Chapter 25 – Weak And Pitiful, But Still Edible

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

In order to implement my evil plan, I first assumed a gentle face as I ran over to the colorless slime’s face and smiled at it as I said:

“Little Colorless, have you been eating well recently? Have you been able to eat your fill?”

Although the colorless slime got close to the fence of its cage, it paid not even the slightest bit of attention to me, instead opting to keep gnawing excruciatingly slowly at a Horned Rabbit’s horn.

I sat on the ground outside the cage before adding:

“Don’t be so vigilant. I’m not here to deceive you this time, in fact, I plan on bringing you to the Demon Race to eat some good stuff. Like these rabbit horns, you can eat as many as you want. As long as you have the room for it, you can even eat until you explode and nobody will care.”

Upon hearing my words, the colorless slime placed down the rabbit horn before it and twisted its plump body towards me. The core within its body flashed as if asking if there really was such a good thing. I explained the situation to it and expressed that I would let it eat all the materials that didn’t catch my eye. The slime immediately leaned over, as if it was taking my word at face value.

At this time, the pitiful little slime still wasn’t aware of the danger approaching it.

Before we set off, Aleya tidied up a travelling bag with the main things being some camping items and handmade sleeping bags. I also brought a parcel containing all kinds and sorts of condiments. Even if I were to be camping out, I had to ensure that my food was delicious. This is the self-cultivation of a noble.

After bidding a simple farewell, I departed with Aleya and the colorless slime.

But just as we entered Demon Race Territory, Aleya thought of a critical issue:

“Young master. Are we going to seek the Demon Race army?”

I shook my head:

“There’s no need for the time being. Unlike those unimportant free-roaming Demons, if the Demon Race army inexplicably loses one personnel, it will produce unnecessary trouble for West-Resisting City.”

Aleya continued:

“But apart from their army, the remaining Demons are very scattered. If we just head westwards on a straight path, we won’t encounter many Demons.”

I patted Aleya’s should in appreciation and said with a thumbs-up:

“Indeed, this is a problem that requires consideration. But it’s also because of this that we need to make use of the resources on hand.”

Aleya’s face became one of confusion.

I casually took out a【Ekans】snake pupil drop and threw it at the colorless slime. This fellow was just like a domesticated cat, leaping up and catching the snake pupil. Afterwards, it wrapped itself around it and began digesting it with great gusto. During this moment when it didn’t have even a tiny bit of alertness, I took out a net from my bosom and placed it inside without much difficulty.

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The colorless slime finally discovered that things weren’t looking good for it, but it was already too late.

Because this was a net weaved out of a【Thorn Spider】’s spider silk, something that the little slime at the bottom of the food chain had no ability to dissolve. I hung the net on a tree and then brought Aleya with me to lay in ambush.

“Biijii——!! Bijiii——!! Jiijiijii——!!”

The slime let out an ear-piercing cry.

I remember Hunter telling me that other Demons showed natural hostility towards the colorless slime during that tour around the cultivation farm. Since that was the case, then it was clearly also applicable in the wild. The colorless slime tied up in a net and hanging from a tree was the same as free tasty food in the eyes of other Demons. Very quickly, pairs of red eyes lit up within the forest and an unknown number of low-level Demons were lured over.

The colorless slime hanging from the tree was clearly terrified and its voice became even more heart-wrenching.

Weak, pitiful, and helpless, but still edible.

This was the best portrayal of its current state.


I couldn’t help but expose a sad smile upon hearing it. The very first Demons that rushed over, such as Ekans, were already attempting to climb the tree to eat up the colorless slime. The other Demons like goblins were attempting to cut the tree to make the colorless slime fall down. Seeing the situation at around where I wanted it, I shouted:

“Go, Aleya! The rest is up to you!”

Aleya’s figure abruptly flew out, the longsword in her hand making a beautiful arc in the sky. As if to conserve her physical strength, she didn’t immediately use sword qi, instead fighting in a close-combat manner. It was like she was cutting melons and cutting vegetables, sweeping those low-level Demons away like a storm.

It was like watching someone harvest garlic chives.

After finishing the battle, Aleya elegantly flicked the longsword in her hand and the blood on “Roaming Dragon” splashed on the ground everywhere. It was the first time for this pitiful little slime to witness such a scene. Even after being placed down from the tree, it shivered and hid behind me, not daring to look at Aleya.

I crouched down and patted its head……or rather, where is its head. Anyway, I patted it and then told it with a smile:

“Come, aren’t you very capable of eating. Eat as much as you want, but let me get this out of the way first: with how many materials there are, there will inevitably be some very special, very uncommon, very valuable materials. It’s inconvenient for me to search through each corpse one by one, but that’s not the case for you. Just be a bit more mindful when you’re eating. If there are any, then I advise you to obediently hand it over since, after all, eating one less material should be……much better than becoming simmer-fried slime.”

The colorless slime prudently stretched out its body and its core flashed, as if taking a peek at Aleya.

Aleya was currently like a grim reaper towards these low-level Demons, blood staining her armor, the sword in her hand not trembling the slightest bit, her surroundings filled with corpses. The little slime shrank back in fear and waited for Aleya to leave before daring to gorge itself.

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As for me, I brought Aleya with me to sit under a tree and took out a handkerchief to help her wipe off the bloodstains on her face.

Aleya took off her wrist guards and gauntlets, then began carefully cleaning and maintaining them.


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