give me one years time. In at least one year, I will make West-Resisting City truly formidable. This is already the limit. With ordinary reforms, it would take 10 years to even catch a glimpse of initial results. West-Resisting City is relatively special, moreover you have many novel ideas. But the problem lies in how lacking West-Resisting City is in talented people. The group I brought along with me is barely enough to alleviate the current urgent need. If there’s only ideas but nobody to implement them……city defense, army, education, economy, people’s livelihood, infrastructure construction, and your proposed ‘industrialization’, each and every one of them needs to be done and developed. The pool of talented people in West-Resisting City is too small, I can only do as much as all my effort allows me to.”

I inquired:

“Is there still time?”

Moon moved away his line of sight and creased his brows in deep thought, saying:

“The plan’s changed. Zhao Chen’s 10 cities shouldn’t be touched for now, this year we should conquer Li Ning’s territory in the east……”

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He slowly poured out his thoughts. After waiting for him to finish speaking, I nodded.

Even though the variables in the plan were a little too big in my opinion, it wouldn’t be realistic for West-Resisting City to instantly succeed even with a better plan. This bit, I was long clear about, but being met with the scene of Moon wrinkling his graceful brows as he pondered, I couldn’t help but reach out to smoothen his forehead, saying:

“Don’t worry about it and work. I’m handing over my private hoard into your control.”

Moon sighed:

“Leave the internal affairs part to me. You just carefully think about how to deal with the people from Zhao Chen during this period of time. If you’re planning on dragging the situation on, then drag it along for one years time for me.”

I shook my hand self-confidently:

“Rest assured. I guarantee that once those Zhao Chen people see that I’ve returned, they’ll be intimidated by my imposing manner and run away in fear……”

Before my voice even fell, someone rapidly ran over from outside. Upon looking at him, he seemed a bit familiar, seeming to be one of the soldiers that I had recruited. At this moment, his clothes were dyed in bloodstains from head to toe. When he saw me, he didn’t bother wiping the bloodstain off his face as he loudly exclaimed:

“Sir City Lord! Those bastards from Zhao Chen have come to bully us again! A crevice has been smashed in the northern city wall, now that sir Felita isn’t present, the situation’s quickly spiraling out of control……”

As he was shouting, he sensed that the atmosphere was a bit off and blinked his eyes as he looked at me and Moon.

With a smiling expression on his face, Moon bowed to me and raised his hand as he walked out of the door, seeming to say: Please, please, bye-bye~.


I glanced over at Felita’s room, then helplessly told this soldier before me:

“Lead the way.”

It seems you bastards don’t want me to rest even a moment, do you?

Then let’s go! Send me on my way!


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