Chapter 32 – Whatever You Think Is Whatever Will Come

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

We sent Tila to the vicinity of Sky Star City and made sure that there were no threats from any Demons before turning around and leaving.

On the road, Aleya asked:

“Young master, you’re letting her go just like this?”

I answered:

“What, you feel that this person is problematic?”

Aleya replied serenely:

“I just feel that her words were evasive.”

I remarked:

“Yes, indeed they were. She didn’t divulge much information pertaining to Sky Star City to us, yet still hastily invited us to go to Sky Star City, which at first glance seems a bit abnormal. However, it was a complete coincidence that we saved her and as someone under Fang Thirteen, it’s impossible for her to make such an elaborate situation. Since she’s Fang Thirteen’s maid, then it’s very normal for her to be prudent. If she blabbed all the information without a second thought, that’s when I would feel that there’s an issue with her.”

Aleya commented without a single twitch of her face:

“Interrogation by torture and the truth will be told.”

“Can you not think in such a frightening direction.”

I consoled helplessly:

“Actually, it’s not like she didn’t leak any information at all to us. Even though her concealment of information was quite perfect, there were at least two things that she was unable to hide. The first is that the situation Fang Thirteen is facing isn’t so good, even to the point that she would consider going against the Overlord of Zhao Chen’s command and stealthily admit West-Resisting City refugees. The only problem is that Fang Lita won’t allow her to. Fang Thirteen is a cautious and careful person, so it’s impossible for her to do such a thing as long as the situation doesn’t force her to.”

Aleya nodded:

I continued:

“The second is that our plan has been carried out very smoothly. That little brother called Fang Lita is probably indulging himself in music and songs, daydreams, and immersing himself within the spiritual delight that Charm Demons bring about.”

Aleya asked doubtfully:

“How does young master know?”

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I replied:

“It’s quite simple. Regardless of how Tila tries to cover it up, it’s impossible for the medicines she’s picked to be deceiving. From the cursory glance I gave them, they were some medicinal ingredients with a ‘cooling’ property for driving away internal heat. The resulting concoction would probably be some authentic Wang * Ji herbal tea for relieving internal heat. Moreover, I asked her if it was for Fang Thirteen’s use and she replied no. For Fang Thirteen to not stint on dispatch her army out to Demon Race Territory for collecting medicine combined with the fact that the issue isn’t on it, then it’s most likely a problem on Fang Lita. Naturally, it doesn’t even matter if Tila lied to us since it would be even better if Fang Thirteen was the one with a problem on her body. In fact, I’m hoping that she’ll die of illness within Sky Star City so that nobody will come find trouble with us.”

Aleya quietly said:

“Young master, where are we heading now? Will we be continuing towards the northwest?”

I shook my head:

“No need. Your swordsmanship has reached Level 5 at greater perfection.”

From Level 5 Swordsmanship to Level 5 Swordsmanship at greater perfection, it was originally supposed to require an accumulation over several years, an expenditure of about 3 to 5 years to reach. But for Aleya, this process barely took half a month to accomplish. This might sound very preposterous, but you’ll find that it’s reasonable and fair upon closer inspection.

Because Aleya, within this half month, killed a total of 3,300 low-level weakling Demons.

Elite Demons of Level 5 or higher, 4.

Accumulated near-death experiences, 7.

Swordsmanship is all about technique, as well as frame of mind. Aleya isn’t aware of my strength, so she goes all out to kill any Demon that we encounter. This is because in her eyes, as long as she loses once, then I will be accompanying her in death. For a person to be under such great pressure and hover on the edge of life and death, this is what a person killing others should bear. After striking that Red-Mane Bear dead last time, Aleya’s swordsmanship has been rising day after day. After developing according to this situation, she’s reached Level 5 at greater perfection before once again stopping.

Next is to find an opportunity to make a breakthrough. This opportunity can only be encountered by chance, not sought. Basically, it’s not something that can be solved just by killing more monsters.

As for that little slime, after eating those Level 6 and Level 7 Demons, it actually didn’t continue on with transforming its shape. Instead, its core has dimmed and it’s been appearing drowsy every day. It no longer follows behind me. Now, it usually lays weakly on the top of my head or Aleya hugs it to her chest.

“Young master, then what will we do now? Remain here?”

Aleya nodded in agreement before turning to ask.

I gazed in the southeast direction and exposed a grin.

“No need. Let’s return.”

I dusted off the debris off my clothes, then explained:

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“Since even the hostile Zhao Chen Territory is aware of this matter, then I assume that the influence of this rumor isn’t small. Since that’s the case, we might be able to catch up with my dad’s emissary if we return now. Heh……this is expulsion from the family, a matter that only happens once in a lifetime. How could I, the main party receiving it, not return to take a look. Would I be letting down the emissary who ran such a long distance if I didn’t attend?”

Aleya didn’t speak, instead cleverly following me closely from behind.

I recalled those words that Moon had told me at that time.

First take over 10 cities from Zhao Chen, then capture Li Neng’s territory; or, first seize Li Neng’s territory before heading north for Zhao Chen’s 10 cities. The final main goal, the so-called ultimate target of the first stage, is to swallow the entirety of Yunyang. I still remember sitting by the riverbank under the moonlight and Moon telling me that I wouldn’t have morality on my side if I arbitrarily seized Yunyang, that I would be at a disadvantage. And that even if I did succeed, I would be met with criticizing from all over.

At that time, he thought for a while before finally adding:

“Unless……Yunyang takes the initiative to sever relations with you.”


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