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Chapter 26 – A Domineering Journey

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After about 40 minutes passed, the colorless slime smoothly cleared the battlefield.

The overwhelming majority of the Demons killed under Aleya’s sword were swallowed clean by the colorless slime. The chaotic scene instantly changed back into one that was clean and tidy.

The only problem was……

“This many Demons, yet nothing has dropped?”

I gazed suspiciously at the slime core and asked:

“You’re lying to me, right?”

The colorless slime frantically shook its body in an attempt to seem like it was shaking its head.

I captured this fat slime again and carefully examined it. The only thing I discovered was that even though it had eaten so much, it appeared as if its form didn’t change the tiniest bit. My expectation was that it would rank up and become able to transform, but it seems like I shouldn’t expect anything from it. The only real difference I could see was that its core was slightly brighter, but apart from this, it was still a lump of sticky liquid.

I asked:

“Little Colorless, how much more do you need to eat before evolving, do you have an estimate in mind?”

The colorless slime didn’t answer.

I asked:

“Then, can you transform? Do you sense the power within your body converging and turning into something like a boundless sea of stars or some free-falling waterfall? Do you feel that power turning into a gaseous sea within your dantian, or something like a mystical little world being created within your body……”

Before I finished chattering away, the colorless slime twisted its body to express that it couldn’t.

I unhappily swatted its head:

“Then what’s the point of having you around. Aleya, you?”

Aleya calmly re-equipped her gauntlets and rested a hand on her sword as she said while standing by my side:

“Nothing, young master. Everything is as usual.”

I patted Aleya’s head and comforted:

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“Not a problem. You know how the old adage goes, ‘food should be eaten mouthful after mouthful, a road should be travelled step by step’; you will eventually become strong.”

The colorless slime threw itself onto my leg with a ‘pew’ like it was protesting against the difference in treatment between Aleya and it. But this action was of no use. Just a light kick of my leg and the little fellow was sent flying.

If it weren’t for the fact that we wouldn’t be able to carry the sheer size of materials that would drop and how I felt that leaving them in the wild was wasteful, why would I bring a damn third wheel like you if I had no need to.

Donning a smiling expression, I took out a new net and trapped the colorless slime in it again.




“Jiijiijiijiiiiiii——!!!! Jiiiiii~~”

After harvesting another set of ‘garlic chives’, I released the colorless slime and gave it two kicks as I cursed:

“How come you’ve become even more skilled in repeated ‘jiijii’, what, you want to become the next Hua Mulan?”

The colorless slime curled itself into a tight ball and didn’t utter a sound as it began eating the remains of Demons off the ground. Aleya released her ponytail and let it scatter behind her head. Her pale gold hair was stained with many bloodstains, so I helped her carefully wipe them off then took out a comb to help her comb her now-clean hair. The amount of times I’ve helped her comb her hair isn’t a small number, so it’s gradually become a habit.

Aleya placed her armored hand on the sword and said:

“Young master, I appear to have some feelings of my swordsmanship being promoted.”

I inquired:

“What’s the feeling like?”

Aleya shook her head, unable to explain.

To tell the truth, she indeed became stronger, albeit it was very slight. When placed in a situation where waves upon waves Demons came at you to ‘cleanse’ you, in an environment filled with a strong taste of blood, it was very easy to ignite the hidden potential concealed within your body. But if there’s no opportunity to experience something like this, then the growth speed will be very slow. Aleya had just entered the realm of Level 5 Swordsman recently and there was still quite the gap before she became a Level 6 Swordsman. This gap, in my opinion, really wasn’t anything, but for the not-too-talented Aleya, it was a distance that would take at least several years to cross.

If you wanted to become strong quickly, the best way was undoubtedly to find someone to compare notes with.

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The problem is, I’m unwilling to compare notes with Aleya and it’s also impossible for her to act against me. As for Heji, he was unable to beat Aleya when he suppressed his strength and able to defeat hundreds of Aleyas once he released his strength; how could either even be considered comparing notes, dammit. I felt that the only way left was to search for a Demon within the vicinity with about the same strength as Aleya, but such Demons have all basically already joined the army or are pleasure strolling in the mountains and fields.

Nothing I could do about it. I had no other choice but to bring Aleya and the slime to cut garlic chives as we headed in the northwest direction. I wasn’t too fond of the thought of directly running into Gobulang’s Demon division and was still counting on that Demon division to give my West-Resisting City some heads. What would I do if I accidentally beat them senseless by any chance? The best way to avoid such a situation was to head northwest and detour the army on the west while clearing out the other Demons on the way.

After a period of time, the slime finished eating up the corpses on the ground and bounced over to me. It then spit out a shiny horn right next to me before flattening its body to the ground and appearing like a puppy staring at a bone.

“You found it?”

I asked.

The slime core moved up and down as if nodding.

“How uncommon, are you resentful that you have to part with it?”

The slime repeated the action it made just a second ago, then turned its body like it was angry.

I picked up the shiny horn off the ground and observed it under the rays of the west-sloping sun.


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