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Chapter 31 – News Has Reached Zhao Chen Territory

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Fang Thirteen? Herbal medicine?

I frowned and momentarily couldn’t understand the reason she was acting this way.

But one thing that I did know was that I absolutely couldn’t expose my identity at this time. Otherwise, I would have no other choice but to kill her to silence her in order to prevent innumerable troubles coming for me.

Fortunately, Aleya and I were currently covered in bloodstains and both of us had dishevelled hair. She hadn’t even seen us and even if she did, she might not necessarily recognize us. I pondered a little longer before changing my voice:

“So it was Fang Thirteen’s maid, sorry for being disrespectful. The two of us are a couple living in West-Resisting City who depend on killing Demons to make a living. Because most of the Demons in the surroundings of the city were already killed off, we had no other choice but to walk northwestwards. We didn’t expect that we would accidentally enter Zhao Chen Territory.”

I cupped my hands towards her and said:

“For frightening you, we are extremely apologetic. The two of us usually don’t care much about our appearances, we’ve always looked like this. We didn’t have any plans to murder for money, we will be leaving now.”

After I finished my piece, I said to Aleya:

“Little Ya, let’s go.”

Aleya replied very cooperatively:

“Yes, you-……husband.”

I don’t know if it was my misperception, but Aleya seemed to have moved away her line of sight unnaturally.

With the two of us putting on such an act, Tila actually felt very embarrassed. She hastily stood up from the ground and rushed to give us a bow, blurting:

“Please, please wait! I didn’t mean that……thank both of you for saving me, really! If it wasn’t for you two, I would probably already……”

I deliberately remarked:

“But we are West-Resisting City’s people, a place that Miss Fang Thirteen is hostile to. Otherwise……sigh.”

Tila ran over to hold mine and Aleya’s hands as she responded:

“No problem. West-Resisting City isn’t full of bad people, I’m very clear on this point. Just now I was just a little scared……”

Seeing her pull us, I gave Aleya a meaningful glance and the three of us searched for a relatively smooth rock to sit on.

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Tila told us about why the situation from before happened in a panicked state.

It turns out that she originally was a servant under Fang Thirteen’s residence and followed soldiers into the Demon Race Territory to pick herbs for “domestic subsidization”. The situation happened because she was unwilling to give up on some medicinal ingredients that grew in a remote area and had wandered off from the large force. By the time she came back to her senses, she found that she was the only one remaining. Left with no other choice, she carried the medicine basket as she continuously walked eastwards. Never would she have thought that she would encounter a powerful【Demon Wolf】general. Without an army to protect her, how could a little girl resist a Demon Wolf? So the only option left to her was shouting for help as she ran away, then coincidentally meeting us.

Seeing me sigh several times, Tila carefully inquired:

“You two……want to come settle down in Sky Star City?”

Sky Star City is the city that Fang Thirteen and Fang Lita live in.

I shook my head and stated with pretended regret:

“Forget it. Our West-Resisting City and your Sky Star City won’t ever have friendly relations. Otherwise we wouldn’t……”

I purposefully stopped speaking. In response, Tila asked:

“Is it because Sky Star City won’t accept West-Resisting City’s people?”

I sighed again.

Actually, this wasn’t any secret. Before I even came to West-Resisting City, West-Resisting City was already a mess internally and externally. The reason why the people living inside the city haven’t all run is because there’s no place that wants to accept them. In the east, Li Neng would use them as pawns. In the north, Zhao Chen and Yunyang had a feud going on between them. In the south, Yun Hai wouldn’t receive residents without any profits.

Therefore, I pretended to be a hunter within West-Resisting City without a place to go. This was an identity that was perfectly logical.

Tila said dolefully:

“Sister Thirteen once said. If we could accept West-Resisting City’s people into our own, then it would be a good thing for both sides. But unfortunately young master Lita disagrees with this. But, but! If you two can come to Sky Star City, then sister Thirteen will definitely be very happy.”

I forced a smile:

“Let it be. It’s unlikely that they’ll allow us to go in.”

Tila became fired up as she pulled my hand and pleaded:

“You can give it a try! Sister Thirteen has recently been very distressed……”

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She suddenly covered her mouth and her eyes darted back and forth before she continued:

“Anyway, you two should give it a try!”

I shook my head and responded:

“I know your meaning. My wife and I are a little strong and can help out a little in the army. But it is exactly because of this that we can’t go. On one hand, we don’t know if it’s a trap or not. On the other, all of our family lives in West-Resisting City. This time, we just came here by accident and weren’t really seeking refuge. If we do so without careful consideration, then even if Miss Fang Thirteen is willing to offer us shelter, that West-Resisting City’s City Lord won’t left off our family. He’s a devil!”

Tila’s hand fell down.

She lowered her head and whispered:

“Sorry……I was too eager. But haven’t you heard the recent rumors? Its said that the Overlord of Yunyang wants to sever his father and son relationship with West-Resisting City’s City Lord and there’s news that emissaries are on the road. When the time comes that West-Resisting City’s City Lord loses his backing, then it will definitely be even more impossible for him to let you two leave.”

I stared in shock:

“The Overlord of Yunyang wants to sever his father and son relationship with West-Resisting City’s City Lord? Who says? Is the news reliable?”

Tila nodded.

I knit my brows and didn’t show anything on my face, instead tell her some comforting words:

“It’s all right. You were doing it for Miss Fang Thirteen. When there’s an opportunity, I’ll bring my family to Sky Star City, so please be sure to offer us shelter at that time.”

Tila replied with a smile:

“Mm! I’ll tell sister Thirteen!”

I seized the opportunity to casually ask:

“These herbal medicines……could it be that Miss Fang Thirteen is sick?”

Tila shook her head and confessed:

“It’s not sister Thirteen. It’s……forget it. I can’t speak any more or else I’ll be scolded when I return. Really, thank you two so much. If there’s an opportunity, you guys can come to Sky Star City, sister Thirteen will definitely welcome you!”

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