Chapter 33 – The Calm Before The Storm

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

When we returned to West-Resisting City, West-Resisting City was still as tranquil as ever.

But with regards to the matter of “West-Resisting City is about to be removed from Yunyang Territory”, it is already no longer a secret.

Due to how far away from other cities West-Resisting City is, the people within the city aren’t privy to much news from the outside and the main source of information is typically from travelling merchants. However, because of how poor West-Resisting City was in the past, there weren’t many travelling merchants that wanted to drop by and sell their wares. It was only after going to Yun Hai did all sorts of information start continuously flowing into West-Resisting City.

On account of West-Resisting City not having a specialized diplomat, I am the one who goes in person to gather information in most of the cases. Collecting information like this is rather beneficial since some inconvenient news that shouldn’t be told to others will be intercepted by me. During the time I wasn’t present, this heavy responsibility was handed over to Moon since she was a far-sighted person. It was her decision to not hide this piece of news of “West-Resisting City is on the verge of separating itself from Yunyang’s rule” and instead chose to be frank and open with the people of West-Resisting City.

“The situation has already come to the point where there’s no need to conceal it anymore. Unless we’re able to assassinate that emissary from the Overlord of Yunyang on the road, the people will eventually find out about the news. Rather than facing a situation where we’re caught off-guard, we might as well announce the news now. That way, regardless of whatever happens when the time comes, our populace won’t be too panicked.”

During this period of time where I wasn’t present, Moon seemed to have more or less lost some weight. The dark circles under her eyes were becoming denser by the day and there was still a cup of green tea on the table.

Moon continued:

“But this isn’t too big of a problem. After all, none of the people living in West-Resisting City have ever considered themselves to be part of Yunyang Territory. All these years, they’ve lived in the western-most part of Yunyang and have had to deal with the fierce attacks from the Demon Race as well as guard against the pressure from the northern Zhao Chen. Within such a long period of time, Yunyang hasn’t even provided a rice grain’s worth of assistance, instead ignoring them and allowing nature to run its course. In particular, Li Neng in the east……that is, your third brother, won’t even allow them to seek refuge. It’s like a giant wall was built in the east and blocking their road to a safer area. A person’s heart is made out of flesh, not stone; if I were a commoner of West-Resisting City, I would have long since been disillusioned with Yunyang.”

He looked towards me and smiled as he spoke:

“But I didn’t think that the Overlord of Yunyang wasn’t joking when he said that he was going to disown you. Even though it’s rare for a father and son to sever their relationship, it certainly isn’t a glorious matter.”

On the side, Bai Huang vigorously chimed in:

“Yes, yes, that’s right.”

I unhappily retorted at Bai Huang:

“You still have the face to speak, hurry and go to the kitchen so that you can place a large black pot on your back before speaking again! If not for you standing me up in Yun Hai, why the hell would I, myself, run onto the stage and……”

Before I finished speaking my thoughts, I suddenly remembered that Aleya and Felita were still here with us. The matter of a man dressed in women’s clothes was still something universally shocking in this era and was something that shouldn’t be mentioned as much as possible. Therefore, I coughed and changed my words:

“In any case, it’s partly your fault.”

Bai Huang “cheh-ed” and placed one leg over the other before responding:

“In my opinion, Yunyang doesn’t need you, so you should come over to my Yun Hai. I guarantee that silly girl from Zhao Chen won’t run over to you and show off her power. If that time does come, then my brother and I will cover for you. The three of us will punish the wicked and remove the evil, washing this dirty world of its sins.”

At first glance, it seems like a pretty decent idea to me. Yunyang’s already kicked me out, so if I just grasp a thicker thigh, wouldn’t I be able to skip the accumulation process and directly enjoy life? But on second thought, that Bai Feng really doesn’t make me feel relieved. I don’t dare to call him a hypocrite since he abided by the rules in Yun Hai and didn’t attempt to kill me, instead choosing to ally himself with me to win over my assistance. That in itself is already much more than those hypocrites would ever do.

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But if you wanted to say that he was truly a gentleman, then I have to bring up how improper the way he was treating Moon.

I ultimately shook my head and told Bai Huang:

“Men are born between heaven and earth and should be able to support both heaven and earth. Such a man should be able to live off of his own strength, how could such a person live while depending on other people?”

After I spoke out these words, the conference room was filled with the sounds of fake coughs for a while.

My young face reddened and I fake coughed twice before remarking:

“In brief, even though the current situation is considered optimistic, we shouldn’t abandon vigilance. Even if Yunyang has never given any assistance to West-Resistance City before, it has more or less given the populace a little hope. ‘If the situation becomes too difficult, the Overlord of Yunyang would probably lend us a hand.’ I’m sure there are plenty of people who have held such a notion.”

Moon nodded in approval:

“We have no other choice but to rely on propaganda to make them understand that, from the beginning, Yunyang has never wanted to look after them. I’m just a little anxious. Bai Feng has left a chess piece in West-Resisting City and the chess piece isn’t limited to Bai Feng’s group. We now share a common advance and retreat with Bai Feng, but those hostile to him might make their chess pieces create waves in West-Resisting City. Fortunately, you’ve returned otherwise the several of us wouldn’t be able to hold the fort for long.”

I drank a mouthful of tea before adding:

“Go inspect West-Resisting City. The storm clouds may be approaching, but we nevertheless must make our populace feel reassured.”


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